20 Nov 2011

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Posted 20 Nov 2011 21:39
Last edited 20 Nov 2011 21:41
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Shower time

Another thing she does every day. Taking a shower. This kitten certainly likes water. She's very fond of personal hygiene. And besides, who doesn't wanna stare at a lady taking a shower?=3 I get the feeling this is some kind of voyeur pic or something. XP This one was really difficult to do. Still trying to get anatomy to more realistic proportions and i gotta say that this one turned out quite nicely. I'm not gonna lie so I might as well say it: I love how her tush came out. X3 Doing the wet effects was difficult and still not satisfied about it but I'm overall pleased with this pic. Guess I'll have to make more of these kind of pictures to get the hang of wet effects, I suppose... X3 Anyway, hope you like it. =3

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Sorin 2 years ago 0
General pose is beautiful, and I have to agree that her rump is outright sexy. But the water effect makes her body look like it's made of latex. There needs to be some fur texture. Still a beautiful job, though.
MrGimp21 2 years ago 0
Thanks! Doing the wet effects is really difficult. I just can't seem to find any photoshop tutorials on how they make those wet effects. It looked good as it was in progress but you're right, her body does like latex or something. I need to keep this one in mind if she's ever gonna wear some latex dominatrix outfit. I can imagine her dressed in one... XP

Anyway, thanks for the input, much appreciated! =3
Gray Muzzle 2 years ago 0
That is one exotic looking shower! If I meet a girl with that elaborate a shower......I'd assume she REALLY likes showers. Very nice pics, enjoyed the water effects, as well as the 'chheky' view of Ceylan. Another stellar effort.
MrGimp21 2 years ago 0
These kind of showers are actually very common over here, dunno if it's the same in other countries though. They're called rain showers and well, they're truly are amazing... XP And well, you know me, I always draw her in some sort of a cheeky view, even when its not my intention... XP

Thanks for the feedback again, Gray, much appreciated! =3
Gray Muzzle 2 years ago 0
I've wanted one for AGES, but wife wife won't give up the hand held one. She sure seems attatched to it.......
deathwalker54 2 years ago 0
I can help wash her back and more :)
MrGimp21 2 years ago 0
Hehehe, cheeky... ;)
deathwalker54 2 years ago 0
Well she will be worth it
martian55 2 years ago 0
That's one wild shower. love the over all picture. She's gorgeous, very hot, and very sexy.
5/5 & faved
PS: Makes me want to sneak in and grab her ass, Yes I know she would most likely kill me for doing it. Note: I would never really do such a thing.(At lease I don't think I would.)
MrGimp21 2 years ago 0
Thanks! You can grab her ass but survival is not guaranteed... >_>
martian55 2 years ago 0
Your welcome. Yeah that's what I thought. She would rip me apart.
Dasher Cheetah 2 years ago 0
Tigers do love water and I have to say it, who doesn't love a wet pussy? (sorry, couldn't resist) Very shapely and sexy.
ArcticWolf451 2 years ago 0
I knew a gay guy who had a fear of vag-jayjays. Altho he ended up pulling a 180 and now can't get enough of it, so I guess everyone still does. :3
Dasher Cheetah 2 years ago 0
*nods* Same here. Being Bi, I tend to go by the,'If it feels good and all agree, then why not? icon_biggrin.gif
MrGimp21 2 years ago 0
Thanks dude! I guess everyone loves a wet pussy... XP
BOSSman1969 2 years ago 0
Very sexy
MrGimp21 2 years ago 0
Thanks! =3
Arnold The Wolf 2 years ago 0
ArcticWolf451 2 years ago 0
Nope, Chuck Testa. :3
Arnold The Wolf 2 years ago 0
On her, dude.
MrGimp21 2 years ago 0
Lol... XP