19 Dec 2011

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Posted 19 Dec 2011 02:39
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Birthday With A Friend

"This feels strange," the lion said, shifting some in his seat by the table.

He was wearing overalls and a shirt, with a party hat pressing down on his mane, strapped under his chin. An adult-sized bib was tied around his neck, and the bulging around his waist and slight crinkle whenever he moved made it obvious he was wearing adult-sized diapers as well. On the table was a soft cream cake on which "Happy 1st Birthday" was written out, with a single lit candle in the middle.

"Is something wrong?" the fox asked with some concern, standing right beside the lion. He too was wearing a party hat, but otherwise appeared dressed as an adult.

"No, it's not that," the lion quickly responded. "It's just... I've always wanted to have a birthday party like this. I never thought I'd get to experience one." He looked around the room. There were balloons, streamers, and even a banner with "Happy Birthday" written on it in the infamous Comic Sans font. For all intents and purposes, it looked like any children's birthday party, except for the birthday boy himself who appeared to be 20 or 30 years older than one would expect.

The fox smiled and put a paw on his friend's back, gently patting. "And I'm sure this won't be the last time either, hon. Now, blow out your candle and make a wish, okay? We've got a packed schedule ahead of us."

The lion gave a smile and a nod, standing up and leaning in over the table to blow out the light. He took a deep breath, then exhaled, and easily blew out the one candle.

His friend responded by clapping his paws. "Yaaay," he said with mock enthusiasm, adding with a smirk, "You da man." Then he leaned in to give him a hug and a kiss. "Happy birthday, sweetie."

"Thanks," the lion responded, hugging back and smiling bashfully, his tail lightly swishing behind him.

"They grow up so fast," the fox continued. "One day, you're changing their diapers. Then the next day... well, you're still changing their diapers."

The lion blushed and frowned. "I could use the potty if I wanted to."

The fox smiled and scritched his charge behind his left ear. "Sure you could. Anyway, let's get you some cake, okay?" He leaned over the table, slicing a big piece and bringing it to the lion's plate. "Here you go, birthday boy. Dig in."

The cake looked tasty. The lion licked his muzzle and was ready to give it a taste, but when looking for the utensils he couldn't find any. "Umh, but I don't have anything to eat it with," the lion stated.

"Sure you do," the fox said with a grin. "Your paws. I figured I'd allow you to get a bit messy today."

The lion perked his ears and smiled cautiously. He rarely got to indulge in messy eating. "Well, if you're sure..."

"I am. Besides, I'm used to cleaning your butt. Cleaning your muzzle will be a walk in the park. It'll definitely smell a lot nicer."

The lion winced and blushed, fidgeting some in his seat. "Would you mind not talking about that when I'm about to eat?"

The fox chuckled. "Hey, I'm your babysitter. I'm allowed to talk about your diapers as much as I want. But, sorry sweetie. Let me go get you some soda..."

The fox soon returned with a cup full of bubbly soda. He took a seat and helped himself to a slice of the cake as well, but unlike the birthday boy allowed himself to use a fork. The lion eventually started eating, bashful and cautious at first, picking up small pieces with a single paw, but as he progressed and became more comfortable took bigger and bigger chunks with his paws. He started deliberately clenching his paws, the cake squishing and making a futile attempt to escape. He took a large chunk with his paws, then squished it to his face, giggling and tailswishing as his muzzle became covered in cream and crumbs and strawberry jam.

His babysitter looked on with amusement, happy to see his charge having fun getting himself increasingly messy as he ate. He was, in the fox's humble opinion, adorable, and the fox felt his paternalistic feelings bubble. It was a bit of work caring for such a big lion, but he enjoyed every minute of it. Well, most every minute. But if he ever felt tired, he knew he could ask the lion to take care of himself for a bit. One of the benefits of babysitting a competent adult as opposed to a real child; you can't ask a child to change his or her own diaper if you're feeling lazy.

