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30 Oct 2011

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Closet Love Chapter 2

#4 of Closet Love

Just as I take my seat in the back of the classroom, the bell goes off. Bill, yes that juice head bull, walks in shortly after. Ms Serpintina slithers her way over to him and yells "You're late!"

"I was just-" he began to say but was cut off. "I don't care where you were or what you were doing, the point is, you're late for my class" she hissed, extending the s's on class.

 "But Ms. Serpintina-". "No buts! Take your seat Mr. Lewindowsky." Billy takes his seat at the front of the classroom, everyone snickers a bit as he passed them.

"I hope you all studied last night like you were supposed to because we are going to have a pop quiz!" Everyone in the room groaned. Nobody liked Ms. Serpintina's pop quiz's, especially me. I found them to be easy and I almost always got A's on them but still they are tedious.

It takes me about 5 minutes to finish her test. As I walk up to the front to turn it in, I can feel the angry stares I'm getting from behind, especially from Billy. Ms. Serpintina snatches the paper away from me and quickly grades it. "Another A Mr. Rose" she says with the least bit of enthusiasm.

I walk back to my desk and just sit there. We still have another hour and a half before our next class. 'Well this is boring' I think to myself.

The door to the classroom swings open and everyone put their pencils down to stare at the door. In walks a silver gray wolf. Me eyes widen a bit as I stare at him. He hands Ms. Serpintina a piece of paper. She seems to just shrug and hands him the pop quiz. "Take a seat wherever you like Mr. Thorne" she told him. He looks around for a bit and steadily makes his way towards me. I just seem to keep staring at him. He doesn't seem to mind because he smiles at me and takes a seat next to me. I'm just awed by him. This wolf...he's...HOT.

His fur is gray but in the sun you can see the shimmers of silver. His eyes, like most wolves, are ice blue. And his body...shoulder to toe of just pure muscle. He's not a juice head like Billy but he's damn near close. When he stood, he looked to be about 6'11". I felt so short and tiny compared to him. I'm only 5'5" so he looks like a giant to me. The wolf blows through his test almost as soon as he sits down.

After about 6 minutes of just watching him, he's done. He goes to the front of the classroom, test in paw. Ms. Serpintina is slightly bewildered by this. She takes his paper from him and starts to grade it. "Congratulations Mr. Thorne, A+." the wolf smiles, and quite a smile it is. He takes his seat at the back of the class next to me.

I look at him briefly and he turns to meet my gaze. I smile and he graciously returned it with one of his. I sit their the rest of class waiting for everyone else to finish.

When the bell rings, I am all but relieved. I grab my things and I'm the first one out the door. The rest of the day was pretty normal. The teachers gave their lessons and then we moved on to our next class. In each class, I somehow started to think about that new wolf in English class. He was just so damn gorgeous.

By the time school ends I'm, again, the first one out the door. It never stays warm here for long, for when I get outside, I'm hit with a blast of cold air. I should have brought my jacket but I didn't have any time this morning. I slowly start to head towards home. The trees are so beautiful and all but I'm just so cold.

There's a sudden honk from behind.  A blue pickup has pulled right up next to me. When the window rolls down I see who is sitting at the wheel. It's that wolf from English class. "Need a lift?" he asks. This was the first time I heard his voice, it was a lot more gentle than I originally thought it would sound like.

"Well?" "Huh? Oh sorry. I'm not that far away from home (I lied) I can walk." "Oh come on, it's cold out there and I can see you shivering. Really, it's no big deal." he says. "O-Ok, thanks" I say as I round his truck. He unlocks the door and I step inside. Shutting the door I'm instantly starting to feel the warmth.

"Here," he says as he reaches into the back, "this'll warm you up quick." He wraps a blue and white letterman's jacket around me and starts to drive. 'Guess this jacket is from his old school.' I say to myself. I look at the patches on his jacket: football, soccer, wrestling. 'No wonder this guy is so ripped.'

While driving I could hear the radio playing "She Will Be Loved" by Maroon 5. "Oh man!" I exclaimed, "I love this song." "Well then" said the wolf as he turned the radio up even louder. I was so happy, this song always made me feel good. My tail started to thump to the beat until I couldn't help it any more and I just had to sing.

"I don't mind spending every day
Out on your corner in the pouring rain
Look for the girl with the broken smile
Ask her if she wants to stay awhile
And she will be loved
She will be loved"

I was so happy the didn't laugh at me. When the song finally ended, the wolf immediately said "Wow," I look at him, "you have an amazing voice." I could feel myself blush under my fur. Thank god for my reddish orange fur. "T-Thanks, I'm not that good but I just like singing." "You're kidding right? You're totally amazing." My blush reddened even more.

By this time we had reached my house and I hadn't noticed. "Well thanks for the ride." I said getting out of the car. I was making my way up the sidewalk when the wolf rolled down his window and shouted out "Hey!" I turned around to face him. "So...umm...I'm new here, I don't know my way around. Do you think we could maybe hangout after school tomorrow? And you could showed me around?" "Sure!" I said all to eager. "Great, I'll see you after school then?" You bet!" I say. The wolf starts his car. "I'm Tyler by the way." "I'm Xander" I say. "Well Xander...I'll see you tomorrow." and the wolf drives away. "What am I thinking?!?!" Normally I would just say no but I don't know what came over me to make me say yes.

