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Werewulf part 15

#15 of Werewulf

So yeah, part 15 here lol last of my saved up copies, i need to get writing! haha



Chapter 15.


Duke stopped pretending to snore when he heard Kyle begin, his eyes flashing open in rage.  He was gunna kill Anthony.  With a predatory, deadly silence he slipped from the annex cubby and descended the ladder, his dad already dragging a protesting Anthony through the living room and outside.


"You all heard too?" Duke asked in a whisper.


"Humans could wake the dead; it was kinda funny though how hard he was trying to stay quiet." Brianna admitted.


The family left the camp lodge and stood on the lawn just outside the front door careful to close it.


"Care to explain what the hell that was?" Their dad asked Anthony, "You obviously wanted to make a scene, and you knew we could all hear you, so what are you trying to prove?"  His voice was relatively calm if a bit annoyed.  They could have all slept through Kyle's sneaking if they chose to ignore it, but Anthony speaking to Kyle was too interesting for them to ignore.


The boy in question brooded, "I'm just sick of Duke always making things difficult and you all know that.  This is the eighth pity case in a year and I hate having to fix his problems and deal with obsessive children clamouring for him and treating him like a God!"


"So you risk all of ours secret to prove your own point?"  His mother questioned disappointingly.  "Anthony you know better; a pack stays together, all for one and one for all."


"I don't see Duke being part of the whole!  He does his own thing and you all know it!"  Anthony cried out in protest.


"It's still not your decision to make," his father boomed, "It's our pack, not yours alone."


"I wouldn't have to think this way if it wasn't for him in the first place!" Anthony cried, the five falling silent in shock, "If it wasn't for you!" he boomed, pointing at Duke, "For your obsession with that stupid man I wouldn't have to think like a wolf!  I wouldn't have to worry about any of this shit, or having to feel like the majority of the earth is so beneath me I can't relate!  I can't date a human!  You can't date a human!  So get over it!" He raged.


Duke growled under his breath and took a threatening step towards Anthony, "Don't talk about him like he was garbage," he warned, "Uncle was a good man."


"Uncle screwed us over.  He was useless and did more harm than good." Anthony challenged, taking his own step forward, the pair growling at one another.  There was enough aggression and dominance in the air to make a grown man cower from meters away, the people in the rest of the camp lodges had to be feeling a sense of uneasiness or dread from the residual scent.


"You know what?  Forget Uncle," Anthony corrected, "This isn't about him, it's about Kyle and what's going on now."


"Why are you so against me trying to enjoy myself?"  Duke demanded an answer.


"It's cruel what you do.  You're the real monster you know that?  Have you even seen the affects you have on your playthings?" In truth Duke didn't, but he kept up his fierce gaze, "You remember little red headed Alex in Seattle?  He killed himself when you left him." Anthony said simply, not giving it time to even sink in, Duke's face one of shock, "Darrel from New York ran away from home and died of fatigue chasing after you to where you claimed we'd be, a city that doesn't even exist.  Calvin, he got kicked out of his home and went to live with his aunt, he suffers severe depression and claims to have seen monsters so the doctors are watching him carefully.  Tyler and Casey, the twins?  They..."


"That's enough Anthony!"  His father growled, the kids all retreating a bit from the intensity of the order.


"Why?!  I think he should know that this is what will happen to everyone he up and leaves!  Enough is enough dad, you have to see that."


"Kyle is different," Duke stated aloud, meaning it, "I feel something different with him."


Anthony rolled his eyes, "You feel a physical attraction and excited because you have another toy to run around with.  You will play, maybe screw, and then leave him in that order and nothing else, like you always do."


"Kyle is different," he repeated.


"Prove it!" Anthony demanded, "If you can prove to me this is different, I'll leave it all be and apologize to anyone and everyone."


"How do I do that pray tell?"  Duke asked, "You won't believe me anyway even though I know you saw the fight in him.  You tried all you wanted and he didn't submit to you, I like that fight in him."


"Bite him," Anthony said simply, making everyone flinch wise eyed, Brianna even gasped, "Bite him, make him one of us and I'll believe you."


"Anthony Derek Grey!"  His mother exclaimed.


"What mom?  It won't matter if he loves a human anyway, they can't know about us without death being the punishment, or the transformation is made.  That is the law, so why is it such a big deal he change someone he loves?" He rationalized. "If Duke loves Kyle, why doesn't he just change him now and get it over with?"