Once the lion had finished most of the slice - leaving a few unrecognizable globs on his plate - he gulped down his soda. Shortly thereafter he burped loudly. "'scuse me," he apologized to the fox with a sheepish grin.

The fox smiled back. "You're excused. All done eating your cake?"


"Was it yummy?" the fox inquired.

"Uh-huh," the lion responded again.

The fox grinned and, taking on a sing-songy tone to his voice that parents often use with babies, asked, "Is the big baby lion's tum tum full of yum yums?"

The lion both blushed and smiled - though the blush was mostly hidden by the cream covering portions of his muzzle and face. "Uh-huh, full of yum yums." He wiggled in his seat comfortably.

The fox got a damp cloth to start cleaning off the lion, but not before leaning in to give a few licks. "Mmm, that's one sweet lion," the fox commented, the lion giggling and wiggling lightly. The clean up didn't take too long, and the lion was soon un-bibbed, clean-muzzled and clean-pawed. "Now, are you ready to go to the petting zoo?" the fox asked as he helped the lion up from his seat, removing the lion's bib and their party hats.

"Are we going to a petting zoo?" the lion asked with a raised eye brow.

"Yeah. Kind of. Sort of. But not really." Smirking, the fox lead the slightly confused lion into the bedroom. There were various plushies neatly lined up on the floor. The fox urged the lion to sit down, who did so - with a crinkle - and the fox joined the lion on the floor.

"So this is the petting zoo?" the lion asked.

"Yup. I know, proper animals would've maybe been better, but people might think it odd for adults to do that. Not that you're an adult, mind you. But they don't know that you're really just a baby lion. Though I guess I could just show them you're diapered and just how messy you are when you eat, and maybe they would be convinced," the fox added playfully. The lion blushed. "So, this was the best I could do," the fox concluded.

The lion surveyed the motley crew of assorted plushies. "Quite an exotic collection you've got here. But do you really think head crabs are suitable for a petting zoo?" He looked at the head crab plushie which was lined up together with the others.

"Sure they are!" the fox beamed. "They're as cuddly as can be. At least if you've taken out their teeth. Then they can really only gum on your head."

"Right." The lion gestured towards the next plushie in the line up. "And the companion cube?"

"Kids love the companion cube!" the fox exclaimed cheerfully.

"You do have some normal ones, too." The lion picked up a medium-sized husky plushie. "Like this one. It's pretty cute."

"Oh, definitely. Though he's possessed by the spirit of Scottish empiricist philosopher David Hume."

"I... see." The lion looked down at the plushie.

"He still likes cuddles, though," the fox reassured him.

The lion couldn't help but giggle. "This is a pretty unique petting zoo you got going here."

The fox kept being silly as they looked at more of the plushies available, and the lion played along by asking questions, cuddling, and petting. In short, having fun, even if it wasn't a proper petting zoo, but he certainly appreciated the thought and effort his friend the fox had put into it.

After the zoo, the fox announced that it was time to open up his birthday present. He brought him into the living room where a large, square-ish giftwrapped box was revealed, and the lion was free to unwrap his gift. His tail swished slightly and his diaper crinkled, feeling excited as he plopped down onto the floor to start tearing though the giftwrapping.

The lion's eyes widened as he realized what the giftwrapping was covering up: a Technodrome playset, based on the cartoon series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The lion lifted it up the box and inspected it, before setting it back down. "It's... unopened... and mint in box..." He looked up towards his friend. "How did you find this?"

The fox smiled and gave a shrug. "I have my ways. Took some time, but I eventually found one."

"I've always wanted one..." the lion mumbled, almost speechless.

"I know. That's why I got it for you, silly."

"I... don't know what to say."

"Well, you could say thank you and maybe give me a hug?" the fox suggested with a grin.

"Huh? What? Oh, of course!" The lion quickly got up from his spot, hugging his friend. "Thank you so, so much." If he was a dog, his tail would be wagging rapidly, but being a feline it was instead swishing gracefully.

