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30 Nov 2011

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Posted 30 Nov 2011 05:20
Last edited 30 Nov 2011 05:30
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Icon commission by LDR NOT MY ART!!!! This master piece of an icon belongs to the ever so talented artist LDR. See the tongue? Good at licking cock and pussy. Interested in being friend? READ MY PROFILE!!! Anyway I recommend LDR for your commissions. I sent the payment and he had a sketch well with in 5 hours. Now everyone knows what I look like! Hah! By the way leave a comment it you believe I should change my eyes to purple splicing. Ok? I love the purple eye shadow. That was his doing with a single word from me. The point of her style was for her to look like one of those sexy bitches you see in movies. The ones that make being on the bad guys team so hot! Hehehehehe. P.S. If this upload shows up in your group that has nothing to do with what the group is about then I apologize but I am merely getting myself out there so people can meet me and I can make friends. If that bothers you then either talk to me calmly via PM or suck it up and take it like an adult. I am not just after sex. I like meeting new people even if he is a full blown gay man with no interest in females. That doesn't mean we can't be friends right? Also since this is not my art I am doing the artist a favor and getting his image and work out there so he can make more money.

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Talon NightWhisper 2 years ago 0
......There are SOOOOO many things that thing can do........

As for the eyes: I like them the way they are but I am curious as to what they would look like if you changed them....Either way Momma knows best hehehe
Oryonhunter 2 years ago 0
Heya kitty... ;D

Luv this icon! And I didn know yer tongue wuz that long!

Hope yer doin well. Glad ta see yer still addin art ta yer profile. I really do like this new commish! Hope ta see ya soon!
Gothyk Industries 2 years ago 0
It resembles my icon a bit. Did you get your inspiration from me, may-chance? icon_biggrin.gif
Rasha the purple panther 2 years ago 0
You are right. I have no idea where you got your icon. If you knew I would have had that artist do it but LDR just turns me on so much that I had to give him another chance since my first commission by him was actually FREE!
Gothyk Industries 2 years ago 0

Sweetie... I did the icon. xD Sketch, lines, colors, and shading all via yours truely. ^^
Rasha the purple panther 2 years ago 0
You could have said so and I would have paid you to do a commission.
Gothyk Industries 2 years ago 0
Yes, I could have said so. On the same token, you could have asked who did my icon as well. xP
Schazmen 2 years ago 0
You make one stunningly gorgeous pantheress, you know that? Oh, wait, of course you do...
Rasha the purple panther 2 years ago 0
You are such a flatterer
Rohen 2 years ago 0
Sigh to see one of my own kind displayed in such ebon glory, truly sends shivers of delight down my spine. Well done, Rash, most...delectable. ^ ^
Rasha the purple panther 2 years ago 0
Good to see a male panther
Rohen 2 years ago 0
Good to have such a warm greeting, miss