"Don't talk to your mother that way," Mr Grey stated almost casually, looking at Duke all the while, "And don't you do anything stupid over a brotherly fight.  You know yourself the change is a life changer," he paused. "Duke I love you, but don't do anything rash, if you do turn him we will happily adopt, but please don't just do it because you think you love him, you have to love him for real."


Gay love was nothing new amongst beasts like them.  Sex was a drive; passion didn't HAVE to be a factor, though amongst werewolves it often was.  Duke stormed inside away from Anthony, a silent tornado of destruction as he climbed up the stairs to bed again.  He didn't want to have to worry about it.  He looked at Kyle as he slept, he inhaled the scent, and he remembered all he could about the boy...his boy.


It was love, that much was true, but he didn't want to force the change on him, he didn't want to hurt anyone else.  Those stories of the other kids had cut deep, he didn't want to hurt anyone again, he didn't want to leave Kyle, but he didn't want to forcibly uproot him either. "Shit!" he breathed out and leapt under the covers, too frustrated to sleep a wink.


It was a very frustrated kind of fury he carried, a hate directed at Anthony being the outer most and shallow answer, but a deep anger directed at himself, being the core.  In truth he was probably just angry at Anthony for being right about his other playthings...They were people too, it was just hard to see such mentally weak things as equal or worthy of pity, but he pitied all the same.  That's why they didn't hold a candle to Kyle...that's what made him different.  By now the others had been following him to caves, solving their own problems on mere suggestions from Duke.  Kyle was resistant, strong and persistent.


Duke smiled a little, looking over at the other bed and granting himself night vision.  His boy...such a strong boy...a fun boy...not a pity case he reaffirmed. "Good night Kyle."




It took Kyle a second to realize where he was.  The bed was too big, the blankets to warm and the pillow too fluffy and new to be his own.  He groaned a bit, wiping the eye crusties from his eyes and squinting into the morning.  The wooden walls of the cubby didn't sink in until he turned towards the beeping and the groaning to his left.


"Fuck every single moment in time before nine AM to the darkest epitome of Hell..." Duke grumbled.  Kyle couldn't help but laugh a little at both the words said and the person saying them.  Duke seemed like a morning person what with all the driving and coffee bringing he did, apparently that assumption couldn't be further from the truth.


"Not a morning person huh?" Kyle asked rhetorically, flopping his head back into the fluffy pillow, it was too comfortable to leave without a fight.


"How'd yah know?" He asked getting up and stretching, "I'll be fine in like five minutes, as for now I'm a miserable wreck."


It was nice to know that somehow Duke had a flaw, that he was human just like the rest of them.  Up until that point he seemed almost fake, like he was so above everyone he didn't quite compare to anyone else.  Hell even his weird jealousy thing with Alice was swiftly gotten over.  Always fun, always truthful, always kind, and always...perfect.  At least he wasn't a morning person.


The two eventually managed to leave the cubby, taking the ladder down to the first floor and going for the bathroom.  Kyle got in first, relieving himself and washing up really quickly, leaving to give Duke his turn.  Mrs Grey was still apologizing for the lack of sleepwear, offering Kyle breakfast that smelled so good Kyle might drown in his drool.  Bacon, eggs, toast, French toast and syrup, oatmeal, orange juice and that heavenly coffee all seemed to envelope him as he entered the kitchen area.


"I'm sorry again for the lack of preparation you got," she went on, "Duke means well but he doesn't exactly think ahead."


"It's fine really," Kyle assured her hovering around the counter space, making Duke's mother grin.


"Take a seat; it'll be out in a moment I promise it's not going anywhere."  She took a large knife in her hands and stabbed the bacon making Kyle freeze for a moment in fear at the professionalism of the stab, the power and ferocity behind in, but she returned to him with a grin, "See?  Dead."


Kyle nodded and sat down at the table, Duke joining him a moment later, "Smells delish mom."


"Go wake your brother and sister Duke," she waved him off, offering her eldest son a kiss on the cheek, "They might not be in school but they sure as hell aren't going to get me to make them their own personal breakfasts."


Mister Grey entered the kitchen as Duke left it, his simple black pyjama pants and plain tee shirt made him look like he should be up and at 'em, but his unkempt hair, droopy eyes and lack of a smile made him seem even more like his son. "Morning Kyle, honey," he greeted the two, kissing the later on the cheek, "Is the coffee on?" he asked, slumping into the chair next to Kyle, "Sorry," he apologized, "I'm not a morning person."


Kyle smiled a bit, "Its fine, no need to apologize."


