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13 Nov 2011

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Posted 13 Nov 2011 03:18
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'Smoke' Teaser

#4 of Earth's Children


Hey there. So I am trying to keep myself busy and thus do all sorts of stuff that take time... Since I don't want to screw up 'Earth's Children' or 'The Aftermath' with my depression I decided to start a new story so I won't be so annoyed if I screw this up. If it does suck then sorry, it seems depression truly is a writer's block. Anywho... as with all my stories this one will too include yiff at random chapters.

PS. The main character in this (Smokey) is my own fursona... just felt like putting him in the flash.


'Smoke' Teaser


1am in the morning. Black, cloudless sky and full moon sheding light on the New York city's rooftops... on one of them rooftops there is a fox. A black fox to be precise. His dark black & grey fur as well as black jeans blend perfectly with the night. His appearance is quite contrasted as well due to the fact he is 15 years old and has two gun holsters at his sides equipped with Desert Eagles, metallic black in color.

The fox then takes off his backpack and grabs a rope from it.

„Yo! Smokey! You're inside yet?" - The mini communication device in his ear gave him a small shock.

„Damn it, Carl... I'll tell you when I'm in." - He then ties the rope to a nearby solid pole, puts his backpack back on and starts sliding down the wall until he reaches a small vent.

„Carl; What is the distance between this wall and the nearest room?"

„Two seconds..." - Said the voice coming from Smokey's device. - „Right... this is entrance to one of the main vents which means they are big enough to fit a standing fur in there. There is no way you'll be heard."

„Good..." - Said the fox before drawing one of the Desert Eagles and shooting 3 out of 4 screws keeping that kept the vent lid closed. The lid now hangs on 1 screw, making the entrance open. Smokey  cocks the gun and swings himself inside the vent, sliding down for 2 seconds before the surface goes horizontal.

„I'm in."

„Kewl. I just checked; you're on the 13th floor. Unlucky for some." - Said Carl happily.

„Unlucky for them... Any encounters on the way?" - The fox starts looking around for any signs of which way to go.

„Now, how am I supposed to know? I ain't no X-ray guy, yo."

„Who do I have to work with..."

„Ooooh... you're so sharp ye gonna cut yourself. I am your eyes and ears so be nice."

„More of that and less of the mouth would be appreciated." - Said Smokey while rolling his eyes and dropping on fours before starting his journey through the vent.

„That fox has got one bad attitude."

„You bet..." 



Story and characters are copyright to © Mickey Torrento

Myval 2 years ago 0
Don't beat yourself up on this, it's good.

I like the banter between Smokey and Carl, and the setting intrigues me.

It does what a teaser is supposed to do, perk your interest.
d0z3r 2 years ago 0
You are going to mess up my mind with all these different stories at once you know :P

I am really like this one though. Oh and your fursona sounds REALLY cute hehehehe o///o
I cant wait to see what happens in this full story, the rest of "The Aftermath" , and the rest of "Earth's Children" :)

You truly are a great writer. And yes...depression is the biggest block of all things whether it is for writers, artists, or just daily life in general. I am here if you want to talk through PM though about it since I sorta with depression myself.

I hope things get better with your depression *big skunky hug*
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 0
Skunky hug? Gives me strange images in head. I hope you're descented?
And yeah... I change between stories a lot since I have hard time concentrating on one thing at same time. Innuendo is my second name while Multi-Task is my third one along with many others.
d0z3r 2 years ago 0
I emit flowery scents like roses and other pretty flowers like lavender ahaha so no worries there.
and the skunky hug is me hugging you with my arms and tail :3
I noticed but I do not mind at all since that is how your mind works *looking in your ear trying to see your brain*
I really can't wait to see these three stories finished and many other of your stories to come :3
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 0
It's really annoying when playing games where you can pick a profession. I go for let's say a Mage and after 20 levels or so I realize I want a Druid... then I realize I want something else and end up having 10 level 30s while my friends have like one level 80.
d0z3r 2 years ago 0
I am with you on that...I do the EXACT same thing but then eventually I get 3 lvl 80s with great gear and level up other characters for say gold or other items.
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 0 used the word 'gear' so I am guessing you played World of Warcraft before.
d0z3r 2 years ago 0
that and Diablo 2 expansion pack
HuskyAlex 2 years ago 0
Glad to see ya writing again :) I must have missed this when I checked a few days ago. Hope you get over this depression dude *Friendly hug*
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 0
Thank you. I feel a bit better now since college is giving me a hard time and thus I don't have time to think about my troubles. For the first time I'm glad that college is being a pain in the arse.

Oh and I already did first chapter of 'Smoke'. If you want then go and check it out.
6620 2 years ago 0
Heh, its funny. Usually all of my writing happens when I'm depressed.

One thing I have to point out. They talk about not being heard... and then fire three shots from a 50 cal pistol. Even with a suppressor, everyone within a city block will know you are there.

Other than that though, it looks good. I look forward to reading the rest.
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 0
...I was gonna put a noob reply there but then I realized you are a fan of guns so you'd find it offensive. X3
6620 2 years ago 0
haha thanks for noticing.
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 0
Although I will make a valid point about the fact I am owner of this story and thus can unrealistically modify weapons to my liking... I mean... if anthro creatures are a normal thing in here then why not silent Desert Eagles?
6620 2 years ago 0
lol, you're right. It can be done (irl), but its impractical. But hey, its not even a big deal.
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 0
Oh and if you haven't figured out, there are actually two chapters of this story out. Check them on my profile. I am also working on the third one.
6620 2 years ago 0
Yup, I've read them already.