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15 Nov 2011

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Posted 15 Nov 2011 02:07
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Smoke: 'Just Droppin' In'

#1 of Smoke


Hey there. So I am trying to keep myself busy and thus do all sort...


Hey there. So I am trying to keep myself busy and thus do all sorts of stuff that take time... Since I don't want to screw up 'Earth's Children' or 'The Aftermath' with my depression I decided to start a new story so I won't be so annoyed if I screw this up. If it does suck then sorry, it seems depression truly is a writer's block. Anywho... as with all my stories this one will too include yiff at random chapters.

PS. The main character in this (Smokey) is my own fursona... just felt like putting him in the flash.


Smoke: Just Droppin' In


1am in the morning. Black, cloudless sky and full moon sheding light on the New York city's rooftops... on one of the rooftops there is a fox. A black fox to be precise. His dark black and grey fur and black jeans blend perfectly with the night. His appearance is quite contrasted due to the fact he is 15 years old and has two gun holsters at his sides equipped with Desert Eagles, metallic black in color.

The fox then takes off his backpack and grabs a rope from it.

„Yo! Smokey! You're inside yet?" - The mini communication device in his ear gave him a small shock.

„Damn it, Carl... I'll tell you when I'm in." - Smokey then tied the rope to a solid nearby pole, put his backpack back on and  started sliding down the wall until he reached a small vent.

„Carl; What is the distance between this wall and the nearest room?"

„Two seconds..." - Said the voice coming from Smokey's device. - „Right... this is entrance to one of the main vents which means they are big enough to fit a standing fur in there. There is no way you'll be heard."

„Good..." - Said the fox before drawing one of the Desert Eagles and shooting 3 out of 4 screws keeping the vent lid closed. The lid now hangs on 1 screw, making the entrance open. Smokey then cocks the gun and swings himself inside the vent, sliding down for 2 seconds before the surface goes horizontal.

„I'm in."

„Kewl. I just checked; you're on the 13th floor. Unlucky for some." - Said Carl happily.

„Unlucky for them... Any encounters on the way?" - Smokey then starts looking around for any signs of which way to go.

„Now, how am I supposed to know? I ain't no X-ray guy, yo."

„Who do I have to work with..."

„Ooooh... you're so sharp ye gonna cut yourself. I am your eyes and ears so be nice."

„More of that and less of the mouth would be appreciated." - Smokey rolled his eyes while dropping on his fours and starting his journey through the vent.

„That fox has got one bad attitude."

„You bet..."


I started crawling down a smaller vent, looking for any signs of where about I might be. Soon enough I reached a grate and looked through it, making sure no one is watching before opening it and jumping down.

The room seemed to be used for storage. Shelves and plastic containers all around. I soon realized that the door within this building do not have handles and thus are probably opened with motion sensors. Too bad these door are locked anyway. 'Guess I'll need to visit the vent once more.

"I've just found out where your point of interest is." - Said Carl through the communication device.

"Rocknar's office, by any chance?"

"Aye... Although it's on 9th floor, which means more work for you."

"And I am guessing you couldn't just find out where he is BEFORE I entered the building?"

"Nope... it takes time to get these information."

"What do they pay you for?"

"My incredible knowledge of security systems... my unbeatable skills in breaking them... and my unbelievably smexy personality, babe..."

"You forgot about humbleness..." - I replied while dropping myself into another room...

"Sweet momma..." - Said Carl, seeing what I see thanks to a camera in my headset device.

It was another storage room but it had way more interesting things than the last one. It was full of guns.

"Now would you look at that... a HK Gun." - I walk up to a black medium-size weapon that looks like a combination of UZI and Machine Gun, keeping the size between these two.

I grabbed the gun and straight away loved it, realizing it weights about as much as my Desert Eagles. I set it to Sniper Mode and placed a silencer on it. The gun had a strap, and therefore I put it over my head, keeping the gun on my back.

I didn't even bother checking if the door are unlocked, knowing that a room with such precious guns wouldn't be left unprotected.

Journey into the vent once more... This time the crawl was longer and I soon reached the end grate leading into what seemed to be a corridor.

"Well... couldn't be easy all the way." - I whispered, seeing a deer guard in the middle of this corridor. Fortunately he is standing with his back turned towards me.

I removed the grate very slowly, making sure not to make any noise before silently dropping myself down like an assassin.

That moment the guy turned around just to spot me, aiming the HK gun at him. One second later an almost silent shot pierced his forehead, instantly ridding him of life.

"Sweet dreams."

"Well, that was easier than I expected it to be." - Said Carl, seeing the now dead deer with a small pool of blood slowly forming as I headed for the lift.

"I don't even feel right doing this... I'm an adventurer, not assassin." - I replied while looking at the number which says what floor I'm on.  12... 11...

"Gotta change your hobbies once in a while."

10... 9... The doors open and I have about 4 guys looking at me, not sure what the hell is going on.

"Close the door... close the door, now... close the door NOW!" - Carl panicked as the guys realized I'm an intruder and grabbed for their handguns.

I smacked the 'Floor 8' button before drawing my Desert Eagles and killing two of the guys just before the lift door closed.

"Plan B? No? I thought so." - I asked while reloading guns, knowing that soon the alarm will break off. And I was right:

"Warning... Warning... Red Alert. Intruder in upper building sector. A heavily armed canine was last seen in a lift number 2. The fox is armed and dangerous, proceed with caution. I repeat... proceed with caution."

I finished reloading my guns before pressing 'Floor 9' button again.

