19 Nov 2011

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Posted 19 Nov 2011 02:58
Last edited 19 Nov 2011 03:54
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Skaven Starting Warband (top view)

This is the top view of the War-band i will be playing in a Sunday Mordheim group., It currently had 6 vermin-kin, and all 6 possible starting heroes. Composition: 1 Assassin adept, 1 shaman, 2 Black Skaven, 2 Night Runners, 6 Vermin kin. Staring Rating: 104 Exploration: 6d6 max Average Stats (in order): |M|W|B|S|T|W|i |A|L| Average stats (in order): |5|3 |3|3|3|1 |5|1|6| Rate of growht: Fast Specialties: Swarm and Speed. Strenghts: High movement, cost effective, versatile, Excellent gear selection and Special skills Weaknesses: Low survivability, Low Leader ship, Sorry for the Picture flood. But hey skavens are Furries!

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