 Walking in the door, I'm greeted by Donna. "Welcome back!" "Thanks." "How was school Hun?" "It was fine, got a new kid today." "Oh? What's his name? Is he nice?" She sounds just like my mother. "His name is Tyler Thorne and I guess, he gave me a ride home from school today." "Aww that was nice of him." "Yeah and he asked if we could hang out after school tomorrow so I could show him around." "What did you say?!" Donna was getting really excited. "I said yes." She squealed a bit. "See, I told you, you would make more friends; so is he cute?" I blushed a little and I guess she noticed. "Just be yourself and he'll see your just a normal guy." "I will Donna, thanks." "It's what I'm here for sweetie."

Dinner came and went. My homework didn't take long either. By the time I was done I had gotten bored so I decided to hit up facebook. My only friends on their were gay guys I've met online. When I logged in I noticed I had a new friend request.

"Tyler Thorne wants to be your friend." My eyes grew wider and wider along with my grin. I clicked 'Accept' and found myself instantly looking through his info. He had so many friends. Most of them were from his old school but I could see a few from ours; mostly girls that probably thought the same thing I did. He was single which made my heart flutter a bit. After viewing everything else I figured looking at his pictures wouldn't hurt.

I looked through all his pictures, smiling at the ones of him, his friends and family. I stopped at one album labeled "Me". When I clicked on it I was shocked at what I'd seen.

In the album were tons of pictures of just him. Pictures he'd taken in the mirror or just aimed the camera on his phone and taken. My heart all near stopped on his last picture. It was a picture of him shirtless, standing there, smiling his one of a kind smile. I felt my pants tightening. His arms were huge, damn near the size of a melon. His chest was huge as well; nothing else could describe it. His washboard abs made me want to melt. He definitely spent a lot of time in the gym.

There was a knock on my door and Richard walks in. "Xander I was..." he stopped. He starred at me and I was confused but then noticed my member was fully erect. I grabbed the nearest pillow and covered myself. He chuckled a bit. "Never mind, I can see you're busy." and on that note he shut the door and left. 'How embarrassing' I thought.

I hit my head on the table, I was so embarrassed. I logged off facebook and started to get ready for bed. I slid my shirt off very my head and unbuttoned my pants which slid right off. I turned the lights off and got into bed. I was so embarrassed, my member had gone down on its own.

Thoughts of tomorrow crept into my head and I smiled thinking of the wolf and how I couldn't wait for after school. Thinking of the wolf made me think of the last picture I had seen on his facebook. That instantly made my member come alive and erect once again.

"Damn it!"

Good? Bad? Comment please!!! It maded me smile last time how many people read and replied to it.

novastar 2 years ago 0
I liked it. I still wish you could be a little more descriptive of the surroundings, for example what the school looks like: is it an old school? Newer? Or when Xander and Tyler were driving home, what are they passing? What kind of styles are the houses? Is it a family neighborhood, or more like a big city? I mention this because these types of things can help pull a reader more into the situation of the story without having to flat out explain everything.

Take this example: As Tyler drove me home, he mentioned that all the houses seemed built differently. "It's very different than from where I used to live" he said, "Everything kind of looks the same there." I looked out at the individually crafted houses passing us by and said "Yeah, this neighborhood's been here a long time, I guess. Everyone kind of knows everyone else."

Keep in mind I just pulled that out. It's not very good. But it does establish some things while saving my readers some eye strain: Tyler lived someplace with a less established community, suggesting a bigger city or town and also suggesting that he may be more open minded about homosexuality (which kind seems like where you're going with this story). Further, Xander mentioning how everyone knows everybody else might explain why he was so quickly and completely cut off when people found out he was gay and why he couldn't find any other friends except online. Old, small communities tend to fear and reject anything new or different.

Enough criticisms though. The part where Xander sang along with the radio made me smile. So did his getting walked in on while gazing at facebook, of all things. Richard probably thought Xander was enjoying some gay porno time, lol. Keep writing and working on this because I like the potential here.
Wolfie Steel 2 years ago 0
I agree with Nova, you could be a little more descriptive, and the chapter is kind of short, but that being said, I still found it enjoyable, so keep it going.
JustinSwofford 2 years ago 0
Love how the story is going so far, and can't wait for the next installment. Also - I would agree with the posts above about description and editorial things.

Nice job!
Gruffy 2 years ago 0
I would add to the suggestions that you put dialogue on separate lines between the narrative sections, because that makes reading the dialogue easier when reading something on computer screen. It also beefs up the story by making it look longer :) *chuckle*
Adnihilo 2 years ago 0
I had fun reading it, but it would be better if you spent more time establishing the setting. Still, I look forwards to reading more of your work, you seem to be a good writer.
Ciel Kliendell 2 years ago 0
Ok thank you all, I think I will spend some time today fixing that and then editing this chapter, and for future chapters I will try do tht as well, I was so focused on the story I forgot about the setting so thank you. Seeing so many people say I need to work on describing setting helps
HuskyAlex 2 years ago 0
Great stuff :) I agree with the discriptive stuff. It's something i need to work on aswell :)
DireBlackWings 2 years ago 0
same here, but overall this story is great, you should make this in to a long series, there is so much you can do to this story.:]
Ciel Kliendell 2 years ago 0
Thanks again to all tht commented, I am working on solving the problem and I have decided to just do a revised version of this chapter. I hand write my stories first and then I add them to the computer, so I just have to go over my hand written story adding key details in certain spots and then I will post this chapter again but it will b named Closet Love Chapter 2 (Revised). And I plan on making this story last as long as possible, and I know it will b tough but if u feel that you have an idea I can play off of for chapters to come please email me at and I will reply, thank you all once again.