02 Nov 2011

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Posted 02 Nov 2011 16:52
Last edited 02 Nov 2011 16:55
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The Final Blow

This scene shows "Reptile" in action - a fearsome battle with the ruthless Barbarian hordes of the Eastern lands.
I certainly love the reddish colours and the overall battle dynamic. It was very annoying to do "posers" and "character sheets" all the time... so enjoy this new action scene!!

Media used:
Pencils, Inks, Markers, Acrylics (and NO digital stuff this time!)

Working time:
4 days (about 30 hours)

"Reptile Cynrik" is © Patrick Reichel aka avatar?user=12860&character=0&clevel=0 ReptileCynrik

My friend avatar?user=32453&character=0&clevel=0 Reilsss has done a coloured version of my sketch lately and his choice of colours was a good help/inspiration for my own choice of colours. His idea to use a reddish background (evening burning sky) was very appealing. THANKS, buddy! ^^

Here is a larger version of this artwork - for you to save and t enjoy:

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memwe22 2 years ago 0
i wanna ride him.. big time.
Surasshu 2 years ago 0
You´re an one man army :D
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
Well, REPTILE surely is! ^___^ *hack slash*
DJGoo 2 years ago 0
How do you make the colors so vibrant with traditional materials!

I must say, some good old action is a nice break from the monotony of... well, everything as of late.
This one is deserving of a poster!
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
THANKS for making me believe in my fandom again! ^^" Seriously... I mean... just 2 comments? TWO short comments and that's it for my new TRADITIONAL piece of art in MONTHS???? XD

I'm really happy you noticed and left a comment, too. ^___^ Thanks!

About my colours: these are EDDINGS - markers, like felt pens. The technique I'm using is quite strong and bright and I've learned to use HARD contrasts quite effectively these days. :D
Mostly, it's about the correct use of black, dark and brighter colours - and finding a harmony between them.
I have NOT changed the picture with digital stuff... this is purely HAND MADE!

Glad you like it! *huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs*
DJGoo 2 years ago 0
*is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuugged*

Maybe just bad luck? I don't know!! There should be many more comments than thisss! We need a report button for AWESOME.....
It is a wonderful peice.
I don't see why I shouldn't have noticed since you sent me the inked version (which I appreciated very much!)

Those markers sound expensive...
They look expensive...

I started doing more full-page doodles with pen but I've had trouble with the page curling from the ink... I started using waterproof pens with better ink so I can wash it when I'm done. They are expensive and I go through 2 or 3 pens a week >_<

But what is this "strong and bright" technique? Is it just color and shade choices?

Haha, I just suddenly found it funny that the barbarian on the right is about to get slapped silly by Reppy's tail XD At least, it seems to be that way...
DJGoo 2 years ago 0
I did the face wrong...
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
Hehehe... I suppose, the background guy is getting hit by that tail for real! ^^"

These markers are not THAT expensive. They cost about $3 each! But still, I need a lot of them. ;)
Furthermore, I've also used the same markers for shirts and bags - they're waterproof, as well. ^^

Good luck on your works and thanks again for the nice comment!!
whipblade 2 years ago 0
Your detail astounds me.