It was like a dream.  Kyle just sat back and went through the motions that morning.  Brianna entered the kitchen already done up for the day, Anthony opted to stay in bed and have other food later.  They bickered, they apologized, they made plans, and they criticized and cracked inside jokes.  There was no alcohol bottles to be picked up, no glass to be swept away from a fight, no fear, no nutrient tea, and no silence as to not wake Scott, or not loudness of Scott awake.  Everything fit in place; it was functional in its disfunctionality.  The imperfections were bearable and not fracture causing.


And Kyle was living it.  He was in the middle of it all, occasionally an active member and not just an observer.  That idea alone made him smile again, even if he did try and hide it from the family that took him in without a second thought.




"What do you mean you don't have one?" Alice asked gently, legitimately confused not snobby or meaning 'What are you going to do to fix this problem?'


"I never got around to buying one of the school hoodies," Kyle explained, a bit embarrassed.  It had been the first thing she asked of course, and it was the first thing he disappointed her with.  One hundred percent of their interactions now were negative...


But she smiled anyway, "It's okay," she re-assured, rubbing his arm, "You don't have to wear one, I was just wondering."


"He'll have one," Quinn jumped in, giving the other girl a knowing look and they both shared a little laugh.  Kyle always hated how some people seemed to just understand people by thought; at least he hated not being able to experience it.


"Okay, I'll meet you at the snack shack at six thirty okay?" Alice asked with a little grin that somehow managed to make her look more adorable...right?


Kyle had to do a double take, Alice was sitting there, staring into his eyes with her blue pools of perfection, her smile stunning, her top giving him just enough cleavage that it was a nice accent but he didn't stare, and he felt, he was simply observing.  But that couldn't be right, he definitely felt happy in both senses of the word.  She was stunning, she was kind, she was his at least for the night, but it didn't feel like it was real.


And like that she left the two friends to their own devices for her own group; Kyle already missed her, confirming that it had to be a fluke before.  Quinn hit him in the shoulder to snap him out of his little trance, "Ow!  What the hell, that hurt!" He whined, more in shock than pain.


She gave him a look that begged him to admit he was stupid, "You're a senior in high school and you don't own a single goddam hoodie?  Really?"  She demanded, smile not there it was hard to tell if she was actually pissed.


"Sorry?" he offered, "I'm kind of broke all the time, I've kinda just gotten over my effeminate jean jacket remember?" He asked, shaking the coat he currently wore for effect, then he rubbed his head and pinched his forehead.


"You okay?" Quinn asked, "I didn't mean to make it so big a deal, no need to cry about it."


"My heads just been hurting on and off lately that's all," Kyle stated simply, "But really how am I going to get a hoodie if I'm broke?"


Quinn shrugged, "Whore yourself off at the corner?"


Kyle gave her a look before replying in a loud voice, "I need the money by tonight.  I can't raise thirty dollars, buy the hoodie, AND make myself look good!  All my customers prefer long passionate evenings." he explained, Quinn immediately bursting out into laughter.




Duke couldn't look at Kyle the same anymore; Anthony had gone and fucked it up.  He used to see his prize, his friend and now he only saw him as a mate.  Anthony wanted proof that he cared, but the bite was too much, it would seal Kyle's fate forever.  He couldn't do that to his friend, he couldn't do what Duke's own uncle had done to him.


Duke cringed a bit in a brief recollection of the 'Dark Nights.'  How the beast had taken control and how he had to fight with all his might to suppress it.  In the end he felt it was worth it, his entire family had been bitten after all so it wasn't like he was alone or leaving anyone really.  Kyle would be leaving his mom, not that she was much to anyone else, but she was clearly the world to Kyle.


Duke sighed heavily, waiting impatiently for his next class with Kyle, his friend had not been looking good lately, the headaches common to actively rebelling Omegas were apparent and his own body seemed to be getting stronger.  Duke being here was changing Kyle, his mental state had to be in chaos and his body seemed to understand a dominating threat and tried to ready itself for it.  It was frustrating to watch time pass so fast, painful even.


Not only that, but Duke still had to deal with Scott...the fat piece of shit wasn't worth the effort but still he was a required chore to deal with now.  Great...


He looked up at the clock and groaned again, watching a single second tick bye.  Time around Kyle seemed to fly, but this room without him seemed to slug by...




They sat across from one another, both very quiet and not quite sure where to start a conversation.  Alice sat beside Kyle, chatting with him about whatever it was girls and guys chatted about over a first date.  Duke absently ate his fries, careful not to glare at her or stare at Kyle.  After the previous days fiasco with the mobs of girls thinking he was interested, there wasn't many more places for him to go without fear of being followed.


