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05 Nov 2011

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Closet Love Chapter 3

#1 of Closet Love


The alarm clock went off all too soon. I made sure to set it this time so I wouldn't be late for school. I hit the alarm and sit up in bed. Luckily my member had gone back to sleep in it's sheath. Throwing a pair of jeans and my favorite shirt, a black shirt with a blue stripe design in the middle, I pad downstairs. 
The smell of bacon was strong the moment I opened the door, and it only grew stronger the closer I got. 
"Morning Donna!" I say with a smile. 
"Well someone's especially happy this morning. Wonder why?" she said with a slight hint of sarcasm. 
"Just in a good mood I guess." 
"Want some breakfast?" 
"Yeah! Smells awesome.!" 
Donna hands me a plate filled with scrambled eggs, hash browns, toast, and of course, BACON. I have plenty of time before school so I decide to take my time and enjoy the food and company. 
"Hey Donna, I have a weird question to ask you." 
"Sure hun what is it?" 
"Do you love me?" 
The otter was taken back by my question. 
"Sweetie, me and Rich loved you the moment we met you." 
I felt a warmth inside my chest. Knowing that both Richard and Donna loved me filled an emptiness in my heart. 
"I love you to." 
I tell her. I think by just saying those four words, I made her day. She had stopped cooking the food, walked over, and hugged me tight. She didn't let go until the smoke alarm started to go off. 
I grabbed the nearest towel and started to fan the smoke away from the detector. After fanning for a minute, and opening several windows, the alarm finally shut off. Me and Donna both started to laugh. I helped her to do the dishes before grabbing my back pack and jacket, gave her a kiss, and headed out the door. It was still kind of dark when I was leaving for school. 
The thing with fall is, the days become so much shorter. It's dark for a long time and then we have a few hours of light. Thankfully I had grabbed my jacket and put it on; it was freezing. I leisurely took my time walking to school, thinking about my after school activity with the new wolf.
 'Maybe this is a bad idea. I mean, he just moved here, and he's definitely a jock, it'd be bad for him to get caught hanging out with the gay kid.' I thought to myself. 
Doubtful thoughts ran through my mind all the way to school. Even after classes had begun, I was still being doubtful, thinking of excuses and ways to get out of the after school plan. I wasn't doing much thinking during my last class of the day.
 Our school has block scheduling; four classes one day and then the other four the next day, alternating days. The teachers like to call them Red days and White days because Red and White are our school colors. My last class on White days was Gym. 
I didn't really like gym but it was my last class and it was Friday! No more bullies for a whole weekend! 
I didn't mind the running in gym but everything else was just horrible. After running, the class would have to go to the weight room, where nobody would help or be near me. After weights we would then go back into our fairly sized, two-level gym, and play some game the teacher decided. 
The teacher was a grisly bear named Mr. Stockman. I swear, he either was a drill sergeant in the army at one point or a body builder/underwear model. He always wore shirts too small for him and shorts that could pass for underwear. He had a pretty nice package if I do say so myself, not that I have fantasies about my gym teacher. 
When I walked into the locker-room to change for lass, I had noticed that Tyler was in this class as well. He was changing' he already had his black ball-er shorts on but was in the process of putting his shirt on. His back was just as sexy as the front of him. I could fell my member starting to awaken from it's sheath but I managed to keep it down in fear that someone would see. I went to the lockers furthest away, hoping that Tyler hadn't seen me. 
The rest of the class piled in, hitting each other playfully as all jocks do. I was the last one out of the musky room. 
"Alright gentlemen" growled the grisly, "today we aren't going to be doing any running or weights. Today we're just going to play a little game of...Football!" he said pulling out a ball from behind his back. 
"YEAH!!!" roared the testosterone thugs.  
"Great." I mumbled to myself, the least bit enthralled. 
"Alright, Billy, Webber you're captains, pick your teams." 
"Alright, I want new guy." said Billy pointing out Tyler. The gray wolf padded right on over to Billy and gave him a quick high-five. 
