19 Nov 2011

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Posted 19 Nov 2011 11:11
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Last of the Time Lords

Just little theme song I came up with as I was imagining a scene where The Doctor is powering up his TARDIS to leave his home for the last time. It's nothing special, but I hope people enjoy it somewhat. :3

Pascal Grey 2 years ago 0
Nothing special? This was so cool! Love Doctor Who, I got really emotional during the End of Time, so sad. You really captured the epicness of Doctor Who, I might have to everything this one. I've made everything a verb. It means to vote, favorite, and comment all at once x3

I also listened to Tunneling, that was really cool, for some reason it kind of reminded me of The Fast and The Furious...anyway, awesome music! x]
novastar 2 years ago 0
Thanks so much Cal!

Everybody likes you, they told me so.
Caryas 2 years ago 0
Seriously. This fits Doctor Who so well. This is rivaling I Am The Doctor in epicness.
novastar 2 years ago 0
That's much too generous icon_redface.gif Thank you though!
Tooth Less 2 years ago 0
...suddenly,i felt want to do something crazy because the music was so good
Tooth Less 2 years ago 0
think again,it better than good,(godly)
novastar 2 years ago 0
Thank you so much! (fyi nova <3 Night Fury dragons. so cute and fierce at same time!!)
Tooth Less 2 years ago 0
thanks.actually,i have 3 avatar so i dont know what avatar you have seen.1 angry,1 cute,1 excite
HuskyAlex 2 years ago 0
Reminds me of game of thrones but its still awesome! I love Dr who! ^.^ christmas special looks pretty cool too :)

Note to self..
1)Novastar is an awesome author!
2)Novastar is an awesome musician/composer!
3)Novastar likes dr who so he is automatically awesome!
4)Novastar needs to post another story... Naow! Cos the are awesome!
5)Did i mention Novastar is awesome? :3
novastar 2 years ago 0
alright Alex, you've done it now. I'm just going to have to stalk you. hiding in nearby bushes, dreaming of caressing your face, sneaking in your house and watching you sleep only inches away....all of it. that's what happens to people who give me such good compliments!

thaaaannk yoouuu so much!! any of my awesomeness is two fold in you!
Tooth Less 2 years ago 0
i can't believe i hear this for 5 times each day...
i must be hypnotized by this song.
who am i?(just kidding)
still love sad,so heroic,it like time to execute a hero.
he's only has 5mins to live.
SLASHHH.dead in honor.RIP my hero
now it's really sad!
novastar 2 years ago 0
thanks! don't be slashin ' people!