"So we'll watch the game and just talk," Alice concluded, already having told Kyle not to waste money on a school hoodie at least four times and not to worry about paying for food at least six.  Equally so Kyle had assured her he would manage.  Duke had to give a dark little angry grin, Kyle wouldn't have to worry about money at all with him, neither had a job so why go places where money was actually required or a major part?


What continued to irk Duke was Alice's repetition.  Somehow every time she brought up one point she managed to re-state the last one as if no one had heard her, Duke almost tried to listen in an attempt to make it stop!


"So yeah don't worry about food, I've got it." (Emasculating)


"And don't worry about the hoodie it's not important.  No hoodie or food okay?" (Annoying)


"Oh and if I go talk to some of my friends for a moment I apologize in advance, seriously no money though it's all okay." (Annoying to the tenth degree)


Duke pinched his temples in recollection.  This girl simply could not be desirable.  Her mouth never stopped, it just kept going and going as if a moments rest would end her existence!


"I'm sorry Duke!" she suddenly burst out, "You're going too right?  Are you going to meet us there?"


Duke took a moment to suppress the urge to just punch her in the jaw to silent the shrill voice.  It didn't actually require effort, he wasn't a total beast, but the thought did cross his mind.


"It's not really Duke's thing," Kyle noted, getting a shocked little look like what she found enjoyable not being everyone's favourite thing startled her.


"What?  How come?" she asked, the table quiet for just a moment.  Duke took it in and noted to himself never to take the nights silence for granted ever again. "Is it just because you're new?"  She asked Duke.  "Does he not like new people?"  She then asked Kyle as if Duke himself wasn't there.


Kyle actually laughed which startled Duke, "He definitely isn't shy if that's what you're asking."


"Ehh, I might show up," Duke admitted, "If I see you guys I'll say hi but I'm not gunna intrude."  Duke knew he was going, that wasn't a question; but lately with all of Kyle's questions and Anthony's meddling he needed to have solid stories around Kyle, and legitimately he didn't have a good reason for going.


"I could introduce you to my friend May, she's really sweet and I'm sure you two would get along well," Alice assured, obviously vouching for a crushing friend.  Though truth be told, Duke did know who May was, she was a timid little thing who sat behind him in his English class, Duke could always feel her staring and could always smell her attraction.


"She's a little too quiet for my tastes," Duke said, only then realizing the irony in saying so while repressing his need to hit Alice in the mouth, "We wouldn't have much in common I don't think."


"You could always try," Alice pressed, a bit too pressingly for Duke's comfort, he wanted it to just roll by not stick around.  It was noble of her to vouch for a friend but she didn't have to be so annoying and repetitive, "What do you have to lose?"


'My stomach'


Duke shrugged, "I guess nothing but I'll just go on my own," he reaffirmed.


"Duke isn't staying in town long," Kyle noted to neither of them in particular.  That scent of submission and depression rising out of his pores.  Its delicate aroma permeated Duke's being, rekindling his protective instincts.  It physically and mentally hurt to see Kyle saddened.


"Oh that's too bad, what are you doing in town anyway if it's so temporary?" Alice asked in a bout of half curiosity, the kind of question you felt obligated asking but were incredibly disinterested in the actual answer.


"His dad's work," Kyle answered for him.


Duke looked at Kyle with a careful glance.  It was apparent Kyle was depressed, but there was something else behind it, shyness maybe?  It was hard to tell.


"Oh, what does he do?"


Duke offered a little grin, "A bit of everything," he responded vaguely and with enough subliminal energy to kill the question.  He went back to looking at Kyle and trying to figure him out.  He was in a mood, not the best one at that, and Duke needed to find proof it wasn't his fault, he just needed too.  He didn't want to hurt any more of his playthi...No, it was true what he said before, Kyle wasn't a plaything anymore.


"So what are you doing this weekend after the game?" Alice continued with her motor mouth.


Duke was only half paying attention when Kyle replied. "I'm spending the weekend camping with Duke."


The larger boy snapped out of his observant stare and into a stupefied one.  "Oh, that sounds fun." Alice spoke in a fog to Duke, hitting his shoulder a bit, "Don't steal him from me," she joked.


