10 Dec 2011

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Posted 10 Dec 2011 18:56
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Want great story commissions? Look No Further

Opening up commissions to help get some money for the holiday season.

I have Paypal, Alterpay, and also accept checks and money orders. Depending on what's being done I'll either ask for half, of the full amount, up front. I'm willing to negotiate on prices some, but not a lot. Remember, these commissions are going to pay for my bills.

Snippets are simple little quick pieces, usually paired with a picture. These are the cheapest and I will accept them in bulk. They're $5-15 dollars, and will be completed within 48 hours, each, of me starting them.
Example: (note, art is not mine)

Shorts are what you generally see me write. Stories around 5-10k words that have a basic plot and some sex, usually more sex. These will usually be done within two weeks of me starting.
Examples: $60 $45-50 $55-60

Longer stories are more plot driven and/or have far more sex in them. These can get more complex at times, so they will cost more and might take longer.
Example: $85 $95 $230