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07 Nov 2011

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Posted 07 Nov 2011 04:22
Last edited 07 Nov 2011 04:30
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My Hoof is Complete!

Hmm, was pondering the idea of a MLP related comic...seen a few and thot it might be fun....however mine would have to be at 5am laying awake in bed pondering it...came up with this idea and another which I'll draw later. This one is a Sweeney Todd MLP with a Mrs. Lovett sock puppet to talk to... "We need to make some muffins with meat filling, don't we Mrs. Lovett? Yes, Indeed we do, Mr. Todd!" Join yiffox comic from the beginning on my website! Having a contest with free art for posting on my site in forum or any comics! Details : And pleaz remember to vote on Topwebcomics daily - link on page Livestreaming Wed-Sun 8PM-1AM EST-midnight (precise times on page) Speedpaint Commissions slots open 4 da stream $15/1 character $20 for 2 Come watch: I am Cobra McJingleballs Watch me cut a pony Commissions are now open again, only 4 open spots note me if interest Commission info:

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novastar 2 years ago 0
Best MLP pic I've seen in my opinion. Very good job on the Sweeny hair-do. I absolutely love it, great job.
FluffyPony 2 years ago 0
todd wouldn't smile like that. he'd have more like a close-mouth smirk. the dude is goth; couldn't smile to save a koala from getting raped by a pernicious python.
breggstar 2 years ago 0
MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!! that is all
Alabaster Diamond 2 years ago 0
How is he able to work a sock puppet with a fingerless hoof?
Cobra Mcjingleballs 2 years ago 0
are you questioning the ingeniousness of his madness?
darkclawgreatone_nas 2 years ago 0
only an Earth Pony? for what ur suggesting...i would say a Unicorn, or passably even Pegacorn Pony would be better (see Nightmare Moon for reference of evil Pegacorn...)
Darrell Lane 2 years ago 0
Okay... I somewhat respect MLP now... XD