Duke was too happy to even comprehend the comedy.  Kyle had invited himself over.  Kyle wanted to be around him.  His happiness slipped into a little frown when he saw the coat Kyle was wearing and remembered its implications.  Anthony had tried to place seeds of doubt in Kyle and failed, but the seeds in Duke's head about his own self were already flourishing.

furryfang 2 years ago 0
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
oh u just wanted to be first :P
Stu 2 years ago 0
as always, excellent.

can certainly the rift between Anthony and duke seems to be quite large.
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
yeah, they're like Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde. lol cant get any more different personality wise haha glad you liked it :)
furryfang 2 years ago 0
fail spelling
cant wait to see if Duke bites him or not and whether Kyle will learn about them before it happens
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
hehe all these questions :P im glad you read this time before you commented!! haha
Perrin Wolfbrother 2 years ago 0
So Anthony isn't a total jerk after all, his view of humanity was caused by his uncle forcefully biting Duke and , I assume, the entire family ; it's interesting to see that they weren't werewolf from the beginning , I would have bet they were born with the ability. The list of the plaything's destinies was somewhat scary but expected, after all Duke induced in them a sense of deep loyalty and love, and it moved him that his brother actually pities them. Why his family let him continue on doing that I can't understand, maybe they want to please him because he's the next alpha or something ....

Duke deciding to go slow and not change Kyle right on the moment it's good, after all the werewolf is sure of his love but the other boy isn't even aware of it ! Hopefully he will fall in love with the big boy, and then the transformation will occur , though I'm worried about the ultimate fate of Kyle's mom.

On a side note, does Duke's powers work subtly only on the weak minded ? Because it seems that the ones with strong will, like Quinn, aren't affected, even if they are in the proximity of Duke for quite some time .

I understand writing something takes a lot of time , as I recently indulged myself in the world of writing, so I'll wait quietly for the next instalment :-)

I guess this will be the last post before Christmas , so merry Christmas !
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
oh yeah, the inner mechanism's of a pack are always in question, as for parenting, its equally a mystery. haha and yes, the stronger wills do seem to have resistance to mind control and alteration. as for the writing yeah i need to get some down but ill post tomorrow if i can! haha MERRY CHRISTMAS!
chaosblackwing 2 years ago 0
Another interesting chapter, with the little bit of backstory on Duke and his family.

Sounds like Duke didn't do anything permanent to Scott, it'll be interesting to see what he comes up with to 'deal with' him, though I can't help but think things are going to be decidedly unpleasant regarding him until that happens.

More writing would be good as well, I'm sure I'm not the only one really looking forward to future chapters of this story, though don't try and rush it, waiting a bit for a chapter, when the story is this good, is perfectly fine.
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
o well thank you! haha do know that the entirety of this story has been rushed. Nanowrimo offered next to no opportunity for personal edits and looking back, thank god for Ruth, you wouldnt be able to read it! haha
chaosblackwing 2 years ago 0
You know, the fact that it has been rushed, and still came out this well, is a really impressive feat there.
Kausn_Husky 2 years ago 0
Well, i've followed this story from the beginning, and i must say i like. Now, i noticed in this chapter there were a few more spelling and grammar errors, but nothing too terrible. I almost don't like the idea of 'mind control' type of thing that's going on with Duke and Kyle, but it should make an interesting story. Very interesting chapter to read, and i enjoyed it. Can't wait for more.

Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
heeh yeah mind control isnt the most...moral thing in the world. :P but what done is done, and im happy you look past it and still love my story! thank you!
AAcid 2 years ago 0
Anthony's doing a great job of projecting...'Oh, Woe is me...Duke had feelings for someone who went a little overboard and changed my life... now I need to be pissed off at the world.' GFY. Cynicism's one thing, but the attitude he's projecting is one of these because the world screwed me, I can screw over the world. He's really pissed at Duke for what happened...I can see that, but the rest of the family must be able to operate in the world, else how can they rent a house or pay for anything.

I really want to see Kyle stand up to him and best him, though. strength isn't measured in aggression, but in how one responds. Kyle's already proven his adaptability with the crappy hand he was dealt (IMHO, worse than Anthony's), and he's surprisingly resilient. Hell, it seems that Duke is becoming subservient to Kyle in some ways and needs him, just as much as Kyle needs Duke. Part of me really wants to see them as equals, not as omega and master.

--Also, you may want to fix the ordering of the chapters (15 and 14 are immediately after 1).
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
oh thanks on the chapter thing, i forgot beta doesnt like to be easy :P i have to go to the old site to put them in order XD haha but yeah Anthony has good reason but bad attitude and method, which honestly seems the opposite of Dukes old ways not that i put it to words. but anyway, thanks for commenting! i appreciate the time!
Catperson 2 years ago 0
YAAAAAAAAY!!!! *wrists flapping*

