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Chapter 5:Surprise Long Time No See

#1 of chapter

Not my story, jango71'sstory, we are making a joint story.


Chapter 5 : Surprise Long Time No See

   It's been a week wince the talk with Leonard hope he's alright wasn't at school today. Well hope he gets better or something, I was almost to my door I grabbed my keys and enter my house all I could see and hear was my daddy Jacob on the phone talking to someone.

"Hi dad who are you talking too?" I asked wondering

 "One of my old time friends Wes." he said in a happy mood.

"Who's Wes?"

"Oh yeah you don't know him, he's a bull terrier version of me, we went to the same high school before I left with Louis."

"Oh ok well I'm going to get the mail."

"K sweetie"

   Well this guy name Wes sound nice maybe one day I'll get to meet him well anyway I got to the mail box and there was mail accuse and a small box. I went throughout the mail and gave it to Jacob even the box. About have way to my room Jacob called me.

"Hold on Jake this package is for you." after that Louis came in.

"For me?... who's it from?"

"Don't know all it says that it's from the government"

"Probably about my parent or something" I said in a stressful voice as I open the package and reveal picture of a  military wolf in Iraq. The wolf looked familiar but couldn't think straight of whom it was. When I skinned throughout he pics, there was a letter so I read it.

Dear Jake,

   I know it's been five years since I seen you and you probably don't want to write back but I don't care, I love you too much to not write, any ways I'm writing you this letter because I wanted to say I'm sorry for ditching you that night. I should've known they were going to do that to you so I'm coming to new York to come see you, I'll be there at October 5. I can't wait to see you; I hope you'll forgive me for what I did. But no matter what l will always still love you, see yah soon



   I dropped the letter when I found out who Tyler was. Jacob was the first one to speak Louis was smiling assuming he knew who it was. "Well who was it."

" brother." Jacob was shocked to hear.

"WAIT WAIT, you have a brother?! And you didn't want to tell me this?!" He said excited, I wasn't I went up to my room slammed the door.


   What just happen? He got a letter from his brother why was he upset, it took me a mouth to find his brother and write a letter to his brother about what happen when he was gone. I looked at my calendar and realized that today was the day that his brother was coming luckily that house was already cleaned thanks to Jacob's free time. So I went up to find out the problem.

   I got to his room and opened the door and all I could see was Jake lying on his bed staring at the ceiling which was the sign that he was upset. "Hey there sport why so upset your long gone brother is coming today. Aren't you excited?"

 "Do you want the truth or the lie?" he said like people would say in the movies

"What wrong with him?"

"Nothing it's just...when I found out it was my brother that when my memories came to vision

   (Mom and dad were urging I. The living room with my brother Tyler in the conversation he was 18 years old and he want to join the military for a better future for him but his parents refused and dad punched him in the stomach a d tossed him to his room and locked it shut. Then he saw me then yelled at me "THE FUCK YOU LOOKING AT!!! GO TO BED!!!" I did didn't want to end up like Tyler. I fell asleep, it was the middle of the night when I was woked up " psst, Jake wake up" I woke up to see my brother in my room with a bag on his back he hugged me tightly and whispered " I love you Jake and I promise to come back for you." I was still confused on what was going on I was only 8 years old "Tyler" was all I could say but then he opened my window and he was halfway out. I said it again "Tyler?" he looked back at me in tears then he turned back and closed the window shut and walked off.)

   I told Louis the story as soon I go done with the story Louis gave me a comforting hug and said "The pass was the pass sweetie, I have an old saying that might help you in life, happiness is a better feeling than sadness."That's when the metaphor help me smile again I heard the door bell rig and yelled I got it even though I was upstairs. I ran downstairs thinking it was Leonard and opened the door.

   As soon as I opened the door there was a wolf a foot taller than me with the same eyes and same color of fur but in a military outfit with his polished boots and stood right in front of me. Then I realized it was Tyler!!! "Jake?" was all Tyler said but right he said that I grabbed him and hugged him so tightly

"Tyler!! I missed you!!!... and yes I forgive you and I love you!" I said in a happy tone then Tyler hugged back and said "I missed you too and I love you too."

