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20 Nov 2011

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Posted 20 Nov 2011 21:11
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Closet Love Chapter 4

#5 of Closet Love

I know it took me longer than expected but here's chapter 4 of my series. I know there will be errors and such on here due to how fast i was trying to type this up before my parents got home, but dont let that keep you from reading it.


I slept peacefully that night. For the first time in a year, I didn't have that nightmare. I felt so safe in Tyler's arms. 'Do I love him?' I thought. I had woken up before Tyler did and I was just laying there in his bed, in his arms, thinking.

Tyler moved closer suddenly and I could feel something. His member was fully erect and rubbing against my ass. I was a little scared about this so I got out of bed. Tyler was woken by my action.

"Mph, is something wrong?" he yawned.

"u-ugh, no, no I just had to get up and stretch."

My answer didn't seem to satisfy him because he looked down and instantly knew why I had gotten up. His face was full of sorrow.

"I-I'm sorry." he said.

Walking over and sitting on his bed, I put my paw on his.
"It's fine, I was just...startled; I've never slept in the same bed with another guy before."

"What have you done with a guy?" he asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"Well I've been you last night," I gave him a wink, "and we slept in the same bed last night with your arms around me."

"That's it?!"


The wolf was happy that I had experienced two of my firsts with him.

"So ugh...mind helping me?"

"With what?" I asked.

"You know..." he said looking down at his comforter.


"Come on. Please?" he said giving me puppy dog eyes.

"N-No...I'm not ready for any of that."

"But you love me don't you?"
My eyes were wide open upon hearing this.

"You-You were awake?"

His one of a kind smile turned evil.

"Of course, so how about it?"


"NO?! Now you listen to me you little bitch! You're gonna suck my cock or it's gonna go some place else."

'What happened to that sweet and kind wolf I seen in English?' I thought.

"If you're wondering 'What the fuck?!' well I guess I'll have to explain it to you."

He grabbed my arm and flopped me onto his bed. His body on top of mine, pinning me to the bed. I struggled but couldn't break free.

"I haven't had a good fuck in a while. Yeah, I'm gay and yeah Billy knows, everyone knows, and their cool with it; they just hate little girly fags like you."

'Is this really happening?'

He continued, "Everything I said to you was a lie, the past two days were all an act, to get into your pants. I had planned to just toss you aside after I was done using you but you're just a stubborn pussy."

He grabs my crotch and squeezes hard, I yip and shriek with the pain. His one paw around my wrists held me still while his other was ripping off my boxers.

"I guess I'll just have to take what I want then."

His free paw reaches for a bed side table and pulls out some rope. I struggle even more now, knowing what he was planning to do.

"God! If you had just completely fallen for me, I wouldn't have to do it this way!"

With one punch, he knocks me out cold.


I don't know how much time had gone by but when I woke the taste of blood was in my mouth. Wanting to move but unable to, I opened my eyes. My arms were tied to the head of the bed posts, and my snout had a muzzle attached to it.

"Well that didn't take long, you're just in time for the show." the wolf's once gentle voice now turned sinister said.

"Mmmph" I couldn't speak.

"Shhh, It's ok. I'm gonna take good care of you for you're first time."

The wolf was completely naked now, stroking his tiny member. His knot was already starting to appear.

"Now," he said, "let's just see how tight you are, hmm?"

The wolf liked two fingers and rubbed around my tail hole. I started to kick and managed to kick Tyler right in the jaw. He growled and pulled a knife from behind and put it to my throat. The cold metal of the blade was clearly felt on my skin.

"Do that again, I dare you; but it won't be your throat I cut." He moved the blade down to my sheath.

"I'll just end up fixing the mistake God made; give you a nice new pussy for me to fuck."

He set the blade down. I didn't try to move, I knew this was going to happen, no doubt about it. With ought hesitations, the wolf shoved his six inch member inside me. I whimpered at the sudden force. Tyler didn't waste any time, he didn't slow down but slowly increased his speed.

Tears fell from my eyes the whole time. 'I'm getting raped!' was all I could think about. It too the wolf what felt like an hour before giving one last shove into me, his knot finally penetrating past my hole.

Tyler climaxed with a howl. I felt his large toxic load fill me. I felt like I was going to drown with how much seed he spilled into me.

"God you're so tight." He pulled out of me, "Well, you were tight." he said with a laugh. His sperm gushed out of my tail hole.

"Well, now that I've taken care of that pesky cherry for you, I'm gonna go get a shower; then I'll be back for round two."