I love this series. By far the best I've read in a long time. I want MOAR!!!
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
icon_redface.gif aww shucks, not the best surly, im not that good, but thank you for saying so none the less :) glad you love it!
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Things are staring to come down to the wire. Pretty soon Duke and Kyle are going to be at a very serious turning point. I can only hope Duke can find someway to navigate around Kyle's major issues.
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
yeah, Duke has alot of his plate for his very extravagant hopes and goals haha, but he also isnt one to lose so :P lets see how this turns out! haha Thanks for taking the time to comment!
Crawfordwolf 2 years ago 0
I love it I love it I love it. Please wright more, this is my favorite story on here, and I am soooo in love with it :)
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
aww thank you for saying so and commenting! :) i'll try not to let you down! haha
FruancJH 2 years ago 0
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
ummmm nope lol
FruancJH 2 years ago 0
Well at least so it looked at the time. How did all those people sneak in ahead of me
The OTHER Guy 2 years ago 0
I just had a very... unpleasant... premonition about this story... I REALLY hope it doesn't happen
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
hehe id love to hear your theory in a PM, just know i wont give anything away haha :)
Arkarian 2 years ago 0
very excited to see what duke is/did do to scott i hope he suffers! as usual you know i hate your cliff hangers and you know you never release soon enough :P
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
of course hehe we've established my terribleness :P as for Scott...well Duke seems to be dealing with it
FruancJH 2 years ago 0
It's funny I seem to recall a fair Juliet and her Romeo. They were two horny teenagers who fell in love and eventually they killed themselves because they thought that they wouldn't get to be together. Not sure if It's love or some one that makes Duke want to be more than this what he is. Duke is a monster to be sure. I mean what else do you get when you make people who are desperate fall in love with you. Sooner or later they go off the deep end because they were pretty close it to begin with and the loss of someone who they were so effected by was the final push. They didn't get better and go back to normal like Duke thought they did. They became even more broken and now half of them are dead. Or worse off than they were when he found them.

This next bit show's how much I've come to despise Duke. I Love him but I also hate him. Anthony is far nobler than he appears. Yeah he has his reasons for doing what he does and some of them are very selfish. but I think some of them are completely justified.

You're a monster Duke Grey. I hope you can let this one go, or change enough to where you are strong enough to do what's right instead of what you want, because the one who you are toying with has done just that for so long. It might even be what you admire most in him. But If you really love him. Then let him go, because the way you're going now and from the look of your track record, you have only the power to use brake and destroy.

I hope you feel each and every one of the deaths and broken lives you've caused. I hope you think about what they mean and I hope that you feel great agony. You're sick and you disgust me.
NOT A PITY CASE! You have just digusted me on a whole new level. You say that their ends have cut you deep and yet you aren't even bothered by it....

[NOTE TO THE AUTHOR:] Um yeah Regal Clown 13 hate to brake it to you. But this is a huge plot hole. Duke should feel a lot more than this if he is really "cut deep." at the news that his past play things are dead or mentally unstable. Unless he really is just that shallow. I mean it's like he can't be bothered to care. Oh most of my old play things are dead... Oh well This one is different this one is better. WELL I HATE TO BRAKE IT TO YOU DUKE BUT THIS NEWER STRONGER TOY WHO YOU VIEW AS PROPERTY HAS GOT A BRAKING LIMIT TOO!!! You'll destroy him if this is how shallow you really are.*back to not to author.

But any way. Duke if he is not a shallow individual which so far he is proving to be. He should feel more responsibility for what's happened He should feel a pang of loss like eight pieces of himself just got jerked away. Or perhaps they never really meant anything to him they were just toys and he was just playing with them. That's all they ever were to him. aw some of my old toys got burnt oh well I was bored with them anyway. Besides this one I've got now is much better than those ones. Duke is becoming an incredibly selfish character. I thought he was much deeper than this, I thougt he was starting to have a big change as a person. But in all reality this is really "JUST A GAME" to him. He's "having his fun" With a race of creatures that he views as beneath himself and inferior. They are not inferior You DICK and from the sound of things you weren't always a werewolf.

Regal I haven't even finished this chapter and this is what I've come up with so we'll just see How I'm feeling at the end.

I knew it. AND DAMN IT ALL DUKE YOU WENT AND FORGOT WHAT IT WAS TO BE HUMAN! I had a feeling that Duke was turned by his uncle no less. And did he then turn his entire family or was the entire family turned by the uncle. Anthony's comment "I wouldn't have to think like a wolf if it hadn't been for you and that damned uncle." this makes me wonder if that was the case.

But How were you able to forget what it's like to be human. Duke you of all people should be able to understand what it is to be human or were you turned at such a young age that you didn't even know what it was to be human to begin with. That's why you act like a child playing with your toys you were turned as a child You never grew up, and now look at you. Toying with peoples lives like they were just toy soldiers or a pet canary.

