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Chapter Four:New Guy

#2 of chapter

not my story, jango71's story, pm him if any comment you want to give. or comment me n i'll give it to him.


   I was sound asleep in my dreams but my stupid alarm ruin my beauty sleep. I had trouble finding it though it was right next to me but my eyes were shut still. I open my eyes and slam the clock it was, 6 am, that meant for me to go to school. I got up and got my thing to wear for today and rushed to the shower. I turned on the hot water and just stood there letting the water soak me and relax. It was great but I have to get ready so grabbed the soap and started to scrub. I stopped the water and grabbed a towel and stated to rub myself. Put on my underwear and grabbed my toothbrush and brushed my teeth, with that done I got out of the bathroom and went down stairs to the kitchen to find something to eat. When I got there I found a note that had my name on it so I grabbed it and read it.

   "Dear Jake do you mind if you make your sweet pancakes and OJ, again appreciate it, I'll be up at 7 thanks daddy" I looked at the clock and it was 6:15 why not?

   I got done making pancakes and oj for them and it was 6:45 I had ten minutes before the bus came so I went to the couch and watch the news. It was going to be in the 80 s today with no clouds in sight. I looked at the clock again and it was 6:54 CRAP! I quickly grabbed my shoes and tied them up got out of the house and went to the bus stop that was at the end of the street at the stop sign. There were a couple of furs there, a cheetah, a bear, an otter, and another wolf like me but with black fur. The bus came and I ran towards the bus and made it in time, and when I entered all of the furs were staring at me, made me kinda nervous but look for a seat and found an empty one on the end of the bus.

   The ride to school wasn't long; the school was 10 minutes away from my house; when we got there, everyone got out and went to their class. My first class was geometry, my favorite, when I enter the bell ranged and we all sat down in our seats my teacher, Mr.Howard a rhino was talking.

   "Good morning students, I hope you had a great week cause we have a quiz today..."

   Everyone just moaned and complained.  "Awwww"

   "But before we get to the quiz, I like to introduce someone, everyone meet Leonard ..."

   Once he said that a tiger came in the class room. He was a handsome tiger; he was build with muscle, was the same height as me, had beautiful green eyes and orange and black fur.

   "He's from California and came to New York for a better education, so Leonard tell us what you like to do"

   "K, I love playing soccer and I'm the best one of any person I play....." He started bragging about how good he was.

   "My team came in first place in the last state championship. So enough about me let's get to the quiz."

   Really? Did he really have to mention about that? The whole day people walked up to him and he would tell them the time he would do this to do that. It was getting really annoying.

   The last bell of the day ranged "finally" I said in my head. I got out of school walk to the soccer fields and got dress. Few minutes later more of the soccer team came and got dress. I really didn't know any of their names cause they never talk to me so I don't talk to them; minutes later...uuuhhh... Leonard came and got dress and again he introduced himself and told his story again for like the hundredth time. Soccer coach, Richardson a Dalmatian, told us to do some warm ups and a practice game. I was on one team and Leonard was on the other team. The game started, Leonard wasn't passing it to anyone on his team and he always lost the ball every time he try to pass me. He tried every move to pass me but nothing worked so finally I told him.

   "Hey Leonard, if you pass it to someone your team might actually beat us!" Everyone laugh which made him mad

   "Don't tell me what to do I can beat you anytime I want to." I was really mad when he said that.

   "That's it!! I had enough of this, I challenge you to a soccer game right here right now who ever get ten points wins the game!" "Deal!" he yelled

   "Don't get upset when I beat you!" Leonard said to not look bad then soccer team sat down at the bleacher and coach didn't care if we did this, he just stood there watching us."Ready Leonard?"

   "Yeah game on!" he said.

   "Hold on you get ball first" I replied.

   "Big mistake!"  He ran towards me with the ball, but before he could pass me I stool my foot out and hit the ball to the other side of him. I ran to the goal and shot, first goal. I looked at him and he was furious he was red from head to toe.

   "You got lucky!!!!!"

   I didn't care I don't talk during games I just focus on the ball. 16 minutes came by and it was 3-9 I was in the lead and he was pissed.

   "You got lucky all you do is pass me but you couldn't do it on your own, not even for your life!" Once he said that I was mad I wanted to hit him but instead I did my favorite move the rainbow. I ran towards him and as soon I was close enough, I put my right foot in front of the ball and left on the back, I grabbed the ball with the back of my right foot lifted it in the air. It went over my head and Leonard's and I ran around him, I ran to the ball and shoot goal game over. The soccer team yelled in amazement they all gathered around me while Leonard sat on the ground in tears.

