14 Nov 2011

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Posted 14 Nov 2011 23:26
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Royal Guardian Chapter 3: Releasing the beast

#3 of new folder...

Hey everyone, believe it or not I am back on this but I won't be able to post as often as I would like because I need to post my grades up but I will be posting. Hope I didn't make you all wait too long, so here's chapter three...

I own all the rights to my original characters like Kody and Jared who belong to me and Brett who belongs to my friend Raine. I am still open for original characters if you are interested, I already have a few but they won't be put in until later... Now let's do this shit!!!


Chapter 3


            I woke up screaming and in a cold sweat, "It was a dream?" Kody burst through the door in a matter of seconds, his paw was glowing blue, "What happened Jared? I heard you screaming and I assumed the worst." I shook my head and his paw stopped glowing, "No, I'm not hurt... just a dream about Gerudo." I ran a hand through my hair as Kody sat on the bed.


            "That bad?" He gave me a concerned look, "Yeah, it's just that this whole thing is new to me and suddenly I'm the one that's supposed to fix it. I'm just one guy Kody." He put his paw on my shoulder, "You're not alone Jared, I will be right there by your side helping you out and I'm not the only one. There's a whole lot of people who are fighting him too so you're not alone in this fight Jared."


            I nodded as I looked at my clock, it read four a.m, "We have two hours until we have to get up for school so we should go back to sleep, and change back into your human form so my sister doesn't bug us in the morning." He nodded and changed back, he walked out as we said goodnight to each other and I fell back into a dreamless sleep...


            I woke up two hours later to the obnoxious and loud buzzing of my alarm clock, I groaned and slammed the snooze button, "Fuck you, it's too early for this." I sat up on the edge of my bed rubbing the sleep from my eyes, "School is such a drag considering all the assholes everyone has to put up with." I stood up and stretched loosening all my joints, "If I were Kody, I'd have them on their ass before they even knew what happened." I walked to my closet and grabbed what I usually wear, some random t-shirt and my dark blue jeans.


            I decided to throw on my enjoi jacket as I walked downstairs to grab a bowl of cereal before things got chaotic when everyone is up. Shortly after I finished eating, Kody walked down wearing the clothes I gave him, "Not too bad Kody, and they're not that different from your other clothes."


            He shrugged, "I guess, but those clothes matched the color and pattern of my bur you know?" I sat there and thought over what he said, truth is he was absolutely right, his other clothes did make him look more like a lucario, "True but these clothes are lighter and cooler than those other ones." He thought it over for a moment then nodded, "Yeah, I guess you're right but I still like my old ones."


            I shrugged as my sister walked towards us holding one of her stuffed bears, "Hey Jared, where did your dog friend go?" Kody was starting to growl as I said, "He wasn't a dog Kaelyn and he's right here." She looked at him, "That's not him. Your dog friend was way cooler."


            She turned and walked away as Kody growled more, "What!? I am Kody, and I hate being called a dog." He grabbed his pendant ready to change until I stopped him, "Kody, she's five and it's not worth it." He let go of it as he crossed his arms and continued in an annoyed tone "Fine, can we go now? I'm ready to leave." I put my empty bowl in the dish washer, "Okay, let's go." We grabbed our bags and yelled, telling everyone we were leaving and left.


            We were walking to school talking about random and useless things when we were interrupted by someone's voice, "Hey look, it's mega fag and the new kid." Kody was starting to get pissed as he started growling at him, I knew he was about to do something drastic so I whispered to him, "Down boy, I can handle this guy." He glared at me then started to calm down, "Hey, quit whispering to your girlfriend and speak up!"


            I was embarrassed and furious that Brett called Kody my boyfriend, "Shut the hell up Brett, this doesn't concern you!" He grinned and walked over to us, "It will when I beat your ass down and take your money." I clenched m fists, "Why don't you go make fun f someone else so you can feel better about yourself."


            He no longer looked amused, "What'd you say?", "What? Is your hearing as bad as your grades? Go the hell away!" He pulled his fist back, "You don't talk to me like that!" He threw a punch and I cringed but Kody stepped in and easily blocked it, "He asked you to leave, now get out of here before you get hurt." Brett threw another punch as he said, "You're the one that's going to hurt!" Kody was over the top pissed and caught his other fist growling, "I warned you." He pulled Brett fore ward and slammed his knee into his stomach, making him hang his head and cough, I heard Kody whisper into his ear, "If you ever come at Jared again with intentions of hurting him, as his guardian I will freaking kill you, you got that?"


            Brett nodded his head and Kody dropped him to the ground, "Good." Kody was ready to kick him but I grabbed his arm and forced him back, "Stand down Koda! You got him, now let's go before we're late." He grit his teeth and clenched his fists, "But he tried to hurt you, he needs to be punished.", "I said no! Now back down Koda, we're better than him. Now let's go"


            He jerked his arm back, "Fine but remember what I said Brett and we won't have any problems." Brett was still on the ground holding his stomach and nodded as we continued walking towards the school. I looked over at Kody who was still ticked, "That was a bit drastic don't you think?" He kept looking fore ward, "By your standards yes. But by mine, I let him off too easy. I'm just doing my job Jared."


