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29 Oct 2011

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Posted 29 Oct 2011 14:43
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Earth's Children: 'They Know'

#2 of Earth's Children

Earth's Children: 'They Know'


I'm sitting alone in a dark place... nothing around me. Plain darkness and me yet I am not scared. This place is mine. It belongs to me and I can do whatever I want.

I think about a tree... no, many trees and they appear. So that's how this place works? I let my imagination do the job. Soon there is a forest, lake, mountains and the sky... even though this place lacks other people I can feel being watched... A presence, a female but then suddenly get woken up by loud noises as if something heavy fell on the floor.

Lifting up from my bed I see 3 figures lying on the floor, two of them are struggling to keep the third one from getting up.

„Enough!" - I said while getting up and wrapping the wool quilt around me since I always sleep nude.  My paw sets on fire to shed some light on the situation. I must say this was the last thing I expected. Two guards bringing Hunter up to his footpaws and holding him as if he was a prisoner.

„Your highness." - Started one of the guards. - „This... rat... sneaked into your bedroom while you were asleep."

„I wasn't going to do anything to him." - He said. His voice wasn't very deep but it wasn't childlish either. Is it stupid that I believe him?

„Oh really?" - The guard asked sarcastically. - „So why did you sneak into the room in the middle of night?"

The wolf looked away. „You wouldn't believe anyway."

The two guards started laughing. The shorter one leaned in before teasingly running his sharp claw over the wolf's neck: „You do realize what's going to happen to you for this betrayal, right?"

„Nothing." - I said before Hunter got a chance to reply. Even he looked at me along with the guards.

„With all due respect, your highness... I am almost sure he had bad intentions."

„Almost... what if he is indeed innocent? Would you carry on living, knowing you misjudged and took life away from him?"

„Even if... there is no way to prove your theory." - The guard seemed to lose his good manners.

„My father always says that as long as you can't prove that someone is guilty, they stay innocent. And yes... we can see if he is telling the truth or not. I want one of you to go and get sentinel Jaine."

Hunter smiled at me before saying: „Thank you." I couldn't smile back since there was a guard with us. I don't want people to think we are friends.

„I am only doing this because we need every healthy fur we can get for upcoming events."

His smile dropped. Meh... now I seem heartless to him. Why am I always put in stupid situations like this? Soon Jaine comes in and looks at the scene questioningly.

„Jaine... I apologize for waking you up in the middle of the night but we had an accident yet we can't be sure if this wolf is indeed a threat to my life."

She looks at me questioningly. - „But... I promised your father not to use these powers."

"With certain exceptions in the time of need." - I added.

She chuckled and nodded. - "You're right..." - She then looked at Hunter before smiling at him for unknown to us reason.

"He had no bad intentions."

I grinned at the two guards. Now they looked ashamed. I then turned to the wolf.

"Even though you had no bad intentions... need I say that no one likes to be stalked at night?"

Hunter seems to be slightly blushing. I smiled at everyone, relieved by the fact no one's gonna die today from hands of another Fera.

"I suggest you all to go back to bed."


In The Morning

I make my way over to one of the nearby waterfalls. Arbor is so beautiful; It's an island with beautiful trees, deeply green leaves, amazing wildlife and incredible houses made out of wood. Each season brings different beauty to our homeland... on Summer we have sunlight reflecting over various lakes, waterfalls and ponds and making them warm. We have beautiful birds flying around, singing to us while looking for food. On Autumn the leaves take on a golden color and it's slightly colder than is summer but the nights are really magical. Autumn is that time of the year when we get full moon every night which results in beautiful moonlight raying down on Arbor, giving everything that deep-blue color while causing the leaves to slightly shine in purple. On winter trees and grass gets covered in pure, white snow while lakes and ponds freeze over which causes the sunlight to make them glow with sky-blue color while on spring life starts to slowly wake up with colorful flowers covering our pathways, animals waking up and looking for food which often results with them visiting our village so we can feed them and take care of any wounds they might have.

Yes... this place is truly beautiful. One day I hope entire earth will look like this...

I reach the waterfall and take off my robes, made from ever-lasting leaves that never lose their green color. Normally I would just wear a slight kilt but I don't like to walk about with water dripping from me after cleaning up and therefore these robes will be perfect for drying up. It's 7 in the morning and sun is already up in the sky, warming up my fur as I step into the river before making my way over to the small waterfall. Not long ago after cleaning my headfur I can hear someone in the bushes. I turn around and see Hunter. There is something strange about him. He sneaks up into your room at night and then follows you into the forest. I guess maybe he wanted to explain himself about yesterday.

