weird dragon
04 Dec 2011

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Posted 04 Dec 2011 22:39
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cloathing design ~ colored

my sona and cloathing design i did for here im doing some practice on it and i think i found her style that fits both me and her so enjoy

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cloathing design ~ colored|by weird dragon
Valentine Blackwell 2 years ago 0
Ooh, a cute draggy. Nice clothes to."winks" Bet you look better without them though ma'am.
weird dragon 2 years ago 0
icon_redface.gif oh? hehe thanks ^^
Darian The Neon Wolf 2 years ago 0
that looks rlly good and i'd say u look good with or without em ^^
weird dragon 2 years ago 0
<(O.//.O)> thankies hehe
Schazmen 2 years ago 0
Looking good, Milady. Lookin' veeeery good, indeed.
weird dragon 2 years ago 0
thank you