            I sighed, "I still don't think that you should be beating people like that. You proved your point but you wanted to hurt him more." He wasn't moved, "He was a threat and I was forced to defend you but he wouldn't listen and threw another punch. I may have gone overboard trying to kick him but this is what I was trained for."


            We walked into the school and towards our first period class, "Whatever, just try to show some control." He shrugged it off, "I'm not supposed to be merciful to threats and considering how pissed I was, that was self-control." We walked into first period as the bell rang.


            The rest of the day was easy, nothing happened except for Sarah saying that she needs to talk to Kody about his essay after school. He said we would meet up after school when he was done. I sat down on a stone bench in our schools courtyard and looked at my watch, "Where's Kody? He said he'd be out of class over an hour ago." I started tapping my foot impatiently and rested my chin on my hand, "Furry bastard probably forgot about me and went to chase after cars or whatever the hell it is his species does."


Kody's POV


'Come on hurry up Sarah, I need to get back to Kody. I shouldn't be away from him this long.' I was sitting in my desk listening to how great my essay was on To Kill a Mockingbird, "Kody, your essay was phenomenal, you got a hundred percent on it and you're new! How did you do it?" I rolled my eyes, "If I answer you does that mean I can leave sooner?"


She looked at me a little surprised, "Not exactly, you have to answer some more of my questions and then you can go." I nodded at her, "Okay but can we please make them quick?" , 'The sooner I get to Jared the better.' She adjusted her glasses, "Uhh... sure."



Jared's POV


            "What the hell! How long does it take for her to ask those stupid questions?", "Well well, look what we have here, it's mega fag without his side kick." I looked back terrified to see Brett and his two thugs Gunner and Jacob behind him, "H-He's not my sidekick, he's my guar... friend, my friend and what do you want from me?" He cracked his knuckles, "Isn't it obvious? We're here to beat you down for talking back at me, and we'll get your friend too. Bastard put me in the nurses office for most of the day."


            I stood up and ran, "Why are you pissed at me and Kody for putting you in your place?" He was red in the face as he yelled, "Gunner, Jacob, get him and hold him for me." Gunner and Jacob were hot on my trail as I jumped over and slid under obstacles, putting as much distance between me and them as I could, "Ha! This is too easy."


            I turned around only to trip over some large stones, "Damnit!!" I stood back up but they both grabbed my arms and dragged me back to Brett, they held me up to him, "Now I get to kick your ass." He pulled his fist back and slammed it into my stomach making me cough, 'Kody... where are you?' He kept punching me and I had to take every one, "Your friends not here to save you this time and I'm going to get away with this." He punched me in the stomach again making me cough a stream of blood, 'Is he seriously this pissed... and what the hell, he's trying to kill me! Kody, where are you!!!'

Kody's POV


            "Yes I know my essay was good but can I please go now?" I felt a chill run down my spine and a huge force hit my stomach, 'No...' I stood up and ran out, "No, No, NO!!!!!", "Kody, where do you think you're going?" I turned my head and yelled, "To save my friend!" I didn't give her a chance to react as I ran faster, 'Please don't let me be too late.' I felt another unknown force smash into my stomach making me cough up blood, "What the hell?"


            Sarah ran to me, "Kody, what's wrong." She gasped as she saw the blood, "Kody, we need to get you to the hospital or something!" I pushed her away and started running again, "No, I need to get to Jared, something's wrong!", 'I bet it's Brett again, I just hope I can make it before he can bring too much harm to him.' I ran for all my worth, heading towards the courtyard since that's where we agreed to meet.


            I grabbed my pendant and changed to my Lucario form, "Be ready Brett, because I'm going to fucking kill you!"


Jared's POV


            He punched me again across my face, 'Damnit! I really need to learn how to fight so I'm not so dependent on Kody.' I took another punch and spit some blood out, "You should have kept your mouth shut." He drew his fist back but he was forced back by an unknown force, "What was that?" I looked up to see Kody holding a kicking stance, he had some blood running down the corner if his mouth, 'But he wasn't hit... so how can he be bleeding and why is he a Lucario where people can see him?!'


            Brett sat up and started to massage his jaw, "What the hell just hit me?" Kody ignored him and round house kicked Gunner across the face, sending him flying in another direction. Jacob just stood there terrified, "What the hell are you?" Kody looked at him with rage, "A very pissed off dog and your worst nightmare!" he was growling at him.


            He ran up to Jacob and gave him a hard batido kick to the chest, sending him across the courtyard and onto his back. He walked over to Jacob and lifted him up by his shirt, "Now get out before I kill you for messing with Jared." He dropped him and growled as Jacob struggled to his feet and ran away.