He got out of bed and padded over to the door.

"It's gonna be a long weekend, so don't go anywhere." he laughed evilly, closing the door behind him.
The stench of his musk stayed in the room after Tyler had left. Never could I have imagined that someone so beautiful could really be so cruel and vile.

My ass has never been in so much pain. I've played with it before but only with one of my fingers. Tears were still pouring out of my eyes.

'Why?! What did I do to deserve this?' I cried for several minutes; and then it dawned on me.

'He's not gonna let me leave...I need to get our of here.'

I look around the room to see if I could use anything within reach.

'The knife! He left the knife!'

I used my right leg to reach over and I managed to wrap my toes around the blade. I brought it to the bed and laid it between my legs.

I'm a very flexible fox, I sued to do gymnastics when I was younger but I stopped when I was about ten; I amazed myself that I was still so flexible.

Putting the knife's handle between my feet, I lift my legs up to my right arm. I cut the rope with ease. After freeing my right arm, I take the knife and free my left.

Upon freeing both arms, I remove the muzzle and throw up on the side of the bed. I felt so sick.

"Pull it together Xander!" I say to myself. "I need to get out of here before he comes back."

I run to the door and try it, "locked." My next chance was the window. I quickly ran the it and luckily it opened "YES!" I grabbed my cloths and threw them on. It wasn't that far of a jump, and there were thick bushes below.

The sun was halfway in the sky, 'It's about noon' I think. I look back one more time. I laughed when I looked over on the floor by the bed. Tyler's clothes were in a pile on the floor, my puke covering them.

Without thinking any further I jumped, landing softly in the bushes below. I manage Ned to untangle myself and get the the grass below. Right as my paws touched the grass I heard Tyler howl in anger. "BITCH!!! Get the FUCK back here!" he bellowed form the window.

As soon as we made eye contact, Tyler rushed away form the window, going down the flight of stairs. I broke into an all out sprint for the neighbor's house. Tyler came bursting out the front door of his house.

I could now see his house clearly in the day light. It was a white, three story house. The lawn was well kept and the grass must have been watered daily. Just looking at it, you would not expect a crazy, psychopath to live there.

I had made it onto the porch of his next door neighbor.  It was a light brown house, two stories and built wide. I pounded on the door, hoping someone was home. Tyler was getting closer and closer, running on all fours.

"Xander?" I heard the voice boom.

I turn to face Ben.

"Help ME!" I cried pointing towards Tyler, who was about ten yards away. Without question, the giant muscled bull pushed me inside. Tyler leapt into the air at Ben. *BAM* Ben's fist made contact with the psycho wolf, knocking him back clear off the porch; unconscious.

I fell to the ground and began to cry. 'It's over.' I think. Ben grabs some handcuffs his dad had lying around, and cuffed the wolf. He dialed 9-1-1 and explained as much of the situation as he could.

"The police and ambulance will be here soon." he said. "Xander? What happened?"

I managed to answer between sobs. "He...He...r-r-raped...m-m-me."

With those three words, the flood gates opened up. My tears fell more than they ever4 have before. Ben stood there, shocked.

Ben used to be my best friend. I had heard he moved but I didn't know where until now. Ben was the firs person I had ever come out to. It was after his football game two years ago. The team had just won the championship and were celebrating at someone's house. We were sitting by the pool when I told him that I had something important to tell him. We moved away from the party and gone out into the field to talk in private.

"So what's up?" he asked.

"I've been wanting to tell you something for a while now Ben. I just don't know how to say it, or even how you'll react."

"Xander, you can tell me anything. Just come straight out and-"

"I'm gay." I couldn't hold it back any longer. Ben stood there like he is now; shocked.

"Ben...say something, please?

"I-I should go."


"Xander, just go home."

"But Ben-"

"Just go Xander, you shouldn't have told me...we can't be friends anymore."


"I said go damn it!" I won't tell your secret...but we can't be friends. Now GO!"

I cried my eyes out that night.

The cops arrived within no time. They took my statement and Ben's and I was taken to the hospital for examination.

'Thank you.' I mouthed to Ben through the ambulance's tiny window. At the hospital, several pictures were taken of me. Pictures of my bruises, my black eye, ass. The doctors there took swabs of the inside of my ass of DNA testing, to confirm my allegations.

'Should have used a condom you stupid wolf.' I thought.

Blood was drawn and tested to STD's; the tests came back negative but I would have to come back a week or so later to get tested again.

Donna was the first one to burst through the door, followed by Richard.

"Xander!!! Oh baby!"

