24 Dec 2011

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Posted 24 Dec 2011 16:58
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I don't know who's creepier

Lupine Assassin or Human Jedi Kid.

Blitzkrieg the Dragon 2 years ago 0
HJK for sure. Here, lemme find the submission he put his most graphic comment on to date. Allan just confines his annoying comments to "SO FUCKING HOT!!!"
hyenafur 2 years ago 0
Oh, Allan has done more than his share of creepiness ever since I've known him, but HJK definatly gives him a run for his money.

There is a reason I have threatened to drag Allan to court on two separate occasions.

HJK is just a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen.
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 2 years ago 0
Gah! I think the submission I had faved with his comment was deleted. I can't find it. It went something like "This is so hot, I came long, hard, hot ropes of jizz right in my pants" or something like that.
hyenafur 2 years ago 0
The submission or his comment? His comment on one of mine was along the lines of how he wanted to fuck my bear in graphic detail.
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 2 years ago 0
The submission.
hyenafur 2 years ago 0
Rags 2 years ago 0
"Fuck my bear in graphic detail"

Now THAT is a phrase I'll probably never hear again.
hyenafur 2 years ago 0
Yeah. It's like the phrase Bear fucker. You'll probably never hear that phrase outside of Super Troopers.
Rags 2 years ago 0
I should make a large compilation of strange phrases found only on SoFurry, then combine them and then post it as it's own story.
Revresbo 2 years ago 0
I would totally read that.
BlackwingDragon 2 years ago 0
HJK. Either a huge retard or the worst troll ever.
hyenafur 2 years ago 0
I'm guessing both. Though some of what he says sounds like shit Allan would say.
BlackwingDragon 2 years ago 0
Naw. Allan was a pussy. Begging for money "BECAUSE HE WAS FREEZING AND HAD NOTHING TO EAT!" and then got awfu furry porn of his generic furry character.
I talked to him a few times, then he suddenly does a face turn, blocks me as a "bad influence" [HAHAHAHAHAHA] and pretends to be an all changed, fixed man =3.
hyenafur 2 years ago 0
I tried to help him. I got him to enlist, and he washed out due to medical. Then he steals my character and uses him for porn, and when I confront him, he acted like he was the victim and never owned up to it. After that, he wouldn't leave me alone and wouldn't stop trying to drag me into his drama. So I told him to sever contact else I would take him to court for IP infringement. That stopped him, then he starts stalking me here. He even admitted to whacking off to my real body meme pic. I told him to leave me alone else I would drag his ass to court for sexual harassment, IP theft, and stalking.
hyenafur 2 years ago 0
I do know that if I ever catch him wearing any part of his old military uniform, I will kick his ass. He washed out during basic because of medical, which happens, but it doesnt entitle you to wear the uniform or get your fursona depicted in it.
BlackwingDragon 2 years ago 0
Wat, that generic black wolf was your sona? how does one go from sexy egyptian jackal-thingie to unoriginal black wolf ?_?
Or was that "his take" ? Cuz he's just that bland.
not meaning to insult you here ofc Xd.
hyenafur 2 years ago 0
No, he stole my Egyptian hyena last year and used him for porn, running around AC and claiming he had my permission.
carlos_penguin 2 years ago 0
Human Jedi Kid?

He has other logins to bypass bans: Human Jet Kid, Human Kid Jet that I know of.
Altoryu 2 years ago 0
Oh dear god, other people being harassed by him? Already done so on like 3 commissions I have, though 2 were on the artists page themselves. He must be clueless or just plain stupid cause I have told him all three times that I wasn't interested in him.

He is rampant on Aaron/Psychoram's work and some of the comments he makes just makes me want to facepalm sometimes cause how stupid he is sometimes just cannot be expressed in words.