'Another reason not to hang out after school.' I thought. 
The rest of the teams were picked quickly and, of course, I was the last one. Both Billy and Webber argued with each other, saying that the other captain should have me. 
A whistle is blown, "Enough! Webber, Billy had last pick, you get Xander. Now quit actin' like a bunch of sissies and lets play ball!" barked Stockman. 
Webber is an artic wolf. He's played so many different sports and taken each team he's been on to their championship games. All last hour we played football. My team really didn't need my help at all. We were down by two points. During the whole game I got tackled, and I didn't even have the ball. I was elbowed and tripped and I got a good punch in the gut. 
"Alright, we're down by two," said our captain, "we need a plan, something they won't see coming." 
"Give it to the fag." said Austin, a white bangle tiger. "They'll never see it and besides they wont touch him, they'd be too afraid of him popping a boner." 
The rest of the group chuckled. 
"Well fag, I hope you can catch, because if you miss...well, let's just say it won't be pretty." 
I gave a slight gulp. 
"Ready, Break!" chanted the team.
 "Hut one, hut two...HIKE!" The ball was given to Webber, our quarterback. 
I took off running. Everyone on the other team was so busy looking at the ball they didn't see me run right by, or maybe it was because I was so much shorter than everyone. The ball was thrown into the air. It spiraled perfectly until...I caught it; mid-air. I was in a breakaway. 
Billy was in full on charge mode, aiming for my slightly red fur as if I were some matador. When he dove, I jumped. He slid across the floor, his face in the hard wood floors. When he came to a stop, I kept going, jumping over his motionless body. 
I was a few feet away when Tyler jumped in front. I was bewildered but still kept going. Tyler gave me a wink and then faked like he had missed me. I scored the winning touchdown. My team cheers and, unexpectedly, runs over and picks me up. 
Webber had me on his shoulder. 
"DUDE! Since when have you had moves like that?!" 
I didn't reply. I was just so dang happy. Billy punched a cement wall and was on the ground wincing in pain. Poor wall, it was such a pretty white wall until Billy had punched a dent in it. After our game, and taking Billy to the nurse, we hit the showers. 
I wasn't too sure what would happen but what did happen I never would have guessed. Everyone in the locker-room congratulated me. In the showers, nobody seemed nervous of me. Some of Billy's crew had tried to jump me while I was showering but Webber and his friend Markus stepped in and defended me. For once, in over a year, I felt safe. 
After the school bell rang, I got to talking to Webber and some of his buds and they invited me to a party they were having. 
"I'll think about it." I told them, which seemed to satisfy them because they walked away smiling. 
Once outside, the weather had turned hot. 
"Ready to go?!" I heard the wolf holler from across the parking lot. 
I just smiled and padded over to him. 
"You bet!" I said once I was standing about a foot from him. 
We got inside his truck and made our way out of the parking lot. We drove into town and for three hours I showed Tyler around. I showed him the mall, shops along mainstreet, and all the cool hangouts. 
The sun must have decided it was time for bed because before long it was night and the silvery moon showed it's face. 
The sky was clear and the moon was full. When the nights are like this, the moon shines and illuminates the dark corners of the town that the street lamps can't reach. 
Tyler looked so amazing in the moonlight. His silver fur clearly showed, the moon making it shine even brighter.
 "You hungry?" he asked.
 "U-Ugh, yeah I am." I reply, looking away so he wouldn't notice me staring at him. 
"What do you feel like?" 
"Italian it is then." 
I was happy, I loved Italian, but I loved this day even more. We made our way to Saveechay's, the only Italian restaurant in town. 
The restaurant was a small, family owned business owned by a family of skunks. Even though the building was small, the place was decorated beautifully in Italian attire. If I hadn't known better I would have thought we were in Italy itself! 
"Mmmmmm, smells good." said the wolf; I could hear a slight murr from him. 
"Yeah, Saveechay has to be the best in town." 
We walked to a table and our orders were taken immediately. 
"I'll have the lasagna." I say. 
