26 Oct 2011

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Posted 26 Oct 2011 19:53
Last edited 26 Oct 2011 20:54
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Just some crap I cooked up during an emo moment I had recently. I am pretty lonely irl, I don't have that many friends, and I've only ever had one gf, and we split up after about 3 months.

I would call you every day,

I would listen to all your problems,

And talk to you about that film we both love.

You would inspire me to find the words

That would cheer you up when you are sad.


You would let me cry

When I was upset or hurt.

You would let me lean on your shoulder,

You would give me the strength I needed.

You would show me that I was something more than nothing.


I would smile whenever you looked at me,

And hold you close and tenderly.

You would show me things that I had never seen before,

And you would teach me how to love them.

I would make myself better for you.


You would laugh with me,


And I would pretend for one day,

An hour,

A glorious, golden minute,


That you existed.

LoverSkunk 2 years ago 0
i really like this and its really well written very powerful at least for me because i know exactly how you feel *hugs* i hope you find that one special person
Twistedlogic 2 years ago 0
Thanks :-) Glad to see you've found someone :-) It's not just love though. For some reason I even find friendships difficult. I'm just a lonely guy :-(
LoverSkunk 2 years ago 0
well i would be happy to be your friend if youd like some one to chat with :)
Twistedlogic 2 years ago 0
I'd like that a lot. I'll send you a PM :-)
Pascal Grey 2 years ago 0
That was such a great poem, very emotional, I feel the same way as you, I get lonely a lot of the time...but, you know, I truly believe there's a special someone out there for everyone, so we just have to keep looking. You're very very talented and I really enjoy your writing :3

Take care,
Twistedlogic 1 year ago 0
Thanks hun <3 times do change, don't they?
Morkeleb 1 year ago 0
It's nice. I liked it, but would have hoped it rhymed.
I wonder how much you thought about your ex as you wrote this, or whether this is more the ideal relation you wish for.
Twistedlogic 1 year ago 0
At that point, it was more an ideal relationship. I thought about making it rhyme, but I reckoned it sounded too 'cute' for a poem that was supposed to be about loneliness. Thanks for the comment :) I appreciate it.