   When we got done hugging I brought him to one of our couches and sat down right after that my dad's started to greet each other "Hello were his adopted parents, I'm Louis and this is Jacob." Tyler got a big surprise of how strong Jacob really was "Oh yeah I don't give hand shake to everyone I give hugs." he said playfully then but Tyler down almost breathless. Then I started asking multiples of questions "How yah been? Are you done with the military? What haven't you write to me all these years?!?!"

"Whoa, whoa slow down... and I'll explain everything." he takes a deep breath.

"Jake the reason why I haven't written to you is because I was afraid that since I left you with those demons you didn't want to see me again but when I got a letter from Louis he told me what happen to you and I'm sorry. I'm so sorry that I wasn't there to protect you from them!" he said now in tear. He looked away from me ashamed that he couldn't do anything to stop them.

"Tyler look at me." He didn't do nothing he was still looking away from me

"Tyler please look at me." No starting to cry a little, he finally looks at me

"I already forgiven you, for five years I forgiven you and if you don't believe me I'll say again in front of you, I forgive you." he gave me a huge hug and licks me on the ear. All of a sudden his ride honks the horn."Well it's time for to go." he let go of me and then stood up.

"Wait what?!?! You're leaving?!?!? You're not done?!?!"

 "No I have to finish the rest of my military time I only have a few months left then I'm done I promise to come back" I could help but hug him as tightly as I could and whisper "Pinky promise?" he hugged back and whispered " pinky promise and no matter what I will always love you and remember no matter how far I am I'm always in here"He said as he was pointing to my heart. "Goodbye Jake."He said as he walked to the car and the driven took off. "Good bye Tyler." I said in a lower voice with my head down. Then my dad's gave me a comfort hug and said to me "It's alright he'll come back I know it, and tomorrow pack your thing were going on a road trip." Louis interrupted "Do you think that was the best time to say that?!" He said in a angry tone "Sorry sugar I thought that would cheer him up."He said looked like he almost shit his pants. "It did cheer up dad don't worry, I know he'll come back. So where are we heading too?" Louis joined in. "Yeah were?"" We're going to see are old friends Wes and Blake!" " Haven't seen them for a while sure". With that said I went up stairs and started packing, I got done an hour later could decide what to wear. I went down stairs and started cooking. I decide to make pork chops with mashed potatoes and gravy with corn. I got done with diner as soon as I put the food on the table like almost practiced my dads rush down the stairs took their seats and started gulping down. I didn't even sit down yet and they were upstairs and they beat me, "Am I really that good at cooking?" I thought to myself. But any ways before I sat down I went to the fridge and grabbed some milk my dads wanted some too so I poorer some in there glass. Half hour later we were all stuffed, Jacob belched a loud one and said "BOY!! This was the best pork chops I ever eaten!!!!!" Louis just shook his head his mouth was still filled with mashed potatoes and gravy. I started to blush a little and started to speak "I'm not that good." Jacob yelled "But you are you have to make this more often...not all the time I mean like twice a month or something." "k I will" I said no never appreciated me on my cooking, when my dad finished eating, I got up and started putting up the dishes but got stopped by daddy. "Hold on their kiddo. You cooked for us now were going to clean for yah, go ahead to bed sweetie we have a LONG trip ahead of us tomorrow."

"Ok, night dad, night daddy. I love you." I said as I gave each one a hug to my dads and each of them gave me a kiss tonight. And I went to bed.


   It was Monday and my daddy came to my room to wake me up "Hey sleepy beauty wake up we gatta get going we have a long journey ahead of us." I looked at my clock to see the time. It was 5:00 am I went back to sleep too tire to get up then I heard my dad saying something "Welcome to MMA were you see Jacob do his killer plow drive."

"You wouldn't"

"Oh I would ask Louis" I see Louis in pain on his back in my room saying.

"Yep he would...owe." I believed him and got up and got dressed quickly and grabbed a quick breakfast and drove off.