"Make that two." Tyler said joyously.
 The waitress was a rabbit, white fur with pink head fur. Within minutes she is back with our food. 
"Enjoy" she says with her buck toothed smile. 
Through most of dinner, we didn't talk, just sat and enjoyed this amazing day. Tyler was the first to break the silence. 
"Sooo...that was a pretty nice touchdown in gym today." 
"Y-Yeah...umm, so why did you let me score?"
"Come on, I know you did, you might have fooled everyone else but not me; plus you winked at me." 
"Well, truth is-" 
"So how are we dong? All done?" the waitress said cutting Tyler off. 
She took our plates and brought the bill. I sort of forgot what we were talking about so I started to reach for my wallet. 
"Oh no," said Tyler grabbing the hand that was on the table, "I got this, besides you showed me around today, should at least let me pay you back." He flashed me one of his extraordinary smiles; I couldn't say no. 
"O-Ok." I say taking back my hand and blushing slightly. 
We go up and went to the register; surprisingly, it was the same rabbit that was our waitress. We paid and were out the two door entrance in under a minute. It was already 10 o' clock; usually, Richard and Donna would want me back by 9, but since I was with a friend, Donna was understanding. She thought it was great that I was making a new friend, especially since I lost all of my old one. We walked in the night, still not talking to each other. 
I was looking down a little sad; this day was ending and I didn't want it to. While looking down, I noticed Tyler's paw. Thoughts of just reaching over and taking it into mine filled my head; walking down the street paw in paw. Looking up a little further I see his forearm. It is so muscular, making my thoughts become more elaborate. 
The silence was again broken, but this time by me. 
"So, you never did finish answering my question back in the restaurant." 
The wolf and I keep walking when he said "I did it for you." 
I stop. 
"I know about what you've gone through this past year, how your parents kicked you out, how all your friends left, everything." 
I stood there looking down at my feet. 
'He knows, he knows I'm gay, but why would he do what he did in gym?' My face is full of shame and horror. 
Suddenly I'm dragged into the nearest alley. It was done so quick I didn't know what exactly was happening until I felt my body be embarrassed. When my brain caught up to the rest of me, I could see gray, silver fur shinning in the night. Tyler had pulled me into an alley and was now hugging me. 
 "It's ok," he tells me, "I know you're gay Xander." 
Tears start to swell in my eyes. My arms wrap around his toned back, my head and maw laying on his chest. The beat of his heart was so fast. He picks his head up from the embrace and I do the same. What happens next...I wasn't prepared for.
 His maw came close to mine. He licked my nose and then kissed me. My eyes could not have been any wider than they were. The wolf's eyes were shut and I could feel his tongue on my teeth, wanting access to my mouth. I push him back in disbelief. 
My back hits against the brick wall and I slide to the dirt covered ground. 
"NO!" I yell. 
"I-I thought you wanted me to." he said. 
"Are you gay? Bi? What?!"
"Are you out?" 
"Then you have a chance."
 "Xander, what are you talking about?" 
"You say you know everything about me, but do you know all the ridicule, the beatings, the pain I've gone through just being who I am?! Yes, I want you to kiss me, but not at the cost of you being outted. If I was the one to out you, I would kill myself." 
At that moment the tears that were in my eyes began to fall. I wrapped my arms around my legs, buried my face in my little cave, and cried on he cold, damp alley floor. 
"Xander...Xander look at me."
"NO! Just go, leave me alone, I don't want to hurt you." 
"But you're hurting me right now." 
I take my face and maw out of my tiny cave and look at him. 
"Xander, I-I think I'm love with you." 
"'re not making any sense. You've known me for two days-" 
"But I feel like I've known you my whole life!" 
My tears have stopped, I'm staring into the sweet blue eyes my this wolf as he spoke. 
"Yesterday in English class, you were the first one I noticed. I sat there all during class staring at you; thinking 'Damn he's beautiful.'" 
The tears start to swell in my eyes again. 