"Don't worry, Hunter. Come closer." - I said, not caring about the fact I am naked. There is nothing to be ashamed off. I might not have any abs but many people would give their tails away to have curves like me.

He walks up to the river but doesn't look my way.

"May I know why you're following me?"

"I'm sorry." - He said while still looking away.

"Apology accepted... but you avoid my question." - I noticed.

"I just wanted to apologize for yesterday."

"Ah, yeah... about yesterday... why did you sneak in if you meant no harm?"

He blushed and didn't reply. I smiled to myself.

"You wanna join me?" - I asked before even thinking.

"But... wouldn't it be awkward?" - He replied while rubbing own arm. It's funny how such a tough-looking guy can seem so helpless when it comes to being shy.

"You probably saw me naked at some point and we are both guys so we pretty much have the same thing down there."

He cleared his throat and slipped the kilt off before walking under the waterfall. Something made me want to look at him down there but that would be naughty and therefore I tried to focus on something else.

"Were you supposed to give me a sort of secret message?" - I asked while washing my chest.

"How do you mean?" - He asked, running paws over the spiky headfur, cleaning it.

"Hunter... Please, no formalities. You talk like my dad when on a meeting. And I meant the moment you sneaked in. What was the purpose of risking your life to do so?"

"Now you talk posh."  I couldn't help and started chuckling with him. He then continued:

"I just wanted to watch..."

"Watch what?"

"...You..." - Once again a blush appeared on his cheeks.

I chuckled to calm him down. - "You just made my day."

"Glad I was u-" He got a bit of a shock as I hugged him, ignoring the fact we were naked. I could feel his arms wrapping around mine. Seems we both wanted this hug.

The time went on as we talked about our interests and hobbies while getting clean under the waterfall. On this day my friendship with Hunter started.


2 Weeks Later

The Earthwarden enters the main bedroom. His wife is lying in the bed with a book in her paws; she seems to be drawn in by it. That is until the doors close. She lowers it and greets her husband:

"How did the training go?"

The Earthwarden looked at her with a frown. - "Other Hybrid cubs barely managed to set their finger on fire while Koda successfully threw a few Fireballs."

She placed a paw on his shoulder as he sat down on the bed. - "We talked about this... maybe he's just developing quicker."

"But what if not? What if one day we will be forced to expel Koda from our homeland?"

She sighs with a tear in her eye. - "He will understand..."


"Come on! Show me that your name fits you! Haha!" - I shouted while running away from Hunter. Due to my low weight I am fast, agile and flexible, allowing me to dodge any obstacles within the forest while on the other hand Hunter was bigger and tougher which means he couldn't flow through the forest like me.

After a minute or so I had to suddenly stop, reaching a small cliff... too bad Hunter didn't realize that and tackled me, causing us both to roll down. Apart from a few scratches here and there we were fine and just kept on lying next to each other and laughing. We've spend about an hour there, lying on the grass and talking.

"It's getting late..." - I said with sadness, seeing sun slowly hiding behind a skyline. I became almost addicted to spending time with him... as if my childhood just started.

"Want me to walk you home?"

"Of course..."

It took us quite a long time to find a way up that small cliff. Once we reached the village it was fully dark. I saw 2 sentinels guarding entrance to the mother-tree.

"Look..." - I whispered. - "I really don't like the fact you're sleeping alone in the forest..."

Hunter is homeless.

"It's okay. I'm not scared of sleeping in forest."

"I don't mean the fact you could be scared... I mean the fact you've been sleeping alone for years... don't you feel lonely?"

He shrugs. - "Sometimes."

I reach my paw out for him to grab and he does so. I force the warm feeling both into me and Hunter... we first become transparent and then invisible. We take careful steps while walking past the sentinels before heading for my room.  Once there I sit on the bed and grab two Shimmer Fruits, passing one to Hunter.

"So... Why did you drag me here?" - He asked.

"I thought that was obvious..."

"What? No, no... I can't sleep here. What if someone comes in before I leave?"

"No one will even touch you because I won't let them."

"This is crazy... I'm a lone, homeless wolf that gets invited into the mother-tree bedroom by son of Earthwarden himself."

" make it sound weird."

I take my kilt off, leaving underwear on before sliding under the quilt of my bed. Hunter just stands there with confusement before shrugging and lying on the floor... 

"Um... Hunter?"


"What the heck are you doing on the floor? Get on the bed, you silly pup."


"No buts... if you are going to sleep on the floor then I will be forced to sleep there too."

This convinced him since few seconds later he gets on the bed although as far away from me as possible and without pulling a quilt over himself. I roll my eyes and hug him. Neither of us felt sleepy so we decided to play a game of Nid'Chel which is a bit like human game called Chess. After about an hour we fell asleep; Hunter behind me with his arm wrapped around my waist as I hold his paw, being all cuddled up.

