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28 Dec 2011

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Posted 28 Dec 2011 23:30
Last edited 29 Dec 2011 20:46
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Date: 2011:12:02 14:25:32

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Rarity Plushie

Rarity was our second plushie, and as we speak she should be on her way, or has already arrived at her new owner's place.

She's been hand sewn (except for the seams on her mane) using soft fleece and stuffed polyester filling. No iron on transfers on this girl, her eyes and cutie mark have been fabric painted and embroidered.

Close up of her face:
Close up of her cutie mark:

Made by Aniiksa

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Jonathan Kyrie Kelsara 2 years ago 0
Rarity <3
Zomigoodness, she'll always be my favorite. This is a million times better than the stuff Hasbro makes. :D