"All day I thought about you. When Billy and I had started to talk and become friends, I asked him about you. He told me everything." 
'Damn jock.' I thought. 
"Everything I heard about you made me like you more and more. And that day after school when I saw you walking in the cold...I figured it'd be my only chance. We didn't speak much in the truck but I just felt so...I don't know how to describe it. But when you sang, oh, my stomach was just filled with butterflies. I had thought about telling you right then and there how I felt and to just lean over and kiss you." 
My face was reddening with every word he spoke. He was kneeling down beside me, his paw on my arm. 
"Xander, I want to be with you, and I want you to be with me. I know if you just give me a chance we would make this work." 
Without warning I could feel the wolf's warm body embrace my own yet again. I could feel his tears on my shoulder. 
"Please?! Please Xander?!" 
I would never have thought that a wolf like this would cry. He's a jock, jocks aren't supposed to cry. 
My arms unfold and wrap themselves around the crying muscular wolf. We cried a little while longer until I didn't want my wolf to cry any longer. My paws came to his head and pull him into me as our maws met in what I consider my first kiss. 
I have never had a girlfriend or boyfriend, so I never actually had been kissed before until tonight, and the first surprise one Tyler had given wasn't mutual so I don't think of it as counting. 
"Ok" I tell him. His eyes are open wide, a few stray tears still there. "Ok," I say again, "so, what now?" 
All he could do was smile at me. 
"Well...if Richard and Donna don't could stay with me tonight." 
I was hesitant at first, but...I somehow trusted the wolf. 
"I'm sure they won't mind." 
And just like that we stood up and walked back to his truck. That paw I was so desperately wanting to hold was now embraced in mine; the whole walk to the truck. It was around midnight and I was just happy it was the weekend. The drive back to Tyler's house wasn't long, unfortunately. I was laying up against him, his right arm and paw around my shoulders pulling me closer. We pulled into Willington Heights, the richest area in all of Willowbrooke. 
"You live here?" I ask him in amazement. 
"Mmhmm." was all he could say. 
We drove all the way down the dark street, pulling into the driveway of the biggest house on the block. Stepping out of the truck, my maw just drops. 
Tyler giggled a little and said "Come on you!" and took my paw back into his and led me inside. 
"W-Where are your parents?"
 "Australia. They run their own company out there. We are originally from the US but moved to Australia when I was about 15. I wanted to come back for my senior year; so, they bought this house. It's just me here."
 "All alone?!" 
"Well, not anymore." he gave me a wink. 
I blush once again.
 His house was so BIG! The outside was too dark to see but the inside was beautiful. You could tell that his mom had an interior decorator come in and design according to her style, but there were still masculine features. A crystal chandelier hung from the 30 foot tall ceiling. The walls were colored in "Victorian Fashion" as Tyler called it. I didn't get to see much of the house because Tyler was already dragging me up the stairs. 
He pulls me into what must have been the master bedroom, now his room. The walls were painted black and blue. Soft carpet lay beneath my feet and a king sized bed was in the middle of the room. 
" do you sleep?" he asked. 
"I mean, when you got to bed, do you wear pajamas?" 
"Oh...well, I usually just sleep in my boxers." 
"Me to. But if you don't want to I'm sure I can find-"
 "No, that's ok." I assured him with a smile. 
"Well alright then." 
Tyler slowly started taking off his cloths, his tight polo shirt first. It was like face book all over again, but better. I could feel my member wanting to come out and play. Tyler then continued to unbutton his jeans, which fell to the ground. Even though my member wanted to play, I forced myself to hold back. Realizing I should get ready, I took my shirt and jeans off as well. 
"Wow." said my wolf. 
I laughed, "What are you wowing at you silly wolf?" 
"You! I liked what I'd seen before but this...I've only dreamed about this."
 I am not all that muscular. I have a small chest and I'm skinny. I don't have a six pack like Tyler clearly does, but I have some muscle tone there. 
"Thanks." was all I could muster up. 
