28 Nov 2011

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Posted 28 Nov 2011 15:11
Last edited 28 Nov 2011 15:16
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A job that pays well

This picture is sort of a continuation of this first "Training session" artwork involving "DJ Darkfox" and "Reptile Cynrik":

It's been fun to work with such intense muscle anatomy again. The muscle anatomy may look huge in some parts, but that's the point about "Buff Art": the muscles are "overdrawn" but still orrect (well, it's possible to get even more BUFF - but that's not out way)!

As you can see, "Reptile" did a lot of training since the last meeting with his friend "DJ"!

By the way... this is as far as I'm willing to go with "Reptile's" muscle growth! ^^"
THIS here shows a point in time, when he just finished 1-2 hours of intense "pumping" and flexing.
YEAH! ENJOY - there's muscles for everyone (furry and scalie fans altogether)!!!

Drawing Media:
MEDION tablet and PHOTOSHOP 7.0

Working Time:
6 hours

Art by Patrick Reichel aka ReptileCynrik
"DJ Darkfox" original pencil art done by Tobias Richter
"DJ Darkfox" is © to Tobias Richter
"Reptile Cynrik" is © to Patrick Reichel

The original pencil by "DJ Darkfox" has been finished to an independent artwork, too. You can marvel at the masterpiece here:

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Daniel Harkness 2 years ago 0
very nice!
Shirochi Snowpaw 2 years ago 0
-drools- that fox is so hot, I just want to rub his muscles all over.
BlackwingDragon 2 years ago 0
I'd tackle Cyn and give his butt a nice intensive workout ;-P
Potter 2 years ago 0
Reptile looks like a real Argonian from TESV.
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
But he's much "older"...! ;-) Means I didn't know "TES" when I invented him.
Potter 2 years ago 0
I know, just the similarity is great about anatomy. Nice stuff i say
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
Lucky Lumian 2 years ago 0
Yay, seems like this piece also made it to sofurry too. :3

Nice to see you didn't fprget about the people at this site too. ^^

Even though I've already commented on it at FA, I guess I will say it again that it looks fantastic but the face on DJ darkfox looks a little mad as in crazy.

And yet again, I guess I'll ask you whether the chest plates on Reppy does add in mass when he grows stronger or do they stay the same?
Sorry for akward questions. ;3
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
Yeah, it always takes some time... but here it is! ^^

I do this mostly for a handful of people... including you! ;-)
Getting to think about it... there're only 3 or 4 people missing right now and everyone I know quite well has commented this work! ^^"
BUT I do appreciate all the comments.

The horn plates on his chest do grow, as well - but that comes with age. He cannot "train" these, nope. But there're muscles underneath the plates he can train. ^^

DJGoo 2 years ago 0
I'm here! Hi!! *waves*

Has Mr. Darkfox always been that tall? 0_0

Wonderful anatomy, BUT(!) did you ever try going into detail with the muscles in Reppy's tail? I just had a thought that that would be quite interesting.

Thanks for posting here!!! ^__^
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
YEPP, nice to see you here! ^__^ Hello! *waves back*

Well, yeah... "DJ" has always been taller than "Reptile". ^^"
And hmmm... you're suggesting that "Reptile" would train (!) his tail, too?? :-) Hm, interesting. Worth a thought.
Thanks for the comment!
DJGoo 2 years ago 0
Yesss! As always :)
Schazmen 2 years ago 0
Yeah, personally, I wouldn't really want to see him with huge muscles. It just wouldn't look right on him, if you ask me.

On a similar note, however, this looks good. Nice work on their expressions. The veins were also a nice touch.
SwiftWindSpirit 2 years ago 0
Nobody does muscles like you do Rep. DJ ought to be giving you royalties for what he does thanks to you :)
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
^__^ Well, thanks very much!
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago 0
Ow, but "DJ" was drawn by his owner, I only finished the pencil!!!! ;-)
SwiftWindSpirit 2 years ago 0
Oh I see, now he's learning from the teacher.. Have you been feeding him magic red apples again ;)
Bear-Paws 2 years ago 0
Reptile evokes in me a very primal urge! ;)