06 Dec 2011

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Posted 06 Dec 2011 21:34
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Comparison Meme

Thought it would be funny to do this little meme :D It is ^^

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(Artwork © thestory)

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Mohingan 2 years ago 0
You're hott! :3
Stormy 2 years ago 0
Nuuuuu x3 just a little :p
Tsila 2 years ago 0
very sweet and i love your room! even though that is a small part of it XD *wishes he could remember how to play the guitar but he hasn't played for like 7 years* XD
Stormy 2 years ago 0
I like this part of the room too :p Cause of the huge Slipknot flag behind ^^
Should play again sometime, it's so great =)
Sibirskiy 2 years ago 0
Where's your tail? :P
Stormy 2 years ago 0
Next pic of me i promise i'll wear it :p
Sibirskiy 2 years ago 0
Yeah! That would be awesome. Without the shirt and with a tail. Hawt! :)
Stormy 2 years ago 0
xP for the tail okay, for the shirt, not sure it'd be hot anymore :p
A Shady Salimander 2 years ago 0
Nice ESP man! Ive got an Epiphone SG G-400 in cherry X3 You and your fursona look so alike: manly yet sooooooooooooooooo- CUTE!! I love you both x3
Stormy 2 years ago 0
Ooh nice too, the guitarist in my band has this too, it's great :D I love this ESP it's a not very common one x3
And thanks x3 My sona looks sexier shirtless though :P
Mark Wilds 2 years ago 0
hehe very sexy and love it close comparison beter then me :(