Kiyoshi Yamaru
27 Aug 2007

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Posted 27 Aug 2007 05:14
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My Friend Mike and Myself were playing with my Tablet together the other day and Came out with this, it's our First Pic to be shown on here but let us know what you all think for a First time.

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Kiyoshi Yamaru 6 years ago 0
well as it seems, theirs no real Feedback on the picture since it was a FIRST TIME frawing with a Tablet. either that or the people who have rated it just don't like it becuase it doesn't have Yiff, as I said we were asking for Feedback on things we could improve on and such for futer Pictures but it Must be a great drawing since noones actually thought of anything to give feedback on, but thanks to the Comunity!
Thames White 6 years ago 0
I think it's pretty cute. The headfur is a little wonky, but headfur is a pain for me to draw. ^^ I think you did a pretty good job for your first time with a tablet. ^^
Kiyoshi Yamaru 6 years ago 0
Thanks Much ^^ thats something I'll work a bit more on improving.