"And that's why I asked you to bring some of your Ninja Turtles action toys over. I figured you could try out your new toy, and get to have some playtime."

"But it's... mint in box..." the lion responded, hesitant. "It's a collectible... It must've cost you a small fortune..."

"Oh, shush. It's a toy. It was meant to be played with. You can chew and teeth on it for all I care. Just, emh, watch out so you don't choke on any of the smaller parts, okay?"

The lion blushed and nodded, still looking uncertain. It was, after all, a valuable pop culture collectible. But on the other paw, he had always wanted one as a child, and not getting to play with seemed like a shame too. Plus, his babysitter seemed to want him to open it.

"I'll let you have some fun with your toys while I get a few things done, okay sweetie?"

The lion nodded.

The fox prepared a sippy cup for him to sip while playing, as well as turning on children's music in the background to help enhance the overall atmosphere and hopefully help him feel more cubby. The lion went to get the action figures he had brought along in his bag, together with his toiletries and adult baby clothes. The lion was then left to his own devices and left to explore his new toy while the fox went off to do various grown-up things, such as preparing the home made pizza they would have for dinner in not too long.

He studied the packaging for a few minutes, admiring the box art, before he carefully opened it and removed the contents. A few more minutes of assembly and admiration, and the Technodrome was ready to squash those pesky ninjas into turtle soup. He swished his tail and smiled, feeling giddy. He didn't think he'd ever get to play with this toy.

It was awkward at first when he started, hesitantly moving the figures around, trying to come up with a decent plot and trying to do voices for them - but trying to keep the volume low, not wanting his babysitter to overhear and cause him further embarrassment. As he worked at it he slowly started to relax more, moving about on all fours as he moved the toys around, and increasing his volume some. The music in the background was some instrumental children's nursery CD, helping him get more into the role.

Now and then he would sip on the sippy he'd been given, and his diapers grew wet as he played. He did have to pause and concentrate to let go, but it still felt liberating and belittling, the diaper growing heavier and forcing his legs further apart.

After a bit of playing, the lion could feel a growing pressure moving towards the base of his tail, his bowels wanting to empty. He shifted, briefly considering letting the fox know he needed to go potty, before deciding against it. He would probably be told to use his diapers anyhow. It was not as if he didn't want to, but soiling his diapers were one of the more embarrassing things he could do when being babysat and he was always worrying that he might be a bother. But at least he didn't hurl or cry, like real babies did.

When one of the waves hit him, he relaxed and pushed in return, giving a grunt. His tail flagged up as he stood on all fours, his diapers crinkling slightly as he filled them. His seat increased in volume and a pleasant shiver went up his spine. His muzzle hang open and a few drops of saliva dripped down onto the floor, his concentration elsewhere.

Once he was done his tail slowly went back down again. He sniffed, and was immediately assaulted by the growing smell of his poopy diaper. The baby powder didn't do all that much to dampen the scent. He didn't mind the smell, though. In fact, it made him feel even more like a baby. But he did worry his babysitter might find it more offensive than he did.

He put a paw on his seat, assessing the damage.

Then, he sat down. The bulge flattened, the warm mess squishing and spreading around in his diaper. The lion both blushed and giggled at the sensation.

He tried going back to playing. It took a few minutes to get into it again, but he was soon moving about and enjoying himself again, his soiled diaper being no impediment to his playtime.

The smell of home made pizza started oozing out from the kitchen, a smell almost potent enough to drown the one coming from the lion's diapers. The fox came out, seeing his charge happily playing with his new toy in conjunction with his action figures. He sniffed, noticing a certain smell, then smirked. Seemed like the baby had messed his diaper.

He walked over and knelt down by the lion. "Hi there, kiddo. Having fun?"

The lion almost jumped, not having noticed the fox. Blushing, he put down the toys. "Umh, yes."

"Good, good. And... everything okay?"

