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Kids on the Brain part 2

#13 of tigers on the brain

Next installment, Wes and Blake are not mine, they belong to Komatose, my characters are Gale, Drago, Jesse, and the twins who's names I will reveal in this part. On to the story.......



   I can't believe this; I'm going to be the father of twins. Words cannot explain the joy I'm feeling right now. I can tell this is very emotional for everyone. Well, Drago and I stayed in the hospital for 3 more days for the doctors can make sure the twins are health. In those days, Drago and I were debating on what to name them. So we decided to split the name Andréa in half, the dragon twin would be called Andy, and the tiger would be called Drey. After they released us from the hospital, we went straight to our house. The doctor also said that having two kids in one egg was the rarest thing that can happen on earth. So he will be making house calls for the next year, once a month. He also said that they might show some oddities, and if they do I should tell him right away 'hmm, wonder what it can be'. When we got home Drago immediately put them in the pen that dad made, no thanks to daddy since he accidently broke the last two, enfaces on accidently. The thing is he got so pissed off at the pen since he said it's so confusing, he even threw one out the window. I know it was because he was stress but oh well. When Drago put them down he told me to take care of them while he reads the parenting book again, for the 13thtime. Luckily I burned that book the last time we had a BBQ. Since Christmas passed, we got a bunch of stuff from our friends to the baby and Jesse. No lie, whatever Jesse ask for she gets it, this year she asked for a diamonds and she found a softball sized diamond in the cliff near the house. I don't know how she does it but just wow.

   "Gale, have you seen my book, I thought I left it in our room but I can't find." Drago said from our room. The babies pen is in a different room of the house.

   "No Idea babe, but don't worry you'll be fine." Hope he doesn't buy another one.

   "Oh crap, Dreeey, why do you have to do that now. Maybe I can get Drago to change his diaper..... Oh Drago."


   "Man, why do I have to change the diaper. This is so disgusting, I don't get why girls love kids so much." And as soon as I was done, Drey gave me a big smile.

   "Oh, that's why." I said chuckling to myself.


   I just can't believe how cute the twins are. Both are pudgy like all babies, Drey is black with white tribal strips, white hair with a bit of black on the right side of his face. Andy has paper white fur all over, two stubs on his head, two tiny wings on his back, and is always looking around. I think this was a problem, Drago has no wings and can't fly. We will have to pay someone for flying lessons. So two days past and now its Monday. This week Blake and Wes went on their honeymoon, so they won't be back in till next week. Jessie is staying at her friend's house for the week since we have to take care of the baby and bring them to school. Yeah I said it, we got to bring them with us, I don't trust nannies. It's Monday morning and as usual I get up first to make the breakfast for Drago and I. though the past two days, Drago has been acting strange. Not like out of it, but he's been acting fidgety and he's been working much later than usual at his job in the gym, he's a trainer or a training dummy. I got to ask him what's wrong later. 

   After I finished breakfast, and ate mine, I went to go get Drago, who like always, never want to get up in the morning .

   "Drago, wake up, breakfast is done."

   "Makdjfbh." He replied

   "Wake up or no breakfast."

   "5 more minutes." He replied still asleep. So you don't wanna get up, well I got my ways to for force you up. I started to climb the dresser we had next to the bed. And in a whisper I said....

   "Looks like gale is getting ready for his signature move." I jumped off the dresser and nailed Drago with a body slam. And screamed. "And the crowd goes wild."

   "Aww, get the off of me, that hurts."

   "Well next time wake up when I tell you to."

   "Ok Ok, I'm up, can you get off of me now."

   "Whatever, get ready fast cause like always were going to be late if you don't hurry, I'll get Drey and Andy ready too."

   "Yeah yeah yeah." He replied and received a pillow in his face.

   Since this is Drey and Andy's first day at school, I should dress them up to make them look cute. I decided to dress Drey with a plain white shirt with overalls and Andy with a black shirt, light blue sweater vest and some baby jeans. I though both looked adorable (try to imagine if I didn't describe the clothes well).