I went over to the bed and slid under the covers. Tyler went over to turn the lights off and then made his way to the bed. Sliding under his covers, he coots his tight wolf ass closer to me. His boulders of arms wrapped themselves around me, my arm on top of them. 
"I love you." And just like that he fell asleep.
 A few minutes go by. 
 No reply. 
I yawned one last time and just before falling asleep, "I think I love you to."

Ciel Kliendell 2 years ago 0
To ALL READERS: Yes! finally got it to work :) enjoy and comment, but be kind about it haha and sorry for the wait i've been dealing with alot this week, including the fact that my best friend is moving away.
RaveWolf 2 years ago 0
I think it may be moving a tad bit fast >.< but otherwise I do like it.
Adnihilo 2 years ago 0
Hooray! New chapter!

Having the dialogue in separate lines made it quite a bit easier to read, but seriously, love so soon? They don't know each other at all! Still, they seem to have clicked, so it may work out (at least temporarily), but I can't stop thinking about what would happen if Tyler was a murderous psychopath. Maybe... maybe he's alone because he KILLED HIS PARENTS! Oh the horror! Then again, he might just be a nice (hot) guy who happens to not have any problem with taking things fast.
Or it just makes sense because the story probably wouldn't be as interesting if there were 10 chapters before the initial declaration of love... DAMN YOU SENSIBLE WRITING! Always getting in the way of... stuff.

Also, BACON!
It makes up for all typos! (I only noticed 2, 3rd sentence you wrote sit instead of sat, and near the end: coots, which I believe should have been scoots)

(PS development of pseudo-parental relationships FTW)
Furriesrule 2 years ago 0
novastar 2 years ago 0
Remember to continually proof read, help get rid of those typos. The quality has improved dramatically with each chapter and I'm enjoying your story. Keep it up!
Snowwolfie 2 years ago 0
Great chapter!!! Can't wait for another chapter!!!
Ciel Kliendell 2 years ago 0
Just so everyone is aware, yes the story did progress fast passed but i only did that to give a sense of just how fast the day was going itself. Ever have an AMAZING day and it just goes by so fast? well thats what i was trying to do, I could have done two chapters for this one day but still. And ever hear of SoulMates? (i really should have put that in the tags) thats why Tyler loves Xander. And no offense to any other authors on here but characters on here tend to fall in love pretty fast haha but dont worry, i think it was Adnihilo who said something right in that giant comment he posted ;) which part he's right about though i wont tell. If you have any more comments please post them, if you have any questions i'm happy to answer the best i can, if you want to give me some ideas for the next chapter or even chapters to follow then pm me on here or email me (its in chapter 1). For the next chapter i will probably need a week, depending just on what goes on, got tests in 6 of my hard classes. Till next time LOTS O' LOVE -NewBie
Adnihilo 2 years ago 0
I knew it! Tyler's a murderer! I wonder who's going to be his next target...
But I've got exams in a week. *pouts*
Ciel Kliendell 2 years ago 0
who knows? could be billy :O jk...maybe ;)
Ciel Kliendell 2 years ago 0
who knows? could be billy :O jk...maybe ;)
Siwo 2 years ago 0
yay, it is sooo "awww" :3 Can't wait what will be next. I wonder if ever something this nice will happen to me in RL :/
Sky_Fox 2 years ago 0
Really nice chapter, though when tyler says "not anymore" it sounds like he killed his parents o.o, anyways can't wait to read the next chapter
Furriesrule 2 years ago 0
When is the next chapter coming out
Ciel Kliendell 2 years ago 0
Next chapter will come really soon. I planning on finishing it today and uploading it today, it's the longest one yet! If not today then it will be soon.
Furriesrule 2 years ago 0
Furriesrule 2 years ago 0
Awww not yesterday
Ciel Kliendell 2 years ago 0
Hey Closet Love fans, Chapter 4 is up! Check it out!
geneseepaws 2 years ago 0
Well they are moving so fast with each other, I'm kinda spinning in my head, trying to figure it out. I like your writing style, esp. if you tighten up some of the scenes.