20 Nov 2011

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Posted 20 Nov 2011 02:58
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Fall of Arcadia

A few people seemed to like my Doctor inspired tunes. So here's one more. Mainly cellos and drums in this one.

Pascal Grey 2 years ago 0
Yet another amazing piece of music Nova, really action packed :3

I keep forgetting whether the fall of Arcadia actually happened or not because they continuously mention it lol. Oh yeah, there's a trailer for the christmas episode, it looks...ok, I mean, it definitely looks better than the one last year because that was pretty bad.
novastar 2 years ago 0
sweet! I'm not a huge fan of the Christmas specials, but they're good every once in awhile. I've got one more Doctor song to upload, I hope you enjoy that one as well. I made it after watching the "waters of Mars" episode (one of my all time favorite episodes)