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24 Dec 2011

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The adventures of Mark Steelheart: Wake-up Call

#2 of Adventure's of Mark Steelheart



(  ) = Character thought  


"  " = Human speech


'  ' = Telepathy between characters


{   } = Pokemon speech


/// = scene switch



Chapter 1


There was nothing but the creature in front of him, and the mud beneath his feet. All else was covered in shadow. A beast that stood taller than him. The creature crossed its arms in front of its jet black chest, and powered its claws with shadow. As the Zoroark charges, he brings his sword up to block the attack, but to his horror, the blade dissolves under the power of the attack. (This is it, it's over.) The human closes his eyes, gives his last prayer. 




He wakes up in his room at the Pokemon Center with a start. The feeling of hopelessness fading from his mind when he realizes that it was just a dream. 


'I'm telling you, just let me use Dream Eater on you, and these nightmares will stop bothering you,' a young woman's voice said, as if from nowhere. The man cracks his his off-color eyes, his right a light sky-blue the other a dark forest-green, to see the familiar form of his Mismagnus hovering over him.


"Ha. You just want to see how they taste." He said with a ghost of a smile creeping onto his lips, while getting out of the bed. 


At this, the Mismagnus let out a soft laugh, 'Oh Mark, you always seem to know what I really want,' looking at him with puppy-dog eyes. He was looking back at her with a serious expression on his face. He was just unable to stop himself from laughing. Hard. Making the Ghost-type start to crack up as well.


Once he finally got control of himself again, "Hehe. Hey, Saria, you know where Amber and Cairn went off to?" Saria gave her best pondering face, making Mark stifle another laugh. After a few moments, she looked back at Mark, 'I believe they went to the spa room in the basement.' She said, floating over to the couch.


"There's a spa room?"


'Wellllll.' looking back at him, 'it might have been a pool. Than Amber arrived, so it is defiantly a spa room now.' She said with a smile on her face.


Mark just sighed, and stretching as he walked over to the bathroom in nothing but a pair of shorts. That is when he heard her laughing, and giving a small whistle, 'the view from back here is F. I. N. E. If you know what I mean.' The Mismagnus said with a devious smile working its way onto her lips. Mark looked back at her with a smile, flashing he sparkling white teeth, catching her only a little off-guard.


With a short laugh, "This is as much as you will ever see," he said in a slightly sing-songy voice, just as he started to flex his toned, yet scared, body for her.


'Ohhh, you are such a tease' Saria said with another mock pout on her face.


Mark just laughed at that, and closed the bathroom door. As he turned on the shower, letting it get up to temperature, he took a quick glance in the mirror.


Mark was, perhaps, not the most muscular trainer out there, but there was almost no extra 'shape' on his frame. All the walking from town-to-town-city-to-city had an obvious effect on his physique. The hair on his head was as black as a moonless night, and just shy of shoulder length, with the makings of a beard showing on his chin. His body was covered in various scars: on his chest, he had a single scar placed at an angle over his sternum, very much as if a Scyther had taken a slash at him, and two gun-shot wounds; his back was even worse with multiple scars over his back, including  a burn that never properly healed; and than there was his face, there were three parallel cuts over his right eye, going down his neck to his shoulder. 


Mark just shook his head, while pushing the memory of how he had gotten his many scars back into the recesses of his mind.


When the shower hit the proper temperature, he stopped his reminiscing and hopped into the shower, grabbing the soap as he went. After he finished his shower, he stood in front of the mirror wearing his towel, debating wether or not he should shave. After a short battle between whether he should shave or not shave, he just sighed, grabbed his razor and started shaving. 


As he finished, tapping the razor on the side of the sink, he felt a presence behind him. Turning around, he looked at the empty bathroom behind him. Glancing around, Mark just sighed, "Saria, what are you up to?"


He heard a giggling in his mind, and he just smiled. 'Awww. Ever since we bonded, I can't sneak up on you anymore.' She said, appearing out of the wall in front of him, with a mock pout on her lips but mirth in her eyes.


