02 Nov 2011

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Posted 02 Nov 2011 14:50
Last edited 02 Nov 2011 14:51
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Sandalf's lair.

A commission for Sandalf He wanted his character into a feral video game boss mode :p So tada, Sandalf's Lair ! I loved so much to do this setting; thanks to him ! A lot ! Hope you guys enjoy it !

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looks like they have a 33.33% (repeating) chance of survival
Shalinka 2 years ago 0
Tallacus 2 years ago 0
High 2 years ago 0
Shalinka 2 years ago 0
Thanks :)
Dre Kozar 2 years ago 0
daemon2 2 years ago 0
I agree, EPIC!
Shalinka 2 years ago 0
thank you ^^
Ausfer 2 years ago 0
Holy crap that is EPIC art! The lighting and scenery is friggen awesome!
Shalinka 2 years ago 0
thanks so much !
Toumal 2 years ago 0
That's a frigging epic scene. 5/5, Faved, and featured!
Shalinka 2 years ago 0
Thanks so much Toumal :')
Dwarfman 2 years ago 0
This actually gave me chills, and that doesn't happen so often.
I'm faving this. Wonderful piece of art.
My compliments.
RedHuskyStudio 2 years ago 0
its so beautiful. Great job. i could look at this for hours.
triplexXxWerewolf 2 years ago 0
To anyone who called this epic, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH Y'ALL!
pony560 2 years ago 0
wow uh fried knights any one they don't stand a chance against the totally awesome dragon I love the backdrop to this pic and the fire he's breathing look so friggin real i'm putting this in to my fav's right now ouch that fire just burned me just touching this pic on the iPod touch lol great friggin pic man
Zeke Baltharez 1 year ago 0
Nice. He actually does look like a boss and he also is a Boss. Im so downloading this nice work i love Sandalf