27 Dec 2011

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Posted 27 Dec 2011 09:17
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2 Christmas Poem

A Prayer for the Lost and Forgotten

Merry Christmas to all and to all great cheer
but do not forget others this year
at time of grieving and time of loss
for many could not bear their gross
for those who have lost a loved one this time
let us say for them this caring rhyme
for some lost to fear and despair
because no one came to say "I care."
I pray for those who chose to end their journey
and noe the are in heaven for all eternity


A Prayer Of Memory

In the rush, mayhem, and chaos
the meaning of Christmas is at a loss
many Rush panic and push
when all they need is a good shush.
So pause with me and bow your head
and remember lord Jesus' first bed
marry did not complain or moan
because int eh lord she was not alone
so remember the gift of gods own son
for in his love no sin is done
that is the meaning of Christmas my friend
because it was never about how much you spend
the meaning is love, hope and joy
given by god's bayby boy!

Antichrist 2 years ago 0
Actually, neither Jesus or Christianity has anything AT ALL to do with Christmas. It is actually a heathen celebration, with roots from Babylon. And the story of Christmas being Jesus' birthday is well proven false, it was a lie made up by a pope in The Middle Age that wanted to "Christian" the heathen celebration also known as Yule or Yuletide ("Yule-time") in Europe.

My proof is linked here:
GladiatorW07f 2 years ago 0
Seeing is not believing, Believing is seeing. :) So i wish you a merry CHRISTmas and happy new year.

Just because the pope picked the date does not mean that Jesus was not born unto us in the city of David as a gift to all man kind! :) For god so loved the world that he gave up his only son Jesus Christ so that we might be forgiven out sins.
Antichrist 2 years ago 0


Erasing my comments only confirms your evil nature as a christian! :-(
GladiatorW07f 2 years ago 0
First: Please Calm Down. Just because i am removing comments does not make them right or wrong.

Second: If you want to dehumanize me, try doing that when i am not volunteering at local homeless shelters and hospitals.

Third: I have offered you grounds to face me in debate twice now. If you refuse my challenge of wits then you are the one hiding in cowardice. Cowardice is the lack of courage to face a foe.

Fourth: Just because i have faith, does not mean i am without logic or reason. See the example of me offering civil ends to this 'discussion'. Though I will ad mit to not being entirely sane, no person is 100% sane at any time.

Fifth: I am not evil, and Christianity is not inherently evil. You may have had a run in with some true Zealots, but i assure you that most people are not that crude or mean. Many Catholics are rather nice people and reclusive about speaking about their religion when they know some one is not comfortable hearing about it.