Mark just shook his head, smiling, and threw on a pair of grey warm-up's (they're like sweat-pants, but have a water-proof lining on them) and a red tee, that had a picture of an eagle on the front. Then he threw a ring onto his right ring-finger, just a small silver band with a simple design on it, nothing fancy or elaborate. To finish off his morning ritual, he put on a necklace, a small simple silver crucifix on an equally simple silver chain and ran his fingers through his slightly unruley hair. 


Tucking his necklace into his shirt, he headed out of his room, followed by Saria who was floating behind him.


"Where did you say those two trouble-makers were again?" Mark asked, turning towards his Ghostly partner. 


'Down in the pool area.' She said without hesitation.


"Ah-ha. That's right," Mark said, and walked towards the steps leading down to the pool area. Even at the top of the steps, he could see the steam coming up from below.


(Looks like someone is enjoying themself) Mark thought as walked down the stone steps, which curved in a slight spiral to the right.


Reaching the bottom of the steps, Mark was caught quite off-guard his mouth dropping open, while Saria just barley kept herself from howling with laughter. She still couldn't help herself from snickering however.


The reason Mark was shocked into speechlessness, a Ninetails, getting massaged by a two girls in bikini's.


"Amber?" was the first coherent thought that came to his mind, and he said it before he could stop himself.


The nearly pure white Ninetails opened her eyes, and lazily looked up at her trainer.


'Hello Mark,' she said, with a smile coming to her muzzle. The voice that spoke, was smoother than any silk, and entered Mark's mind like warm wax. Something that feels good, yet could bring pain if desired. With him, however, she brought only warmth.

Mark casually walking over to his Ninetails, the two girls giggled to each other and with a final brush, walked away before Mark could say anything. Tilting his head to the side a bit and looking at the lazing canine, "I always thought you hated being touched." 


At this, Amber just gave a soft laugh, the warm feelings entering his mind again. 'I could tell that they knew what they were doing,' looking up at her trainer, while still laying down 'and I saw they were eager to give me anything I could have wanted.'  


Mark just gave a warm chuckle, bending down to give his Ninetails a hug, "All you have to do is ask, you know?" 


Flicking her eyes at him, 'Yes. But your hands aren't as skillful as theirs were.' 


Mark just gave another laugh, and planted a kiss right on her forehead. 


While she enjoyed the kiss, a thought entered her mind, 'Isn't such contact frowned upon?' Looking at her trainer, who was now eye level with her.


"Only if we go any further," he told her in a whisper that only she could hear.


Amber just shook her head, got up and stretched. First bending down as if she was bowing, than stretching forward to get her back legs.


"On another note." Mark said standing up himself, the heat from her body loosening his body, "You know where Cairn got himself off to?"


The Ninetails looked off to the right, with Mark's eyes following where she was looking. 'I believe he is in the room over there.'


"Allright, thanks Amber," giving her a little ruffle on her head that he knew she didn't like.


'I hate it when you do that,' she said shaking her head so the fur fell back into place, 'it makes me feel like a pup again.'


"That's kinda the point." At which the Ninetails just gave a huff, and with her nine tails held high, started her way back towards their room.


Allowing himself another chuckle, he walked over to the room where Amber had said Cairn was. When Mark opened the door, he felt more at peace immediately. As he looked into the room, he noticed that there were two Medichams meditating, and a Mienshao with two Mienfoo sleeping on her lap. Walking quietly, so as to not disturb the various Pokemon, he started looking for Cairn.


When Mark found him though, he almost wished he hadn't. As Mark looked through the bushes, he saw his Cairn meditating with a look of true serenity on his face. Cairn is a Lucario, but he wasn't the normal blue fur, off-yellow chest, black stripes Lucario though. He was all black, head-to-toe, with only his dark-blue eyes, and white teeth not being black. His chest was not a black either, but more of a dark white, or light grey. And the area's that were supposed to be blue, weren't a pure black either, but was more of a steel-grey color.


The Lucario had sensed his trainer though, and letting out a sigh, opened his eyes. "Hello Mark," the Lucario said. 


"Hiya Cairn," Mark said with an apologetic look in his eyes, "if I had known you were meditating..." Before he could finish that thought however.


"It is no worry. I was just finishing up anyways." Cairn said, standing up from his cross-legged position. Looking over at his Trainer, Cairn made a motion as if to say "are you ready?"


