19 Nov 2011

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Posted 19 Nov 2011 03:14
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Skaven Shaman (side A)

This is the Shaman figure that i am using in the warband. He is the only one. The spell got starting out is one that summons 3 giant rats to the field who do not count for routing or war-band size. (not bothering with them.) He has about the same stats as a verminkin with better leadership. All in all the ability to cast spells is nice to have. Gear: Sword, Buckler, sling Colors used: glow in the dark Neon Greed: Eyes on the staff, and face Metalic black: Outfit Black: Pimer Silver: Blade Red: Blood ion blade Birch Brown: Staff Teddy bear Tank: Fur tail and face on the staff Metallic sapphire: Ears on the staff Yellow: Horns on the staff

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