   Although he deserved it but I felt bad for him so I walked towards him and put my paw for him to grabbed and said

   "Good game." He slapped my hand away and went to the locker room. We did the same we took a shower (I don't take showers with other men cause when I see them naked I get a major boner) and got dress and went home, I was on my way home but I saw Leonard on the other side of the road. So I came up to him

   "Hey sorry about earlier..."

   "Leave me alone" he said that with tears in his eyes.

   "Hey I said I'm sorry why are you so upset? Is there something wrong?"

   "No nothing is wrong mind your business and leave me alone!" I was thinking of way to make him feel better.

   "How about you came to my place and hang out a while I want to know more about you what do you say?"

   "Why on earth would I come to your house I barley know you!?" I said

   "Because I feel bad winning and making you lose so I want to make it up to." he was thinking for a moment and said

   "Fine... but don't get any ideas!! Got it!?!?!?"

   "K, but why would I do something to you?"

   "Never mind, let's go"

   It took us a while to get to my place and it turns out he lives not far from here. We made it to the house and got in, then all of a sudden my daddy came up to me and hugged me to death.

   "Howdy son! How was your day?" Jacob said.

   "Daddy put me down now"

   "Now why on earth would I put down the one I love the most down?"

   "Cause we have a guest, and you're hurting me!" He looked over me and saw Leonard putting me down forgetting he almost popped me.

   "Hi I'm Jacob, his father."


   His dad was a Rottweiler? Weird but I shook his Hand I told him my name

   "Umm hi I'm Leonard"

   "Daddy go to your bakery..." I wasn't listening to their conversation, I was thinking, he wanted his dad out of the house?

   "Ok, ok sheesh being kicked out of my own house" he said joking around.

   "So now you know my daddy." I couldn't help but asked

   "Why do you call him daddy?"

   "Cause I have two dads one is my dad and one is my daddy..." wait did he said he has two dads?

   "Hold on let me get this straight you have two dads? So I'm guessing your adopted?"

"Yep and yep. Enough about this... I have a few video game we can play I have the new MW3 if you wanna play?"


   It went on for an hour and he turned off the x-box360 and talked to me

   "Listen I want you be honest to me... why were you upset earlier today?" I paused and looked down at the coffee table.

   "Huh... I was upset earlier cause... my parents trained me since I was 4 they hit me every time I lose so I barely loss and its been 5 years since I loss, but now I loss and I have to tell them that I lost to you. They want me to be a pro soccer player so they can have all of the money. I wish sometimes that I never was born and should just end my life..." as soon I said that I way slapped hard in the face by Jake

   "Owe why did you slapped me!?!?!?"

   "Never ever EVER think like that, every life has meaning. So don't you ever say that about yourself ever again got it."

   All I did was nodded.

   "Good, ending your life won't change anything." Jake told me

   Minutes later a panther in an officer uniform came in and hug Jake but not as tight like the other

   "Hey, kiddo how was your day how is this?" he said.

   "School was great and this is my friend Leonard, he's a soccer player too."
   The panther reached out his hand towards me and said "Hi I'm Louis and it's nice to me you, I'm his father, by the way Jake where is your daddy?"

   "I told him to go to the bakery he'll be back in a minute."

   I was just etching them talk while I sat there and looked at the time. 6:50pm aww crap I better get going "Hey it's nice meeting you and your parents but I gotta get going my parents will be home real soon later."

   "Later hope we can do this again! He yelled while I ran out the door and started to run.


   It was nice having Leonard at the house to hang out with it was fun. Hope we can do that again. After that Jacob came in "Hi everyone I'm back...again.." as he said that he hugged both me and Louis and licked us. We both laugh and finally he put us down and I started dinner.

Jango Steel 2 years ago 0
It took and direblackwings a while but finally got it together
Silnis 2 years ago 0
I see something interesting going on here... :D
I'm liking it so far... ;D
guilmonsan 2 years ago 0
i would like to see more
Jango Steel 2 years ago 0
You will soon as I finsh making it
Phant Dragor 2 years ago 0
Great, minor grammer issues, but I don't care, otherwise awesome! Can't wait for next one!
Jango Steel 2 years ago 0
Glad people like it