I know it's quite unusual but I think I got a best friend in no more than two weeks.


Meanwhile Somewhere In USA

There is a room where unusual people meet. The ones that know the truth. The ones that were gifted with a prophecy four thousand years ago. They passed it on from parent to child as they are responsible ones for saving the humanity. The room at first makes you think of a church... or a castle hallway but it's in fact underground, surrounded by workrooms and laboratories. The room itself doesn't fit the other ones but it's actually the most important one.

Today there is a special meeting... many men dressed in black surround one who is a leader of them all. They call him Un'Tah.

 "We've had reports of unusual furry activity 2 weeks ago in Chicago. They seemed to be looking for something and one of the younger even got into a fight." - Said one of the men.

"Are you sure this is not just some random furry idiots?" - Un'Tah raised his eyebrows.

"The fight can hardly be called a fight. The victim said he was about to punch the 'guy' when suddenly he felt a grip around his neck and started choking yet no one was near him."

"Ah yes... the kinetic power... one of the most destructive ones shall I say. It seems the Oracle was right... Ladies and gentlemen... Our cult has been waiting over four thousand years for this moment and I am telling you now... I did not wait for it with happiness. Hard times await... we will soon have guests that will attempt to bend us to their will like they tried so many years ago. We can not let them... They think of us as weaker... less developed creatures that can be controlled and reduced. We have to show them that WE are the ones that build future for ourselves... not them."

"But what if they come in peace?" - Asked one of the older women. Un'Tah looked at her with raised eyebrow.

"Dear Suzie... If the Oracle was right about The Fera arriving after four thousand years then why should she be wrong about the second part of our prophecy?"

She nodded and let Un'Tah continue.

"For now there is nothing we can do. We have very little information about them but that might soon change once we put my plan into motion... for this though, we will need a special delivery which will be here not long after those fleabags show themselves."

He looks around the room to make sure everyone was listening.

"That is all. Carry on with preparing."


To Be Continued...

Story and characters are copyright to © Mickey Torrento

Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 1
Heyah. Since I finally have more free time, here is another chapter of my new story. There might be some things you yet don't understand but that is the point. I am focusing more on story development so that everything is not straight away obvious.
All right.
HuskyAlex 2 years ago 1
So we meet again young padawan :P
Why, yes we do
HuskyAlex 2 years ago 1
Its awesome :) A few missed words in sentences but i know your first language is english so that is understandable. probably better grammar than me though xD
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 1
It ISN'T my first language. :P
Oh and mind pointing out the missing words?
If not then that's fine. X3
HuskyAlex 2 years ago 1
Ah sorry i meant to write is not english xD

now that i look for them I cannot find them... It may have been my mild dyslexia making me read some words wrong sorry : /
when I read I sometimes do not take in words and you may have wrote

"Hello My name is Mickey" and i may see it as:
"Hello name Mickey"

It annoys me at times especially when im trying read such a good story :) i end up reading through every story twice just to make sure I'm reading things right but i do not mind
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 1
Hehe. 'Ts okay...

I'm trying to learn writing in advanced English...
For example instead of writing:

The Earthwarden enters the bedroom. His wife is lying in the bed while reading a book. She then lowers it and greets her husband:

I wrote it that way:

The Earthwarden enters the main bedroom. His wife is lying in the bed with a book in her paws; she seems to be drawn in by it. That is until the doors close. She lowers it and greets her husband:

I'm trying to do that as often as possible to reduce repetitive words.
James Matrix 2 years ago 1
Dang iPhone. Meant to hit 5/5 not 4/5. Can't wait for more!
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 1
You did hit 5/5. ^,^ Thankies.
d0z3r 2 years ago 1
YAY MICKEY!! You were right...since I liked your other stories that Id like this one too and guess what...I am LOVING the depth and detail of it. I have a relationship in my mind about a couple characters in the story that I will just keep to myself for the moment.

Amazing work like always, cant wait for another installment of this wonderful story.
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 1
Thankies. :3

I had an inspiration for yet another story series... I think that what I'll have to do is update them, randomly instead of focusing on one.
d0z3r 2 years ago 1
Your welcome :3 *hugs Mickey tightly*

Well what you could do is also write it down as it comes but then update on here one by one as a week or so pass so that way readers arent all confused and jumbled in their minds and possibly hide in a corner huddled in the fetal position wondering "why...WHY?!?!" =3
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 1
Hehe... okay then. By the way, I posted the next chapter like... 1 min ago. :P
d0z3r 2 years ago 1

*posts this and then goes to read with excitement*