Mark gave another small sigh, turning to walk out. The Lucario falling into place three steps back, and two steps to the right. They walked past the front desk of the Pokemon Center, the Nurse Joy behind the counter giving them a smile and a nod. Mark and Cairn both nodded back to her.


Upon entering his room, Amber and Saria started to pester Mark with telepathic questions.


'Are we leaving soon?'


'What took you so long?'


After what seemed like an eternity, but was in reallity only ten seconds, Mark just held his hand up stopping the relentless assault almost immediately.


Taking a deep breath, "Listen, we're, what? A day's walk, from Goldenrod City." Taking another deep sigh, they were going to miss Johto. Of that he was sure. Looking at the three Pokemon in front of him, Mark knew it was going to be a long day.




So, how did I do? Please vote and comment.


I also need a good title for the series, and some name suggestions for other Pokemon.

I'll be posting an edited journel someday soon :P


And have a very merry Holiday Season :)


And thanks for reading 



Legal stuff: Pokemon is registered to GameFreak. I do not own Pokemon, or have any affiliation with the company.

Original charecters, Mike/ Amber/ Cairn/ Saria and others in the future, are mine and my own ideas. Please feel free to use them to your hearts content

strikeforce4 2 years ago 0
love it cant wait for more its got potenail lol bad spelling
Alex Kitsune 2 years ago 0
Thank you :)
TheFear 2 years ago 0
not bad, I would like to see more.
Terraphage 2 years ago 0
To sum it up, a line from my fav song:
"Nice work you did,
You're gonna go far, kid"
-The offspring
Love that song.
And go far you will. However good a single story may be, however unique and exciting it is, that's worth nothing next to potential, and i see a shitload in this.
The sentence structure is great, and i'm unnaturally endeared to your characters (idunno why), so great characterisation.
My one (constructive) criticism is you seem much more focussed on your main character interactions and less on the scenery around them. Usually a background character bumping into a main character going about their business or stepping around them with an "excuse me" does the trick, allowing the main character to watch them head off wherever to do whatever and allowing you to describe the destination and people around.
But this is a really great story, and i have really strange criteria for favs (Even Xianyu has yet to make my list (i know you've got a lot mate, and there must be a dozen i'd love, but i can't be fucked going through all of the... what, +100 stories u hav?))but this is up there.

I thought i'd just return the favour you did of reading my stories by reading some of your material.

Saw your little thing about commenting on other people's work at the bottom of your profile (i did a big rant just like that... maybe a bit longer) and i was like:
This guy gets it. It's not often you get the kind of guy who really appreciates the effort people go to to write stories, and i can tell:
You're gonna make a lot of people real happy with that attitude.
Now if you will excuse me, the Fav/watch buttons and i have a little unfinished business... (Life with dial-up. What. A. Bitch!)
I'm not winning this fight... add me a theoretical watch and fav until i can get the button working...
Alex Kitsune 2 years ago 0
thank you :D
I am actually writing the next chapter, gonna bring in a new partner, an Umbreon.
I will take into account the scenery, and do a better job at describing the going's on in the world around the main characters :)

P.S. next chapter will be taking place in San Fransico, using only GoogleMap images as reference :P
Terraphage 2 years ago 0
And you better make more of this... or else i will find you.
U CAN'T HIDE FROM MY AURA! Shit, i'm a dragon now, right...
Just continue with this and we can all keep our limbs and appendages, r'right?
Alex Kitsune 2 years ago 0
why would I want to hide?
I have always wanted to meet a dragon ^.^
G-man2014 2 years ago 0
Hmm... I'm interested now. This is a good introduction, you introduced each character in their own unique way and showed what some of their personalities were like, I have to say that I love Cairn, he's pretty chill. Hope I get to read more soon
Alex Kitsune 2 years ago 0
Yeah, I have chapter three almost done. It's already 5k word >.<
almost triple what this story was. and chapter four is going the same way, that's already 1000 words unto itself.

I just write when I feel like it, no time-table really :P
G-man2014 2 years ago 0
Wow, it's the same for me but I try to find time for it but a lot of things get in the way. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you my friend.
Drakkin 2 years ago 0
HA! i love it. im really honest when i say its exactly my kind of story. ^=^