And look at your brother. He was turned at a younger age even than you. If what I believe to be true is. But unlike you he didn't stay young forever In many way's he's a lot more grown up than you are duke.

And Kyle... He's going to brake soon. Being exposed to that strong a dose of pheromone for an entire night plus the mental attack. Kyle is going to brake soon. It is only too inevitable, and then what choice will there be for him but to be changed or to die like the rest of Dukes toys. But will this brake Duke out of his fantasy. If Kyle succumbs to the effects if all that is feared comes true, Will he ever recover. Kyles greater purpose is in life is his only ally against the fog that is threatening to steal his free will and in all reality his life. From the appearance of things even that is in jeopardy His mother is hooked onto a dead beat guy who may well be dead. If she dies, Kyle will lose himself. He will brake. That is the only thing that he really cares about and if it is taken away he will fall.

So scott isn't dead well not sure how I feel about that but it's not going to be good.

As to Kyles body actively preparing to face off against an impending dominant force well that was an interesting addition. And so the headaches aren't purely from the Pheromones. And since when has Kyle be an Omega. I personally think and I've said this before that he is a self repressing alpha. we shall see won't we.
So It is happening after all. Kyle is beginning to succumb to the Pheromones after all.

Duke has made an active choice to think of Kyle as no longer a plaything well that might help. Key word being might. He is also realizing that he doesn't want Kyle to become a mind slave, Yet he still get's a bit of a buzz about Kyle becoming submissive. I don't know what to think at this point but it would probably be for the best if Kyle was prevented from hanging out with Dukke and his family all weekend. Just look at what one night has done to him. If he spends much more time around these guys he's going to brake. Unless Duke does something to really piss him off and push the rebellious Omega Into overdrive. It would be a good idea to have Kyle go through some kind of system flush or something so he doesn't succumb. Cause that might kill the story. Unless you wrote it right. but at this point I'm really getting uncertain about where this will end.

Fruanc J.H.
galifray 2 years ago 0
didn't read all of this, its rather long and i don't have much time, but your comparrison between romeo and juliet( kinda off comparing the two) being teens who fall in love, and you mentioning dukes a monster(-Just becuase he's a werewolf doesn't mean he is a monster though-) made me think of Beauty and the Beast. last time i saw that movie i was little, but i remember it all, how i felt in the end, when the beast died, but now that i'm older, i see it as much more dramatic. And, see what the creator of that story was saying.
FruancJH 2 years ago 0
First of all Read something cover to cover before you go making assumptions about it's content. or if you make assumptions early on then correct them as you get more knowledge on what's happened.

Second, I was referring to a different kind of monster. THE KIND OF MONSTER. A monster who takes a person who's already broken down toys with them for a while like they're just a toy and then leaves them when they get bored. And then upon discovering that they are either dead or in a mental institute because of what he did to them and not really caring! that is the kind of monster i'm talking about.

Thirdly I think you're taking this a little out of context. This has nothing to do with D-Day this is a Popular web series not world war two. Also I can't see where this will end because the spectrum I was viewing just got infinitely wider than my mind cares to look into and make theories on.

Aquasian 2 years ago 0
FRUANCJH. OH MY GOD. I have to agree with you. You make a valid argument, though to be honest, I wouldn't take it to that extreme. But, based on what you exude in your writing you are peeved. I agree that Duke can be an ASS and I liked you introspection on the issue about being bitten. It does seem like Anthony's the noble one, the one who grew up. It seems like he out of all of them is NOT HAPPY xD. Though even if it may seem like a "the world screwed me over so I'm going to screw the world," he has his reasons, his intentions. With this little inch of time, it seems like Duke's situation is just making life worse for Kyle. After all, the pheromones are starting to take into effect signalling the start of more CHAOS. But anyways, I definitely agree with you on the whole him being a "repressed alpha." Though, we can only wish. It may or may not happen. Only time will tell, like GALIFRAY has said. I'm glad you picked up on the lack of emotion with his past playthings, it just really makes it that much more suck-ish for Duke. Oh, did I mention, he's an ASS (mocking Cindy). Bwahahaha. On a side note, I have to give you props CROWNEDCLOWN13. You did a good job playing with rhyme here: "Kyle was resistant, strong and persistent." Furthermore, the way you ended it made it all the better. It seems like all HELL is going to break loose soon, and hopefully not with Kyle's WILL. All in all, I look forward to see what will happen. Although I may find an ounce of pity for Duke, he still needs to GROW UP and become a better MAN, rather than this self-absorbed, arrogant prick.
FruancJH 2 years ago 0
Peeved doesn't begin to describe it.... hehe, More like *a book of words for irritated and highly flaberghasted later* My brain hurts. Cause I usually can see the path ahead to a certain extent but as of right now all I can see happening are things that I don't want to see happening so I've just kind of shut down and stopped, looking entirely.

