19 Nov 2011

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Posted 19 Nov 2011 04:02
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A Pup's Determination


Story inspired by a plot given by Fruanc J.H.  Look for his works here on SF:

I actaully enjoyed this one.





Ok, so maybe he hadn't thought this out too far.

Outside, shivering from the cool autumn evening with only his fur and his red hoodie keeping him warm, the little wolf thought that maybe today wasn't the best of days to think about running away from home. Not that he'd really gotten too far since he was currently standing underneath a lamp light at the corner of the grocery story about six blocks away from his house. Getting it into his mind this evening, after his parents had had another one of their spectacular shouting matches; the little blue and black cub decided that enough was enough.

There really was no sense in sticking around if all his parents wanted to do was to complain and scream at each other, something they had been doing a lot as of late. The cub figured that he could do better on his own if he just ran off and left the adults to their own business. After all, he had swiped his dad's debit card from the older wolf's wallet and having been shown how to use the PIN number the pup was sure that he wouldn't go hungry if he rationed himself and just ate enough to fill his stomach day by day. However, as another strong gust of cold wind kicked up and tugged at his four and a half foot tall frame, the little wolf began to have second thoughts on how maybe this wasn't the answer he should be looking for. This was made even more apparent when the pup heard something behind him that made his ears perk up to the top of his head.

Turning around and huddling closer to the lamp post the wolf cub gave off a low whine before taking a few tentative steps back into the street. The honk of a car made the pup nearly jump out of his fur as he yipped and put a sudden stranglehold on the streetlight next to him.

Once the mean old car had passed the pup whimpered and shuddered before finally opening his eyes, which he didn't even remember closing from fright, and then took a few sniffles. Reaching up to rub his eyes, somewhat moist from the beginnings of teardrops forming, the little wolf pulled himself away from his safety zone then began to sob to himself.

Suddenly, hearing his parents yell through the walls wasn't looking so bad anymore.

Of course, as they say, trouble usually came in spades because just when the pup was building up the courage to take a step back in the direction of home a presence made itself known behind him.

Turning his head and seeing nobody behind him the little wolf lowered his ears to his head and curled his tail between his legs.

A sound pierced through his senses and without thinking the pup yipped and made a sudden mad dash in the opposite direction of where the noise had emanated. His heart beat frantically while his legs kicked up the dirt along the sidewalk as the little wolf ran as fast as humanly possible, never mind the fact that he wasn't human.

Panting and gasping for air, the pup didn't take note that heavy thumps were following after him as a large and bulky form slipped through the shadows of the night right behind him. Too caught up in the instinctual instinct to run for his life, the pup didn't bother to try and turn his head around and see what was after him in any kind of logical sense to take stock of the unknown danger. Had he, he would have tried to double his running speed because there on his tail was the biggest and fiercest looking canine that a modern person could have ever seen.

It had to have been almost four feet tall on all four of its legs with a large and muscular furry body that looked almost shaggy whenever the lights from the lamps would slice over it. Tongue hanging out from between canine lips with drool dripping through the air while brown eyes locked on to the terrified form running away from it, the large creature seemed to almost be smiling as it chased after the pup.

As the two ran the little wolf never noticed where his feet were taking him, had he the pup would have thought better about where he was trying to run to and could have dove into any of the ten familiar stores that he and his parents usually frequented. But youthful terror and childish delirium made the little wolf keep on moving ahead, even as his steps found him growing closer and closer back to where he had started his journey from.

While the pup seemed to not be paying attention to where the both of them were going the large dog behind him seemed to know exactly where it was. Letting out a boisterous bark behind the little wolf, the dog listened and watched as the pup yelped and jumped before he accidently stumbled over his own feet and crashed down onto the sidewalk. Tumbling, yipping and doing a barrel roll across the ground the little wolf spun around and around and around before he came to stop when something large and powerful pounced on him.

A shriek-like bark sounded off from the pup's lips as he closed his eyes and huddled into himself while fighting to squirm out from the big brute. Tail tucked firmly between his legs, the little wolf stopped moving when he suddenly felt teeth tugging at the rim of his hoodie. Fear coiled and snapped at his spine as the pup sniffed and snuffled while whining up at his captor while waiting for the jaws to clamp onto him.

Cold air nipped at his chest following the press of sharp fangs into his chubby stomach as the large dog began to gnaw on the little wolf just as he had expected. However, instead of mind numbing pain shooting through him the pup let out a howl break free from his throat as the feeling of pure elation raced up his spine. The sudden sensations coursed throughout his body at lightning speed and in the second that followed his mind finally registering what was happening a burst of laughter resounded throughout the air like an explosion. Snapping his eyes open and trying to move out from his current positioning, the pup yelped with mirthful exuberance as the big dog ran his broad tongue over his chest in an attempt to lick him from neck to solar plexus.

"St...stop it...Artemis!" The name followed more giggles as the little wolf took a gander at the shaggy frame of the neighborhood mutt that belonged to the man that lived three houses down from him and his parents.

The large creature seemed to pay the little one no mind as he continued to torture the pup with his wild and careless tongue, scooping at the little wolf's armpits and tasting the flavor of youth and innocence. The pup rolled around with laughter, tail wagging a mile-a-minute once it was no longer curled between his thighs, while at the same time his chest heaved up and down almost frantically as he swallowed great gulps of air too quickly. A startled yip sounded when the pup was graced by a too rough press of teeth into the side of his chest, however, the little wolf barely took notice of the faux pas to the game he was sharing with the large canine.