"I'm so sorry." I said.

"For what? It's not your fault, none of this is your fault." she cried.

"They get the guy who did this to you son?" asked Richard.

"Yeah, they did."

"Well who was it?" he asked.

"Tyler Rose."

The room I was in was small, beige colored walls, a brown strip in the middle going al the way around the room. Sounds of heart monitors and nurses running everywhere could be heard.

I told Donna and Richard everything I experienced. The shock on their faces grew with each word I spoke. After I finished telling my trip to hell, Richard was abo9ut to say something extremely obscene but the doctor came in.

He was a very handsome horse. HE was tall with dark brown fur, a black mane, and silver eyes. From looking at him you would have guessed him to be around 20, but he was definitely older.

"Alright Mr. Thorne, if you feel up to it you can sign yourself out and you're fee to go."

"Thanks doc. I can't wait to just go home."

"well here you go," he handed me a clipboard with release papers, "just fill these out and turn these in to the nurse."


The doctor started to walk out, "Oh," he said and turned around, "almost forgot, someone dropped this off for you."

The doctor handed me an envelope with my name written in astonishing calligraphy.

"Thanks again." I told him.

He smiled back and then proceeded to hoof out of the room.

'A letter? From who?'

I didn't want to open it just yet, fearing my tiny hands would somehow rip the envelope, ruining the beautiful calligraphy in which my name was written in.

"Well Xander lets go," Richard said, "Donna has dinner ready at home."

"Sure do, chicken alfredo, your favorite."

The words Chicken Alfredo brought my mind back into reality. It's true I love chicken alfredo, it's always been my favorite. I only hope I can put all this behind me.

The drive home was longer than I had hoped. Even though it tried not to...I couldn't help it; I thought about this morning. It all seemed so long ago. I could feel the depression start to take over.

The doctors had warned me, Richard, and Donna that I would more than likely be feeling depressed. Even though I didn't believe him then, I most certainly did now.

I didn't eat much of the alfredo. Donna and Richard understood that I was feeling down and said that if I wanted I could go to be. I agreed that it would be for the best. Scrapping the plates and taking out the trash, I moved slow; trying to do everything and anything as slow as possible to prolong the thoughts of my rape.

When the garbage was finally out, I padded my way back inside and up the stairs to my adequate sized room. My cloths didn't come off this night. As much as I liked sleeping in my boxers, I just felt weird with them off and probably would for a long time.

I grabbed a fur brush off my dresser, sat down on my bed and started to brush my tail. I brushed it more than a million times before noticing a dry white patch. It was dried cum.

The rape of this morning flashed into my head and I instantly dropped my brush. My body was so cold. I grabbed the nearest towel and ran into my adjacent bathroom. I grabbed the fur trimmer and started to trim away layers of my tail fur. When I was finished my tail was about half as busy as it was before.

I began to cry. Tears falling from my eyes to the bathroom floor. I turned the shower on and stepped in. The water quickly grew warmer and I sat on the floor of the shower, my arms wrapped around my legs.

'I have never felt that kind of pain before. NEVER. To think...someone like that...and, he took' I couldn't continue to think, I just wept in my small shower, hot water running from my head fur to my still fully clothed body. I didn't care that my clothes were getting wt, I just felt so cold...alone.

'What have I done to deserve this?'

I sat on the floor of the shower until the water ran cold. I slowly got up and turned the icy water off. I shed my soaked cloths and pad out of the bathroom stark naked, my sheath feeling a sharp burst of cold air when I opened my bathroom door.

I throw on a pair of blue boxers, black lounging pants, and a gray sweatshirt on. I lay in my bed, the ceiling fan on full blast. It was so cold but I didn't care anymore. Without any reason for me to think about it, I remembered the envelope with the calligraphy the doctor had given me.

Looking around for it, I find it set on my dresser. Slowly I opened it, careful not to destroy my hand written name. I could tell there was something hard inside. When it was opened I saw a CD case, a CD inside with the words 'Play Me' written in the same beautiful handwriting as the envelope.

I pad over to my computer and place the disk inside. As my computer loaded the disk I pull out the most beautiful piece of jewelry. It was a necklace. A simple black string that adjusted to the size you wanted, attached at the end was a piece of silver. The silver was circular, almost like a dog tag. In the middle was an engraved heart, surrounded by many squiggled lines; they almost looked like vines.

By the time I looked up the CD had already loaded and was just starting to play.

