20 Dec 2011

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Posted 20 Dec 2011 01:23
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Kids on the Brain part 3

#14 of tigers on the brain

K srry this took a while, busy with sstuff, heres the next chapter to my story.



   I couldn't believe what I was seeing, Drago was proposing to me. I wouldn't think he would do it, I usually thought that I would be the one. But there Drago is, holding a small black box with a ring I've been saving up for. It was the ring I found during our Christmas shopping, only thing was that it cost like 3000 dollars. Also it was different, it was a ring made with a special silver that just absolutely shine; it had a nice engraved design all around the outside, and in the middle was a blue sapphire shaped like the diamond, the one on the cards of diamonds. The difference is that there was the sapphire it had. It was beautiful, there was even an engraving on the inside saying "always yours Drago" in script.

   "I-I don't know what to say."

   "Y-You can say yes." He said catching his breath and holding it.

   "Yes, a thousand times yes." I said and he released his breath. He started to cry after that.

   "I can't believe it, I'm getting marry, me of all people." Drago said hugging tightly and jumping up and down.

   "Hey Gale, do you know why that ring has a very special sapphire." Drago started.

   "It is, why?"

   "Well that sapphire I found at the bottom of the lake, the lake is filled with them. That's why I've been out late. It took me a long time to get a piece of the sapphire out and I worked over time to get you that ring. I thought since that this is the place that you changed my life, why not change your life here too for the better." I was at tears when he finished.

   "You are the best boyfri-I mean fiancé ever."

-One ride home later-Drago-

I was so happy, Gale just said yes to marry me. I was so happy on the fact he said yes, I think I ran three stop sign. When we got back to the house Wes bombarded us with questions.

   "So how did it go? Did yuh say yes? Did yuh like the ring? Tell me tell me tell me." Wes screamed at me and Gale.

   "Daddy calm down, I'll tell you everything." Gale said

   "Yuh better." He replied while Gale sat on the couch and started to tell him what happened. After he finished, the bell rang.

   "I got it, wonder who that could be?" Gale said.

   "Hello who is ...." Gale started.

   "Oh My Gosh, Jacob...Louis!!!" I turned around to see Gale being hugged by a Rottweiler almost as big as Wes.

   "NO way Jacob, is that yuh. How yuh been buddy." Wes got up and went to hug the rotty.

   "Louis long time no see." Gale said.

   "Wes, buddy I've been great, I see that gale grew like a weed. Oh and who is this." The rotty said while sticking his hand out to me.

   "Um...hi, I'm Gale's fiancé, not meaning to be rude or anything but who are you." I said taking his hand.

   "I'm Wes' childhood friend from down south, we still kept in touch." He started, then stop with a blank face then said.

   "WAIT WHAT!!! I feel hurt now, Gale yuh got hitched and yuh didn't even tell us." He said a bit too dramatic.

   "Don't forget about their kids." Wes added in.

   "WHAAT!!! You even adopted kids." He said too dramatic again.

   "Jacob, honey lets get Jake out of the car first then we'll talk about it." Louis said from behind.

   "Jake? Who's Jake?" Blake asked walking in the room.

   "He's our adopted son." Louis replied.

   "You guys finally got a kid, took you long enough." Blake said with a smile.

   "Sure did, he fell asleep on the way here, mind if we put him in the guest room."

   "Sure no problem." I said.

-10 minutes later-Gale-

    So after they put the wolf in the guest room, Jacob came down and sat next to Louis on the couch.

   "So, yuh gonna explain how yuh got engage and when yuh adopted kids Gale." Jacob started.

    So after I explained how me and Drago got together, the twins, and the engagement, Jacob explained who the sleeping teen was that is currently still asleep. Turns out that the teen was adopted by Louis and Jacob, and his name was Jake. They told us his story and how abusive his family was to him just because he was gay like all of us except for Jessie. We know because she has a pretend husband which most little kids do know and she also said that she loves that Justin Bieber husky teen. I remember one time that daddy said that Justin Bieber was girly; I think that was the day Jessie made daddy shit his pants. But back to Jake; I felt kind off bad that he had to live that life.

   "*yawn* well I'm hitting the hay yuh guys came a bit late, we'll catch up more tomorrow, g'night my little dumpling, coming Blake." Daddy said.

   "Yeah sorry about that, there was traffic and I did call yuh saying that I was going to be a bit late."

   "Right, I forgot." Wes replied.

   "Sure, I'm a bit tired too, but no fun tonight on the account of not telling me your old buddy was coming, I didn't get a chance to get the house ready."

   "Aww, come one, plzzz." Wes started to plead, but all dad did was walk up the stairs with a smirk on his face trying to tease daddy.

   "Well maybe we should all get some rest, if you guys want I can get the air bed for you." Drago said to Jacob and Louis.

   "No no, it's okay, we'll just sleep with Jake, don't tell him we told you this but he feels comfortable when we sleep with him, I guessing it is because he feels safe."Louis reply.

   "k, I won't say a thing." He said.

   "Yeah but doesn't mean I will." I replied, and got a moan back from the big rotty.

   With that said everyone went to bed to get a good night sleep.


srry if it feels rushed or anything, still learening how to be more descriptive, Jacob louis and Jake belongs to jango71 not me, for the next few chapters we're going to make a joint story. comments would be nice

Jango Steel 2 years ago 0
It's great I love it!!!
DireBlackWings 2 years ago 0
Jango Steel 2 years ago 0
Welcome :3
Silnis 2 years ago 0
Hehe...cute. You continue to impress me. I'll look forward to the next one! :)
Jango Steel 2 years ago 0
Glad you do we been planing on this for a while
Sir Kiba 2 years ago 0
~picks up a gun~
Even if I love canines!
I must... kill... Justin Beiber!!!

Im also amazed in how quick this chapter was as things unfolded.
Jango Steel 2 years ago 0
I don't like him either
Phant Dragor 2 years ago 0
I'm happy with this chapter, a bit rushed yes, but still great. I like the plot twist of joining your and jango's stories. Please continue, and know that i will be attentivly awaiting the arrival of your next chapter. =D