The mutt's tongue moved up and down and all around, almost as if mapping out the pup's entire frame as the big brute maneuvered the little one onto his sides and then his back. Getting his teeth into the fabric of the hem of the little wolf's hoodie, the larger canine buried his nose into the back of his playmate's spinal column and continued to reel laughter out of every pore of the other. Nipping, teasing and all out kneading the little wolf with his tongue, the larger canine seemed to find great joy milking happiness from out of the other.

It was only when lights began to flicker on and people wandered out from their homes to see what the insistent noise was about that things came to an end. Two of these said people were the parents of the little wolf, both equally in a state of distress after having searched every corner of their house for their son. Instantly the mutt stopped the taunting sweeps of his tongue from writhing over the other and pulled himself back to stand watchfully next to his little charge.

"Danny!" A woman's voice barked and like a light switch being flipped the pup stopped rolling around and shot up off of the ground to barrel into his mother.

"Mommy!" The little wolf yipped as he ran and enfolded his arms around his mother, brushing his nose into her fur along her neck and panting audibly in her ear once his muzzle was close to her scalp.

The rest of the neighborhood looked out and about as they took stock of the family that had suddenly been reunited, even though none of them knew how, when or why the others had been apart. The mother seemed to never want to let her little one out of her arms as she kissed and licked at his face, reassuring herself that her pup was alright. The father seemed to be just as happy thought not as openly emotional as he wiped the back of his hand over across his face while trying not to blubber there on the middle of the sidewalk.

It was only when the father wolf finally reached down and encircled his arms around the pup that the family stood together and walked back to their home, never minding the large dog behind that who looked slightly put off.

Everyone returned back inside of their houses after that, no one really knowing what exactly had just happened but all were grateful that they could return to their lives unfettered from lasting guilt at what could have been a much more severe passing that night.

It would be later on when Danny would end up telling his folks what had happened and why he had been out so late. The older wolves looked at each other stunned and then ashamed at what their antics had nearly cost them because of their selfishness. Never could they have dreamed that their infighting would make their pup bolster the willpower to run away from the situation. A lot of thought would have to go into what would happen in the future between them, the parents agreed silently, but for tonight the husband and wife resolved to put aside their feelings for the sake of their little one.

Of course, like all naughty children, Danny would be punished by being grounded, and would be sent lovingly up to his room to be tucked in later.

It would be just after he was kissed on the head by his parents and rubbed over the head once that the pup would curl up into a ball underneath his covers and wonder about why the neighbor's dog had been out so late and the mutt how the other had stumbled over where he had been. Sighing happily and drifting off to sleep without coming to any conclusion, Danny would never know that three doors down a certain large mongrel would just be returning home after making its rounds throughout the neighborhood, particular having had come from surveying Danny's home.

Shaking his pelt and rolling around on the floor of his home, nobody would hear the sounds of groans and whimpers and snaps as the large frame of the mutt would contract and bend and alter until finally, moments afterward, a familiar person would be panting and puffing up at the ceiling. Shaking a shaggy brown haired head and rolling his shoulders, the neighbor that owned the dog Danny had been playing grumbled and popped his back before walking naked through his dark house up to his bathroom to take a shower.

Those nightly transformations, which not one person in the neighborhood had caught onto by now, were always a bitch have to deal with, but for the only local werewolf in the state zip code they were a transition to which the lycanthrope could deal with. Especially given that it had been the key to helping him look for and follow after a certain pup who had decided to sneak out of the house at six that evening. Chuckling to himself and scrubbing off some of the loose fur still clinging to his sides, the werewolf in human disguise would have to make sure to look after little Danny even better now as he licked his tongue from over across his teeth and caught the telltale hint of copper staining his teeth.

Dcmsmax 2 years ago 0
D'aww hehe. T'was kuwte =3
kaleemmcintyre 2 years ago 0
Thank you. :)
geneseepaws 2 years ago 0
Ha! great ending, not what I thought at all, well done!
Hope yer fine, and all is good with you. G-Paws.
kaleemmcintyre 2 years ago 0
Doing well and thanks for the read.
MrFox 2 years ago 0
Short, but very well written. This is a nice little story :)
kaleemmcintyre 2 years ago 0
Thank you. :)
FruancJH 2 years ago 0
And to think it only took you a freaking half hour to forty five minutes to write it after I gave you the idea. that's insane... I still haven't gotten over that fact. Nice job on the spelling corrections and the firming up of the sentences where they were messy when I read it. I'm curious as to wether any of my other ideas have taken a physical form or not. So i'm gonna loo.


Fruanc J.H.
kaleemmcintyre 2 years ago 0
Nope, I haven't worked on anything after this for publication. I haven't been feeling motivated so I'm going back to video game playing until inspiration hits me. Your ideas are very good though, so thank you. I appreciate them.
FruancJH 2 years ago 0
Ok glad to have been of help. Best of luck with new inspirations although if you need some then I have just one word for you. Wabbajack!

put that into youtube if you don't know what it is. It's quite inspiring.

Well that's me for now. PM me with a response if it helps to at least amuse you.

One more thing If that doesn't help then type into the Youtubes the words:

Jackie Chan adventures, watch episode one season one it'll make you smile lots.


Fruanc J.H.
AAcid 2 years ago 0
Interesting. Why do I feel that Danny will be encountering a few new changes soon.
kaleemmcintyre 2 years ago 0
Just wait until puberty kicks in! XD