   3 pm and we are not there yet, half an hour ago we got some long at McDonald Louis and Jacob got a angus third pounder while I stuck with a chicken salad. No matter where I got to, I always pick the healthy choices. All I did dude the driving was look out the window and dream off into space thinking about Leonard. I looked at my phone and realized I had a missed message. It was from Leonard it said "Sorry I've been gone a week got the flu. Be back to school by Monday c ya" well at lease he was ok now I have to tell him that I'll be gone for a while so I did then he texted me back " k well have fun." he text then I put my phone up and started to feel tire don't know why but every time I'm in a car for a long time I fall asleep. So I started to close my eyes slowly and drifted off to sleep.

5:00 pm, Louis

   It has been awhile since I heard Jake say anything. So I looked back of the car to se Jake already asleep, he looked so cute when he's asleep. I brought some blankets incase if we needed it I took one out and place it over Jake and gave him a lick on the forehead. I turn down the radio so it wouldn't wake him up and Jacob started to say "Why did you turn off the radio my favorite song was on." I only replied "Cause Jake fell asleep I didn't want to wake him up."


"Yeah don't know why, maybe he had a rough time sleeping or something." I said wonder then asked the question that's gets Jacob annoyed which makes me entertain "Are we there yet?" I got a moan from him which made me smile.

10:00 pm, Jacob

    Man it's getting late, luckily we were a few minutes away to their house, Louis was still awake to keep me comfort while Jake on the other hand still was fast asleep.

I turn into the net roads that had no houses but one, it was huge!! "This can't be right!" I thought to myself. I drove up to the driveway and put it on park and turn off the engine Louis and I left Jake in the car till we found out if this is the right destination I right the door bell and minutes letter I see a face that I remember. It was gale!

"Hello, who is...."He started then yelled in excitement.

"Oh my gosh, Jacob Louis!" he said now hugging me.
   I couldn't help it but hugged so tight he would've pop. But got stopped buy one of my old time friends " Jacob how yah been bud?!" it was Wes he didn't look any different from we last visit him. Louis come in and tells me "Honey let's get Jake bed then we'll talk."

   Right after I see another Old time friend Blake walking down the stairs "Jake who's Jake?"
Louis reply "He's our son."

"you two finally got a child, took you long enough" he said playfully

"Do you mind if we put him in the guest room?"


   Louis grabbed him and took him to the guest room. He looks so cute when he's asleep. He took him to bed and not long we did too.


   I woke up early in the morning as always but I notice some I'm not in my room Louis and Jacob are sleeping with me I did want to wake them up but I was able to sneak out of the cuddle. And explore and know where I'm at. I open the door and the first thing I see and a long decretive hallway like you see in fancy houses. I explore some more, there house is huge! I was amazed on how fancy it was. Then I heard my stomach growl "Better go find the kitchen." I thought and went down stairs. I found it finally took me a while; found a glass of water and an apple to fill me up. I sat the cup next to me and took a bite in the apple then I heard a voice that made me jump.
"Morning" said a white tiger right behind me

I did jump a little "Sorry I thought I was alone I didn't see you there, and good morning to you too." I said kind of nervous

"You must be Jake I'm Gale. " He said and put his hand up for me to shake so I shook back

"Hi nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too, how did you meet Jacob and Louis ."

I didn't care about what happen back then and I was alright telling him. When I got done realize I wasn't crying this time maybe because I have a new family to love. Then he told me about his. Turn out his parents died when he was 5.

 "Oh, I'm so sorry for yah."

"It's ok I'm glad with this family and I love them all of them even my fiancé Drago."

"Wait you getting married?"

"Yeah he proposed to me yesterday," He showed his ring to me and it was beautiful

"Wow congratulation."

"Thanks well I better get started making everyone some breakfast."
Mind if I help you?"

"Sure "

With that said I washed my hands and grabbed some eggs and we both made breakfast.


Hope you like jango71's story.

Jango Steel 2 years ago 0
I know I do lol jk It took a while to set this up hope you all enjoy