The lion nodded. "Uh-huh. Everything's... oh." The lion blushed again, as he remembered the state of his diaper. He'd almost forgotten while playing. "Umh. I... might be a bit... messy."

The fox chuckled. "You might be?"

The lion nodded, smiling bashfully. "With a probability of about... 98%."

The fox chuckled again. "We'd better make sure, then." He helped the lion up into a standing position, before unbuckling his overalls and letting them drop to the ground. He put a paw under the lion's tail, gently squeezing. The lion gave a light 'erf' in response as his seat squished. Just to make sure, the fox pulled back the diaper to peer down, before letting it snap back. "Better make that 100%. Let's get you changed before the pizza is done, okay?"

The lion nodded and obediently followed along, leaving his overalls behind. His diaper drooped and pulled at his hips.

A diaper change later, and the lion was ready for pizza, wearing just his shirt and a diaper still. After getting the lion bibbed, they settled down to have pizza in the living room in the sofa while working their way through a DVD of Bear In The Big Blue House. Once the pizza was gone and the lion's muzzle and paws had been cleaned and his diaper checked, they worked their way through a second DVD, the lion snuggled up against his caretaker.

This was followed by some competitive gaming on the Nintendo Wii. The lion ended up accidentally hitting the fox only twice, which was a personal record for him.

All the moving about started to take its toll on the lion, and the fox decided it was about time to put the lion to bed. But not before the lion had been fed a bottle full of formula, and been properly burped. The fox playfully praised the lion for both finishing his bottle and successfully burping, and the lion just blushed and giggled. It felt both good and embarrassing being praised for such miniscule feats, just like a baby would be.

Then the fox got the big baby lion into his sleeper, his diaper dry enough to last through the night, and tucked him into bed. The fox made sure the lion had both a plush and a pacifier at the ready, when the lion suddenly requested, "Could you read me a good night story?"

"Sure!" the fox responded cheerfully, before giving a grin as he went on. "Maybe I should find some random fanfic... 'Then Baulbasaur pounced on the Pikachu, unable to contain himself any longer. He shoved his giant, throbbing --'"

"Umh, no thank you!" the lion quickly interrupted. "Maybe, umh... that?" He nodded in the direction of the book he had in mind.

The fox picked it up, raising a curious eyebrow. "'Guess How Much I Love You'?"

"I mean... if it's okay?" the lion asked somewhat nervously, shifting some under his covers. "I understand if you... umh, don't like that towards me..." The lion blushed and avoided the fox's eyes. "Then it might be a bit awkward to read."

The fox smiled, sitting down on the bed to gently ruffle the lion's headfur. "Of course I love you, sweetie. You're a good friend, a sweet person, and a cute little cub. I wouldn't put up with your messy diapers if I didn't feel strongly about you."

The lion felt relieved to hear this, his cheeks only slightly red. "I wuvv woo too," the lion responded with a cutesie lisp and a slight giggle.

The fox leaned in to kiss the lion's muzzle. "I love you too, birthday boy. I'm glad you feel comfortable enough with me to let me babysit so. So, 'Guess How Much I Love You' it is." He opened up the book and held it so the lion could easily see the illustrations, clearing his throat before he started to read, doing his best to put on a pleasant storytelling voice.

The lion hugged the plushie close and popped the pacifier into his muzzle, ears perked. But his ears soon enough started drooping. It had been a big day for the big little lion, and he fell asleep before the fox could finish the short story. Tomorrow he'd have to go back to being big again, but for tonight he could sleep like a baby.

WolvineDragon 2 years ago 0
Quite cute... I wouldn't mind having a friend to babysit me. *sigh*
Dragoncores 1 year ago 0
same here *pats your back*

Nice story by the way
Lilwolf 2 years ago 0
That was possibly one of the most wonderful stories I have had the pleasure of enjoying!
tfbaxxter 2 years ago 0
Aw, thank you! I'm glad a few folks seem to like it.