09 Dec 2011

When dreams become reality
A good night Sleep with Tony ^_^Earning your Stripes....and looking GRRREEAAT!One of my most Prized Possessions...and I can share too ^_^

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Posted 09 Dec 2011 09:44
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A good night Sleep with Tony ^_^

#30 of When dreams become reality

Here's a commission I got from Thegreatmatsutzu ( featuring my human character getting a good night sleep with Tony the Tiger. I absolutely loved this pic and everyone should check out matsutzu's page, he is a GRRRRRREEAATTT artist! ;)

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novastar 2 years ago 0
Huge props to the artist. Heh, won't be able to see this tiger the same way again. I guess helping kids play sports all day has gotten him pretty ripped, lol.
netymmot 2 years ago 0
This picture is GRRRRREAT!
Roxan 2 years ago 0
ohhh toney o.O
Scotia Bernard 2 years ago 0
When he cums, does he go "THEY'RE GREEEEEAAAAAAAAATT"?
DreamGod 2 years ago 0
Looks great--Tony's face looks a little 'squished', though.
Forrin 2 years ago 0
all round , cool pic , well done!