01 Jan 2012

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Posted 01 Jan 2012 00:09
Last edited 01 Jan 2012 00:14
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Cetaceans and Dragon

oKay that's a random picture a drew with myself as a waterdragon in it. They kinda show affection for each other, maybe a few are a lil scared surprisingly. Toumal (c) himself Artwork (c) myself

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Duo Theus 2 years ago 0
Love the expressions
Survion 2 years ago 0
Was my idea *hides*
Duo Theus 2 years ago 0
Well I like it, though the expression reminds me of the ones I get when I give others butt slaps
Eodred 2 years ago 0
Why so scared Toumal?

Very very nice Survion. Love the expression on Toumal's face and the detail in the dragon. Course blue is my favorite ;)
Survion 2 years ago 0
Mhm, blue is also my favorit *mmmmrrrr*, is why i'm blue too :3
Thanks :3
Rohen 2 years ago 0
The color of the dragon's body is what I found most alluring, while indeed, Toumal's expression was most humorous. Well done. 5/5
Survion 2 years ago 0
Mrrrrr *wriggles his allureing body* Thank you very much :3
Rohen 2 years ago 0
Sigh, what I would not give to have my panther portrayed in such glory. This kitty is most sad. But again, most excellent work
Alastar Aindreas 2 years ago 0
I guess ol' orca-butt isn't used to taking big, sexy dragons. XD Ah, come on, Toumal, take it like an experienced buttsmexer!

Well, I might be jumping on the bandwagon here, but very nice. Sexy, yet at the same time, funny. *Wonders what the orca himself will think about this one*

Edit: Love the feet on the orca, not sure why, but webbed feet have always appealed to me greatly.

Survion 2 years ago 0
Well,he and i are not yet close enough to "enter the matrix" :P
i'm wondering too, he didn't reply to me yet, yo i think he might has a good time celebrating new year or something :3
Yeah he complained a lil about the feet, because his feet are normally like human ones, but i deided to not edit it, cause i found it kinda nice.

Thank you :3
Casanova 2 years ago 0
Awww, it's clean :P

... Is Toumal crying? XD
Survion 2 years ago 0
clean, there was never another adult version of it.
And yes kinda, but he's more scared than crying XD
Casanova 2 years ago 0
It was called a "Joke" Surv. :P

What would be scared of? You'd be a good master to him ;)
Aquilla Whitegate 2 years ago 0
Woah! That is about enough said, and the expression on that anthro orca about says it all, and what that water dragon is going to do to him.
Survion 2 years ago 0
Maybe, you're right :P
Thanks :3
Toumal 2 years ago 0
Eeep! Totally forgot to reply! Thanks for that wonderful pic, I love it ^_^
singemylover 2 years ago 0
You are the most gorgeous, and sexy, Marine Dragon I have ever seen! Keep up the astounding work! Instafave. Watch. 5/5.
YFM7777 1 year ago 0
very nice J.O.B.
Survion 1 year ago 0
Thank you o..o