29 Oct 2011

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Posted 29 Oct 2011 15:20
Last edited 29 Oct 2011 16:19
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Her Last Wish

Fara's last request was for me to title this picture "Her Last Wish" This will be my last thought journal to the woman I loved. In memory of all the great times we had. Sadly she cannot come back. And that's fine, because she never existed to begin with. But the connection we had was real. The things we did were real. And my love for her was... Apologies to all that were hurt in this series of events. And I pray that you will all forgive, and forget. I myself have forgiven... but I will never forget. My Last Thought Journal: Fara Florensia August 23 2011 - Tuesday, October 18, 2011 She came out of nowhere and stole my heart. We all knew her as the somewhat rude, yet lovable pokefur. She was a great friend to some and lover to one. I spent my days gaming with her. She was amazing at everything she did. From rhythm gaming on Audition, to shooting games like S4 League. She even tried to train me to get better. We did our first and last collaboration work together. My animated avatar. We woke up at the same time everyday just to see each other off to work and school. Personaly. One of my favorite things. But above all else... and the last most loving thing we did that will never leave my mind... is cuddle... Everynight after a steamy role play. We would look into each others eyes... kiss and hold each other close. Before signing off at the same time. And it's ironic... that's the last thing we ever did together... In closing... Fara Florensia never existed as a person. But she will never be forgotten. And to the one behind the strings of the best woman I've ever met. Thank you. Thank you for all the good memories... This has been great... but now lets close the lid on Fara and move on with our lives. To forgive and forget. And to move on to much better things... much better memories. Because lets face the facts... life is too short to live with bullshit. Fara Florensia... you will be missed... "Her Last Wishes" ~ Kuroodo

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SUmbreon 2 years ago 0
Made me cry...
Unused Skye Account 2 years ago 0
I can't do anything but tear up. To everyone I've hurt, I'm sorry for what I have done. But now... it is all over. There is nothing more to this, but a lie. Being behind strings, a pixelated image, and a pen name, I can't forgive myself for doing so, until I find a way to make up for all of it. I, myself, miss this name... it all started as just a name. A pen name, that it would be nothing more. It developed a personality... which is where it started going wrong. When Kuro and I met, I fell in love. I lied because I felt people would treat me differently as I am. But here it ends, a story to be foretold to many a person. I will try to still have the same personality as I did before, but now I'm too emotional to do so. In due time, it will all be news of the past, and then nobody will know me as Fara Florensia anymore.
Five out of Five...
And favorite.

I want this to be seen everywhere I look from now on, that life that I created for myself, to hide my problems to the world, to become someone I wish I was. I'm very sorry... to everyone who met this name.
Arnold The Wolf 2 years ago 0
This is not a moment for bacon.

Heavy: *crying* So sad!

Heavy (Quake Live character): *comforts TF2 Heavy* It's okay, man.
martian55 2 years ago 0
Both are very beautiful. 5/5
Sal the Buizel 2 years ago 0
No! I-I- ... God... Why... Why why why why why why WHY?! D; Fara... No... D; I'm so so so sorry for your loss, Kuro D;
Kuroodo 2 years ago 0
It's ok Coby ^^
Thank you for your concern
I'm sorry for asking this, but what happened between you and this girl? Sorry if I hurt you, but I don't really know this girl. :/ Did she have to leave? Or did she...... pass on?"
Kuroodo 2 years ago 0
You know those internet stories of males pretending to be female? This is one of them.
icetalon92 2 years ago 0
I am one of those stories, though not on here. I made it right, and thankfully no one was really hurt. All it was was a shield for me from reality. I can understand how you feel as it's happened to me as well. From both perspectives, it never ends well. I'm sorry for your loss, Kuro.
Kuroodo 2 years ago 0
Our relationship lasted a long time. And although I was hurt. I forgave the one who did it. And we are now very good friends.

I don't judge people because I know there is a reason behind their actions. I don't know if hiding away behind the pixels is truly an escape, or a plea for someone to care about you... everyone deserves to be cared for..
icetalon92 2 years ago 0
Those whom I chatted with near daily cared for me for me, not just as the girl whom I pretended to be, even after the truth. To feel not cared for is truly painful for anyone to deal with. I had reasons, childish at first, then grew to a dependency to not feel alone. Now I know I don't have to hide behind someone who others want me to be. I can be the real me and still have people who truly and sincerely care about me.
Remal 2 years ago 0
My whole body is shaking...things like these happen way too often. I happened two times to me too, and I know how hard it is to forgive. You've got my full respect.
And yes, sadly there are some people like this, but I've met my best friend like this, and I understood why he did this, and what reasons he got. Today we're laughing about it, even if I loved him.
*sigh* Now I'm crying.
Kuroodo 2 years ago 0
*Pats your back* It's alright... like you said. These things happen. In my case, things turned out for the best. And I'm sure they will be no different for you.
The Caring Guardian 2 years ago 0
... *bows respectively* May you travel a world of dreams, and rest easy as your time has come to end... Kuroodo, I offer my condolences for your loss, and can only pray that in time your mind may find peace again.
Kuroodo 2 years ago 0
Thank you for your kind words. And worry not, I've found happiness in another. And I love him dearly ^^
Maleon 2 years ago 0
That's soooooo depressing..... I was just starting to get curious about actual relationships, but your story nearly scared me enough to reconsider it.... Hope you're feeling better after such a painful event (and that the continued reviews to this don't just drag the sadness out....).

On a positive note, the picture is still your normal wonderful quality, even if it's FAR too cute/beautiful/saccharine/[insert happy adjective here] for such a depressing journal.