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04 Dec 2011

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Posted 04 Dec 2011 23:08
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This is my made up fur brother that is relayed to my sona his name is Quincy hes my older fur brother and heres a little info on him:

Name: Quincy

Age: 28

Sex: male

Species:dragon eastern and western blue flame hybrid (like hsi sister)

Sexauilty: straight

Markings: body color is cool grey, underbelly,horns, claws,frill,marking and inside wing color is a darker blue then mines eye color is yellow, wears a black and red tunic with blacksock like shoes with red jems on his belt and shoes wears two flat earings on his right ear and a tear on his lift alos he has a tear on his frilled tail as well his hair colr is grey with a natural black streak he also wears a gold plated ring on his right horn.

Personailty: can sometimes be stuborn and serious but hes also silly and loving, hes overly protective with his sister ( my sona) he loves to make collers,jewerly ect, he loves to hunt and eat fish he is very hugable and very shy when hes around girls he just freezes up when hes around a girl or when they approach him.

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EMUSS 2 years ago 0
hmmm, verry nice. love the other submissions to. verry well done.
weird dragon 2 years ago 0
thank i used the blue horn colored i got from you it fits perfectly on him
EMUSS 2 years ago 0
i noticed, if youd like me to come up with anything else just leme know.i may not know how to draw clothing be i can do fur and scale patterns decently.

ehh i think imma go mess around with the sewing kit and see what horrible abomination comes out.
weird dragon 2 years ago 0
i will ^^ when im done with school i take up that offer heheh and thanks again for the idea
EMUSS 2 years ago 0
hmmh for some reason SF is not notifying me of replys. blast
weird dragon 2 years ago 0
really dam that sucks