"Dear Xander," A booming voice sad. The music to the song On My Mind by Cody Simpson was playing while the mysterious voice spoke. Words appeared on the screen as the voice read along.

"You have been through a lot. I never planned to tell you this but, I'm in love with you. I have been in love with you since even before you told me you were gay. I should never have acted the way I did that day. I was so confused back then, I didn't want to be gay; but I am. Every day, I watch you in the halls. I see you getting beaten and bullied and I know I should help but I'm so scared of what people will think. Nobody knows I'm gay, except you; now. I wish I could have told you all this in person but I wasn't sure how you would act. I dream about you. I dream about us on a beach somewhere laying in the sand, your beautiful head laying on my chest. Xander, I can't tell you how sorry I am, of everything. I cant tell you how much I truly am in love with you."

When the voice stopped, pictures appeared; of me. The pictures were of when I was younger, some with friends, some just by myself. Tears filled my eyes again for the millionth time this week.

"Xander, please don't cry." said the voice.

'How did he know I was going to cry?'

"In the envelope, there's a necklace. It symbolizes my hidden love for you, the vines keeping my heart hidden, disallowing it form growing any bigger. I hope you will wear this Xander, I hope you like it. I love you. If you want to meet with me, wear that necklace to school tomorrow and I will come to you. Sleep well my love. XOXOXO"

The voice stopped but the pictures of my childhood kept appearing and disappearing until the song finally ended. I didn't think much after it had stopped. I took the necklace and jumped into bed.

Under the warmth of my comforter I fondled the necklace around my neck.

"I think I know who you are mysterious voice...I could be wrong...but I think I know who you are." On that final note, the tears stopped flowing as I drifted off to sleep; unaware of the nightmares I was about to endure.


Hope you enjoyed it. Dont hate me for what i did to poor Xander.

DireBlackWings 2 years ago 0
wow, nice twist.
Ciel Kliendell 2 years ago 0
Thanks I worked hard on it. And btw I'm in love with ur pic
NoraKokata 2 years ago 0
I still hate you for the twist xD
Hahahaa. BUUUT! I still like how its turning out :3 And I'm excited about this whole Ben thing xD
The only thing I have to say about this chapter is that you kinda rushed through all the details. The story is good, but I think you should take a little bit more time with each event in the story. :3
Can't wait for the next chapter!!!!
dolphin_dreamer 2 years ago 0
Sky_Fox 2 years ago 0
Wow never expected that lol i thought it was a dream he was having and when i reached the end it was like "ok that really happend" lol anyways Loved the chapter ^^
can't wait to read the next chapter :D
Adnihilo 2 years ago 0
... what?

Poor Xander, he opened up his heart, and Tyler tore it apart.
Good job on making the chapter so emotional, but I came here expecting a feel good teen romance story, so yeah... kind of a shock.
Spent the entire time hoping he would just wake up.

Well, onto this new business of Ben! I must learn more about him. The anticipation has manifested itself physically, and is now leaning on my shoulder, distracting me from studying.
[dear god those eyes, why must it stare?]

Also, Tyler Rose? Xander Thorne? What's going on here?
sluttyfox58 2 years ago 0
Wow, that was quite a twist. I never knew Tyler would be the kind of guy to do something like that. I don't hate you though. I've met some people who start out nice and later becomes a dick in real life. Sometimes it's the other way around. They start out being an asshole towards me but later becomes a friend (and sometimes more than that).
As for the story, it was okay. I'm not much of a critique but, some parts were a little rushed. But overall, it was nice.
Furriesrule 2 years ago 0
Furriesrule 2 years ago 0
RaveWolf 2 years ago 0
Not bad... Although in my dissociated state my judgment is probably off. Anyhow, keep it up yo.
Siwo 2 years ago 0
Pleez, could you continue with this story?
geneseepaws 2 years ago 0
Well, no, not for the twist, I am very upset that he's calming down for the first person to do the same thing the wolf did. Today someone says they're cool with him being gay, and now he's about to go through the same thing. Only he doesn't know if it will be better or worse, shouldn't he be suspicious?
husger 2 years ago 0
great story. Hope to see more of it and also hoping for better days for xander.
StormTierSkywolf 1 year ago 0
will their be more o.o please let their be more ><
Ciel Kliendell 1 year ago 0
Nope sorry this series was discontinued. If you want to read more of my work then try Demon Choir! I thought of stopping this new one but people have told me not to, so I'm continuing for now.
StormTierSkywolf 1 year ago 0
awww. rip off >< at least your still doing Demon Choir. dont stop with that one >< its to epic o.o