Tyrse Styles
21 Dec 2011

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Posted 21 Dec 2011 20:55
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We walk

My paws ache, and yet I must walk

Cries going unanswered, my voice dying in the dark

An endless path before me calling me onward

I have no choice, I must walk



The truth comes out unwarranted

It draws the hungry eyes, eyes I cannot meet

I am no longer alone, but this is not what I wanted

The eyes place a burden upon my shoulders, but still I must walk



I couldn't believe my eyes, another set of paw prints ahead of my own

I no longer walk, I run

I cry out, catching a glimpse of someone traveling ahead

My strength gone I fall, I cannot call anymore

Get up! I flick my ears towards your voice

Rising slowly I begin again, I must walk



There! Waiting on the horizon you stand

We finally meet, you smile down at me

You offer me your paw

Now we must walk, together



Whispers on the wind

The eyes return, but they no longer just watch

They roar, and curse me



I'm so tired, tired of the fighting

I let go of your paw

Let me rest, no more strife

The eyes laugh, they have won



No, stand by me! You scream

Why? What's the point! I'm tired of these eyes

We walk this path together now, we hold each other's hearts

These eyes, the whispers that is all they are

Hold my paw and push forward, we must walk



I smile, a tear in my eye

Taking your paw in mine I stand, the eyes raging around us

They no longer weigh me down Your eyes show me all I need, you lick the tear from my muzzle

Paw in Paw we turn, the road before us still endless

I smile, no longer must I walk

Together we walk

Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Finally my first submissions up yeah! Took forever to reconfigure the flipping thing when i tried to upload it, but I think I got it in unharmed. Any comments or pointers appreciated ;p
Asm0d1us 2 years ago 0
As one who is not much of a poetry examiner and in a rather tough state to type this meesage on a cracked screen, I'll have to apologize for my brevity.
I forget the word itself, but the lack of rhyme really does show the sincerity in this poem, and when manipulating it in this way the emotion and message really comes through. I could say that it could be clearer though, but perhaps that would subtract from the beauty of this. It was nice reading through it, and once again I would like to welcome you to SoFurry.
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Ty for the welcome :) As far as rhyming goes I have to concentrate to stop myself from getting sing-songy when I write. I really did put alot of feeling into this, but at the same time I knew others were going to be reading this. With that in mind I did try to keep things a little vague. I figured this way readers could be free to add their own interpretations when searching for a meaning. I really appreciate your comment, thanks for being the first ;p
bhscorch1313 2 years ago 0
The writing is a little unrefined, but the emotion behind it is definitely there, and really, that's all that really matters to make good poetry. Well-done.
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Heh well I make it no secret I'm an amateur, thank you for your kind words.