27 Nov 2011

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Posted 27 Nov 2011 23:51
Last edited 27 Nov 2011 23:52
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Some Kind of Pun Involving the Word 'Moon'

Is this my fifth or sixth, I don't know... I'm disappointed at how much I fucked up with this one. Before, I was doing the linework by putting the vectors in manually with GIMP, but I used SAI and a cheap-as-free pen tablet to do the lines on this one. I enjoyed it, but I still wish I'd done a better job of it. Never drawn a pose from behind, either, but I can't blame anything except my own incompetence. Still,'s better than the last one. A little better. The next one will be a little better than this. Maybe one day, I'll make a picture that's good enough. The crude, childish background was made in a program called ArtRage (it came free in a box of cornflakes or something), which is actually a ton of fun to use, even though I suck at it so goddamn hard. Arse biscuits.

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TrueSero 2 years ago 0
*hugs tightly and gives you a lick on the nose* I think its great sweety <3~ I think that you are getting better all the time and will be a great artist one day <3~ *licks your nose* draggie approves ;3 <3
laserslutboy 2 weeks ago 0
cute butt and nice scenery