As for GALIFRAY, that person really needs to read something once through before commenting in the negative, or the corrective stance. Because as I'm sure you're aware I explain my reasoning.

Duke is in my mind a monster in some rights and a grown person who still thinks like a child in both good ways and very bad ways. But Kyle is changing that. Duke still thinks he's going to get what he wants, but to be honest I really hope he doesn't get what he wants because there in lies the greatest potential for him to grow. As well as the greatest potential for Kyle to survive. If things keep on as they are going Kyle's will is going to falter and brake then he'll be just another one of the play things. Duke will leave him sooner or late and when he does. I hope that Kyle has enough mental strength to Bust out of the mind control. The worst case scenario is that Kyle gets turned while he is broken in hopes that it will fix things when in fact it will only make a submissive Duke worshipping werewolf who has the potentail to give Duke what for in the event that he should ever so much as look at another human toy again. thought that might actaully be good in a way. Even worser senario Duke turns him and Kyle goes and becomes exactly what duke is. a childish abuser of his fellow human kind, but you would think that he being who he is would have greater empathy for them. I don't know my brain isn't working right. those are all terrible ideas for out comes.
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
Whooooaaa...wall of text. ok where to start...

Im kinda honored you care enough about the story to voice and take the time to write all of these things!

umm...shit where to start, yeah Duke isnt exactly the world...greatest person. he's after what he wants and he plans of getting it, not exactly noble, but all around very human and somewhat relatable, even if the mind control and stuff makes him a bit worse for wear.

Scott is not dead, umm Duke doesnt want to reply to your remarks, and yeah, Duke can be a bit cold, but he's honest about iot at least :P haha im not sure what else to say *re-reads wall of text*

you've given me alot to think about, its kinda funny to se all the stuff i ned to close up as a text and not just a few stray thought XD haha

a million thank you's again!
FruancJH 2 years ago 0
Yeah about that sorry for exploding at you like that. It just kind of happened. I've also been extremely anilitical of late. But hey you're still writing it so it's cool. at least you get to tackle these things early right?



Fruanc J.H.
Hammerfist 2 years ago 0
Interesting... I'm really looking forward to what happens at the football game. I hope all hell breaks loose. *rubs hands together in gleeful anticipation*
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
lol anticipating evil and action? haha glad you like it!
Silverblade18 2 years ago 0
* Whines * I wish there was more to this one...I can hardly wait for the next one... I am officially hooked!
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
hehe always good to hear ;) haha glad you like it! thanks for commenting!
galifray 2 years ago 0
so, your stories keep saying no-yiff. how long till you drop the 'no'? ;)
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
*shrug* i dunno, i might ned to make a fan fic to add yiff, im not sure which ending im giving it, there are like 5 in my head lol
RuthofPern 2 years ago 0
Dammit....I always end up here at the bottom because you Americans keep uploading in my night!!

Excelent as always, but then you know that. I am actually home at a sensible enough time this evening to run the edit on it should be back with you soon.
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
:D thank you! and sorry! if i could push you to the top i would! lol technically, you are first to comment! haha :3 *bear hugs*
FruancJH 2 years ago 0
It's because we americans don't sleep. I commented on this at like one o clock ish in the morning.
Shirochi Snowpaw 2 years ago 0
6:18 am for me. I'm just going to take Anthony and have my way with him, then maybe he'll learn humans aren't so bad. xP maybe he can bite me, I wouldn't disagree to that.
Gritou 2 years ago 0
Excellent work! We learn a bit more about Duke's family, and who would have thought they weren't always werewolves? Anthony also rise in my esteem, he looks less like a jerk after a little explanation, but Duke fall deep after what happened to his previous playthings... Maybe he truly love Kyle, but he must realize he may "break" him if he don't pay attention, and that Kyle may not be ready to throw away all his life to follow him...
I love it! Keep up the good work!
robin100 2 months ago 0
We don't hae many details, but I'm glad to know more about this uncle.
Excellent mental seeds and descriptions, I didn't think Duke's manipulations went that far.
robin100 2 months ago 0
We don't hae many details, but I'm glad to know more about this uncle.
Excellent mental seeds and descriptions, I didn't think Duke's manipulations went that far.