"Are you crazy?!" - Asked Carl, seeing this.

"Ding! Floor 9: Science research, idiots with guns, leader of these idiots and a massacrating fox." - I said just before the lift doors opened. As soon as they did I aimed my Desert Eagles and popped bullets in two guards' heads before sprinting forward and diving in with a roll, dodging incoming shots while checking out the situation. There are at least 6 guards in here, not counting the 4 dead ones... easy.

I hung my arm on one of the guards' necks and swung behind him, using the guy as a meat shield. He got about 5 bullets in the chest while I took the chance to locate a fire extinguisher and shoot it, causing an explosion, knocking closest 3 guards off their footpaws.

I let go of the now dead body and sprinted towards the closest guard, but instead of charging straight at him I've done a short wall-run and smashed the guy's muzzle with my footpaw before landing on the floor with grace as the guard stumbled away and fell over, knocked out.

The other two guards aimed their guns at me the same moment I did at them. Before giving them chance to think I shot first, killing both before they could even pull the trigger.

"Fucking hell! This is insane! Back up, we need b-" - One of the last 3 guards never finished as I simply placed the gun on his head and shot. I then turned towards the next one, grabbed my HK gun and knocked him out with a well-placed hit.

The last guy was almost at the end of the corridor which led to Rocknar's office. I aimed the HK gun, peacefully whistling before shooting his spine, making him arch his back and then fall on the floor.

Now it's time for the leader of these jerks...

I started sprinting towards the door while hanging HK gun back on my neck and reloading the Desert Eagles. An automatic machine gun seeped out of the ceiling and started shooting. I dived in before giving it a well-placed shot, neutralizing the threat.

I finally stopped at the door and tried to open them. They resisted...

"Knock, knock!" I shouted before pulling a miniature grenade out of my bag and placing it by the door and then sprinting off. The explosion forced door open and caused a lot of smoke, making it a perfect opportunity for me. I didn't waste it; Before they knew what's going on I dashed inside, cocked my guns and grabbed the closest fur's head before snapping his neck.

 The smoke slowly faded away and I soon spotted a tall, muscly orca looking at me with anger and disbelief. I drew a Desert Eagle and pointed it at him.

"Mc Krein sends his regards." - I said with a grin. That very moment about 20 guards stormed into the room.

"Get out of here! Get out of here, NOW!" - Screamed Carl as if watching a movie.

I sprinted towards the wall-sized window and jumped out, breaking the glass. Everything felt like in slow motion... Before 9th floor got out of my line of sight I grabbed my HK Gun, aimed as much as I could before desperately letting a shot. The bullet hit Rocknar's neck and he dropped dead on the floor. I let go of the HK Gun and quickly grabbed a grapple gun that was attached to my bag. By the time I shot it I was already on the 5th floor's level. The gun successfully grabbed onto the building and started slowing down my falling speed but as I reached 1st floor the rope was at it's limit, forcing me to let go of the gun and fiercely land on my back.

"Smokey! Smokey, are you okay?! Answer me, kit!"

"U-ugh... gonna be sore in the morning..." - I said while trying to lift myself up... One second later I had to quickly roll away as the HK Gun landed just where I was lying.

"Ha, ha! I knew you can make it, pup!"

"Shhh....... I can hear my fur growing." - I said while still being a bit dizzy.

"Well... Mc Krein will be happy... let's go home. I'll buy you a milkshake."

...Even though I might be like a killing machine I'm still a 15 year old kit that would never say 'no' to a milkshake.

"A strawberry one?"


To Be Continued...

Story and characters are copyright to © Mickey Torrento

Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 0
Right... so today I was cheered up by my friend for entire 7 hours which kind of made me forget about my depression. I used this time wisely on enjoying myself, catching up with college work and writing the first chapter.

Yes... it is shorter than what I usually write but that's because it is mostly an introducing chapter. Explaination and background to the characters and plot will be included in the future while this chapter is mostly focused on showing off with my unusually skilled fursona.
Williad 2 years ago 0
I love the other ones... But this one is great too! Keep up the good work & feel better... I know what it's like... Try being gay living in the bible belt with depression. Fun. But it gets better!
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 0
Thankies. I must thank my friend too for bothering to cheer me up. I will talk to a counselor in a few days time so let's hope things get sorted to at least some degree...
HolidayPup 2 years ago 0
other than present and past tense this looks like an awesome story...

this line
(I started crawling down a smaller vent ) I started hints at the main character telling a story while in the same paragraph the end where you wrote (making sure no one is watching before opening it and jumping down.) is would be present tense like it's happening as we speak and the author isn't telling a story but apart of it and just as excited as the reader because the main character doesn't know what's going to happen either.
I hope I haven't been too derogitory, and this is a great beginning to what promises to be an awesome story....easy 5/5, wish I could give more, keep up the brilliant work

Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 0
I am aware of my present and past tense use and I have done it on purpose.
Well technically it could be happening at different pace so sometimes I might've kind of caught up with Smokey, making it present tense while other times, if actions are continous I sort of let it be past tense.

I do that in order to reduce repetition, knowing my vocabulary is not as good as some people's.
HolidayPup 2 years ago 0
sorry for my confusion
icyangel 2 years ago 0
I am sorry for what you are goinig through, but your stories are all good! =) It doesn't hurt to have a new one every now and again =3
d0z3r 2 years ago 0
Oooo action packed =3
alla88 2 years ago 0
Hunhum, i do like to read some good action and fighting scenes, and i think you were able to do it perfectly, the music helped a lot. Great story, chapter 2 here i go!