07 Dec 2011

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Posted 07 Dec 2011 12:12
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"The most boring shit ever"

Just a little something my bf won from a contest.

And yes, I'm that much of a lightweight.

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BOSSman1969 2 years ago 0
I lMAO at *the most boring Sh!t ever* XD
Aehry_Wolf 2 years ago 1
XD Most boring shit ever, I'm sure watching pant dry is more boring XD 5/5 for sheer hilarity.
Scotia Bernard 2 years ago 0
5/5! Mostly because Steven Seagal HAS become the most boring shit ever. His ego is way too big for his talent, and he got fat.
Huskyteer 2 years ago 0
:) Sweet AND funny!
Vince Wolftiger 2 years ago 0
I feel bad for the husky still awake.
Amenophis 2 years ago 0
He won the drawing or the 99cent DVD? If it's the DVD, that is sad.
Simon Tracer 2 years ago 0
I just saw the touching moment and thought "aww, he's so lame, watching that for the sleeping one and all and he's not even awake. I pitty them both. I'd give em a disny movie.
carlos_penguin 2 years ago 0
Thankfully, I got stuck in this position ONLY twice with chick-flicks whilst wooing my wife >,<
JVanAnKat 2 years ago 0
I say the next picture should be of him pulling those pants down and taking care of business, regardless of sleeping or not!!! ;-)
Forrin 2 years ago 0
been there , done that! lol so true.
the roo 2 years ago 0
LMAO even in Machete Steven Seagal was stupid as hell.
silverback21 2 years ago 0
The husky should turn off the movie and start nuzzling his mate, saying "Okay movie's over, and now... your ass... is MINE."(pounce) ;3 Fair exchange for watching the movie don't you think? I actually like some of his movies but only those that predate 2004. Oh, and 4/5.
Spetsnaz_Sniper 1 year ago 0
Wouldnt be boring to me! Nice work! XD