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28 Oct 2011

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Posted 28 Oct 2011 06:29
Last edited 22 Feb 2012 01:11
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Aseethe Sunbathing

The final commission done by Alishka from FurAffinity. This one of my friend's dragonsona named Aseethe, the white furred dragon.

Aseethe is known for her peaceful nature with a lot of sense of her surroundings. When not with her friends and goofing off, she tends to relax by her favorite spot by a small pond and sunbathe.

Aseethe (C) Aseethe from FurAffinity

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Spyrox33 2 years ago 0
awww she is very cute.
Ein Scorpio 2 years ago 0
Hehe, thank you ^^
Spyrox33 2 years ago 0
Your welcome ^.=.^ this is a nice piece you did. err nice piece Alishka did. ^.=.^
martian55 2 years ago 0
She's beautiful, and really cute. 5/5 & faved
Ein Scorpio 2 years ago 0
Thank you and I'll let my friend know too ^^
martian55 2 years ago 0
Your welcome and thank you for telling your friend.
pony560 2 years ago 0
Awww she is absolutely beautiful I mean she looks awesome the pose is stunning I LOVE HER!!!!!!! beautiful pic this one will go into my fav's