01 Nov 2011

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Posted 01 Nov 2011 20:06
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Getting cold?

#17 of Anthros

Well, thankfully not this cold just yet. But when it does, you certainly dont want to be alone out there -- And arctic breeds know just the tricks to keep warm. :3

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Hawkshadow741 2 years ago 0
would love to keep her warm *cuddles*
kendowolf 2 years ago 0
i will kep her warm, someone of that high beauty should be cold or alone
RaiColdbane 6 months ago 0
Don't you mean Shouldn't?
kendowolf 6 months ago 0
Yeah, i meant to put shouldn't
VWhitepaw 2 years ago 0
She looks lovely.
Nicely done.
KatieKuguar 2 years ago 0
oh so beautiful! great work ^^
deathwalker54 2 years ago 0
A women as beautiful and sexy as her should never be alone. I will keep her warm for many years to come.
Duo Theus 2 years ago 0
More like getting hot ~slaps the females butt~ Everyone gets at least one
Zelnyair 2 years ago 0
I love her eyes, the sky, the snow, everything!

I am continually amazed by your output.

I also think you have struck the perfect balance of cuteness, beauty and taste.

Jacob King 2 years ago 0
I'd love for her to keep me warm, and I'd never let her go. <3
Sylvr 2 years ago 0
Not really cold at all, a little hot under the collar on the other hand...quite possibly ^.^

Awesome work, all in the details...
martian55 2 years ago 0
She's beautiful, real cute, and very sexy. She can share my bed anytime she wants. 5/5 & faved
Paladinwolf 2 years ago 0
Well I was getting cold... then I saw her, and the cold just melted away! Well done, and I hope to see more from ya!
RaiColdbane 2 years ago 0
shes adorable XP nice work is she a Fox or a Wolf? i cant tell
Fast_Turtle 2 years ago 0
Now there's a warm tail to wrap around me.
Mistress Adrianna 2 years ago 0
mmm...she looks so lovely. And just the right hint of shyness to make me purr
Zelnyair 2 years ago 0
I've printed this off and tacked it up on my wall, right beside my laptop. It's a gorgeous picture.
HarbingerFA 11 months ago 0
Sexual Innuendo aside I personally think this might be my favorite out of all your works, the background simply shines and glitters spectacularly, and the fur tufts are well spaced and properly proportioned throughout her figure. I simply must get back to the background; it in itself alone is enough for a submission of its own. Too often backgrounds have been left blank, but you have not done so, and for that I applaud you with as much enthusiasm I can muster.
The subjects eyes also catch the viewers attention, I presented this picture to other students at school and they all couldn't help but complement the eyes, and the background, the sky above all. I adore this piece, and hope that you do more with just as much detail.
The Red-Ringed Umbreon 5 months ago 0
I think would endure the cold for her...