10 Dec 2011

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- F R 3 3 D 0 M -

#10 of Artworks

[F R 3 3 D 0 M] The Flying Fox that wasn't... ...because she's not really a Flying Fox, you pesky evil scientists!! But now she's free. =D Time to up-date my gallery like how it used to be. [--Updated Note--] Some of my friends somehow misinterpret the meaning of this artwork. It's kinda my fault, actually. I was being conservative in giving descriptions and in a hurry. I think now's the time to tell the whole story behind it, right? Grab a chair and have a sit! I'mma tellin' ya gais a storeh! Okay, she was an ordinary Fox minding her own business till she got into this messy situation. She was imprisoned in some hi-tech laboratory and being used as a Guinea Pig. She was forced to wear that robotic armor for testing its capabilities. You know what? They promised her a complete freedom after all the tests are done. But I guess the nice guys in white coats had their fingers crossed behind them. Those bastards. She could try to escape using her new-found abilities provided by the robotic armor, but I guess the guys already planned ahead... they planted her armor with an incurable venom that triggers whenever she tries to run away. She'll never see the light out of that damned facility ever again. She dreamed about one day she can be free again. End of story! So, what is Freedom, exactly? 0.3 - 0.4 Signpen and 0.5 Gelpen on 11 x 8.5 Printer Paper.

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Valentine Blackwell 2 years ago 0
I like it. 5 by 5!
MegasXLR 2 years ago 0
Funny, I always looks at trans-humanism as a means of freeing one self from biological limits.
SweetBlackPaws 1 year ago 0
How are you SO freakin' good at this? I mean the armor dropping bit. I've seen a few of these works by you and it continues to amaze me