            He turned around and walked back to me, "You okay Jared?" He helped me up and sat me down on the stone bench, "Yeah I'm fine." I groaned in pain as I gripped my stomach, "More or less." I looked at the blood running down the corner of his mouth again, "Kody, you're bleeding." He wiped a paw across his mouth and noticed the blood, "We'll figure out why that happened later. But right now I need to kill someone I warned to stay away." He walked over to Brett who groaned as he stood up but when he saw Kody he took a fighting stance.


            Kody raised an eyebrow, "Do you enjoy getting hurt?" Brett was completely irate with him, "Who and what the hell are you?!" Kody was unmoved as he walked towards him, "I'm Kody, the last thing you'll ever see. I warned you to stay away from Jared didn't I, but despite that you ignored my warning and started to beat Jared anyways." Brett threw a punch at Kody but he blocked it, rolled in and elbowed him in the stomach, "You're out of your league." Brett coughed and he threw him over his shoulder.


            Kody brushed himself off like throwing Brett was nothing; he stepped onto Brett's chest putting more and more pressure each second, "I gave you a chance, now you're going to suffer." I had never seen this side of Kody before, he was completely stolid. He didn't show any signs of mercy as he turned his wrist spike into three claws again. This side of him terrified me, this wasn't the Kody I knew, this was some merciless, blood thirsty monster that looked like Kody.


            He held his claws to Brett's face, "NO! Please don't kill me, I'm sorry." Brett was shaking in fear as Kody pressed his claws against his face, "You're not sorry, you knew damn well that I would come after you too.", "Koda, don't you dare hurt him!!!" I was screaming and he looked back at me with emotionless eyes, "Why? I gave him a chance to back off and he will not get another one." He pressed his claws further as I put my hand on his shoulder, "Don't you see the monster you're becoming? This isn't you Kody, and I don't want you to turn into some uncontrollable beast."


            I started to tear up and his eyes were no longer emotionless... they were replaced with sadness as he realized what he was about to do, "Kody... you're too good a friend for me to let your instincts take control. I don't want you to become some beast. Please!" tears started rolling down my cheeks, "Don't do it."


            He looked back at Brett and retracted his claws, but he punched him across the face knocking him out, "That's for hurting my king." He looked back at me smiling, "Thank you for that Jared." He grabbed his pendant and changed back to his human self. We both stood up and looked at Brett, "Should we do something about him?" Kody shook his head, "Nah, let the faculty find him or something." He fixed his shirt collar and started to walk away, "You coming?"


            I nodded and ran to catch up with him, "Hey Kody?" He looked at me as we continued walking, "Yeah?", "Can we start the training soon? I want to have some skill before we get called back to Eldin." He smiled, "Sure, I'd be happy to, why don't we start when we get home." I nodded, "Alright, so you can teach me how to fight?" He nodded as we walked up the street, "Yes, but I'll need full commitment from you. That means no slacking, you have to take it seriously, we train when I say so, and you have to do what I say. Deal?"


            He held his hand out and I shook it, "Deal." He grinned, "There's no turning back now." We walked into the house and went upstairs to get ready for the training.


Thanks for reading, that's all I have of chapter three but I will have more for chapter four, please comment and rate, I appreciate any means of feedback. Hope you all enjoyed and I'll see you all next upload!

TripleX 2 years ago 1
Great chapter babe, as always. I wonder how Jared's training is gonna turn out, it's not gonna be easy for him that's for sure *chuckles*. But anyways, good job and keep it up. 10/5
G-man2014 2 years ago 1
Eh, don't worry about it. He'll probably be fine if Kody doesn't drive him to exhaustion *laughs* Thanks for that babe
TripleX 2 years ago 1
You're welcome babe. *chuckles* Heh, well I can see Kody being quite the strict teacher, but I'll just wait and see what kind of teacher Kody will be, hehe.
Dasher Cheetah 2 years ago 1
Really well done G. I started reading and couldn't stop until it was suddenly done.
G-man2014 2 years ago 1
Thank you, I really like this chapter, and sorry if this one ended a bit abruptly but you have to stop it somewhere *shrugs* hoping to get the next one up as soon as I post the last chapter of Eclipse and then I'm done with it!
Jake Shadow Wolf 2 years ago 1
Nice little bro very nice. I enjoy how you showed the inner beast that all creatures tend to have, but that we can control it when their are factors in our favor. Can't wait to see what happpens to Kody and Jared next chapter.
G-man2014 2 years ago 1
Hmm... you're the first one to get it lol, kidding. I'm sure people see it but keep quiet about it. Glad you're enjoying it, see you when the next chapter's up.
strikeforce4 2 years ago 1
lol reminds me of my MMA coach lol
G-man2014 2 years ago 1
How? And thanks for the watch
faolan bloodheart 2 years ago 1
please finish the next one soon
G-man2014 2 years ago 1
Sure thing. But I'm working on other stories too and I'm busy with other things so I can't promise it until maybe next week
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cant wait for the next chapter.