   After I got them dressed, I brought them downstairs to feed them before we left. The Doctor said they can eat baby mush, or mashed fruits since they have stubby baby teeth already. I gave them some homemade apple sauce with a bit of cinnamon; they really love that stuff.

   While I was feeding them, Drago came in with a pair of jeans and a really tight purple shirt. I really love it when he wears clothes like that. He came in, sat down and started to eat his food.

   "Umm Gale, after school I want to ask you something k, your parents called me saying they will be back before we leave school so we can leave the kids with them, k."

   "K, but why are my parents coming back, it hasn't been a week yet, only two days."

   "They said something about a plan." He said. Hmm, that's weird.

   So we finished with breakfast and headed to school. Throughout the whole day almost everyone came up to us to see the Babies. Even the guys at school who I thought were the stereotypic jocks since they always stayed in their own group but to my surprise half were gay. After like halfway through the day, it started to get annoying for me, but for the kids, they just love all the attention.

   After the school ended, we went back to the house to find my parents already there. Wes was on the couch watching T.V but I didn't see Blake. Drago gave me both Drey and Andy and went to go get something before we leave.

   "Hey there dumpling, how yuh doing." Wes said as soon as I walked in.

   "Fine daddy but why did you come back so early." I replied.

   "We jus missed our grandson too much."

   "You expect me to believe that." I said squinting my eyes a bit.

   "Yeah, yuh don't think I love muh grandsons."

   "No not that, just unusual, whatever can you take care of you beloved grandson. Drago said he wanted to talk to me about something."

   "Sure, go ahead and leave them with Blake upstairs, I'll be up in a min." He finished going back to his program. I brought the kids to Blake, chatted with him for a bit then went to my room. I found Drago in his bright green Speedo I bought him when I walked into the room.

   "Hey, come on lets go to the secret cove." He said a bit nervous.

   "Ok, but what's going on here. Something is not right here."

   "I'll explain when we get there ok." He said grabbing a nap sack from the bed and heading out only in the Speedo. Ever since we started to live together, all of us started to just come and go in barely any clothes, except when we have guest over. I put on my blue Speedo and followed Drago to his car.

   On the way to the cove, Drago was getting more and more nervous. I hope his alright; I mean he even ran a red light, that's not like him anymore. We finally made it to the edge of the forest and started walking the rest of the way. The whole time Drago was shaking terribly. I kept thinking that something bad is going to happen or did happen to make fell this way.

   So we made it to the cove, and hanged out there in till it was night time. We were on the little island just looking up at the sky; it was just wonder full here at night. When its night time, the moon is right above the lake casting almost an angelic glow to the whole place.

   After a bit more of gazing, Drago started to talk.

   "You know Gale, this place is actually where we started our relationship and ever since then I was the happiest person in the world." He started.

   "Aww Drago..." I said but was interrupted.

   "Let me finish. You turned my miserable life into something that I cherish, nothing no one ever has done for me. And today I want to ask you something very important." He said getting up then knee on one knee and taking out a small black box from his nap sack.

   "Gale Hart....Will you marry me."


Srry if this feels rushed, I kind off was rushing a bit. Leave comments if you want.

Jango Steel 2 years ago 0
SAY YES!!!!!!!!!
DireBlackWings 2 years ago 0
you'll find out next chapter
Sky_Fox 2 years ago 0
Yay next part finally :D i love it
hope he says yes *Crosses fingers!*
Ceron 2 years ago 0
>w< I always thought it be Gale that proposes. Just make him say yes! :D
DireBlackWings 2 years ago 0
true that Gale is the more dominate one when it comes to the relationship, but Drago is very grateful for Gale since he changed his life so i decided to let him ask the big question.
Phant Dragor 2 years ago 0
Nice writings. Can't wait for more.
DireBlackWings 2 years ago 0
thnkx for the comment and there will be more, but not now :p
Zeke Baltharez 1 year ago 0
That part is beautiful every time I read it Dragon you're such a sweetheart