01 Jan 2012

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Have a happy 2012 My Dear Furrys

For those of you who don't know:
Leon is/belongs to Leonirikuz
Drake is/belongs to Suicidedragon
 Taliana is/belongs to Taliana 
Diego/Dee is/belongs to D Ocelot
Jese is/belongs to  JA RedWolf
    Chris /Gurin is/belongs to Just Gurin (Me)
Rhyan & Holland also belongs to Me

Chapter 1: Change in Venue

It was 2011 ,just around 11:45 ,and I was just walking in the house. Leon, Drake, Taliana, Dee and I had just come from partying across the time zone. You see we all wanted to spend the New Year with our families and go out partying but couldn't figure out how. So Dee came up with the plan to cross the time zone and party there and then hurry back to our own time zone, so we could still spend the New Years with our families. When I walked in my dad handed me a glass of wine. "Well son I see Dee's plan worked. Did you guys have fun?". I tilted the glass of wine back and finished it in one shot "Yep it was awesome thanks for letting us use your private plane to get there and back" My dad sat down next to my mom " Well my boy being the CEO of a major company has its perks" He gave me a wink and refilled my moms glass of wine. She grabbed her glass of wine and got up to hug me "Did you see any cute guys for yourself" I blushed a bit "Yeah I did but it was the same old guy" My mom gave me her 'I know you too well' look "It was Leon wasn't it" she looked at me and giggled (Me and Leon had met a little over a year ago and I had had a crush on him the day I saw him. Every time I hear his name all  I can see is that cute/sexy face with those gorgeous big brown eyes.  My dad got up and grabbed my shoulder and started shaking me "When are you going to tell him that you like him" I grabbed his shoulders and shook him " I don't know if he is gay or not ,and on top of that he still might not like me"  We stopped shaking each other and my dad looked at me with his serious face " You'll never know until you try. I didn't know if your mom was gonna to like me when I asked her out and look at us now"

I turned around because I heard something coming down the stairs . It was my brother Rhyan (He's sixteen, two years younger than me) "Yeah Chris look at them now old and wrinkly".  My dad picked up Rhyan, sat him on the couch, and then sat on him. "Ahhhh! Dad your squishing me" My dad sat there for a minute to torture him "If you want me to get off you, you have to take back the old and wrinkly comment. Rhyan was turning red (from laughing) "Okay I take it back just get off me I cant breath." Once Rhyan apologized my dad got off of him and let him get his breath back. Rhyan gave my dad those big green eyes (He wanted something) "Hey dad you said that you would give me some wine the next New Year that came around and this is it" I looked at my dad "Well dad you did tell him that last year" My dad gave me the 'Don't push it' look and smiled "Well Rhyan I guess your old enough to have a glass or two with the family from now on" He poured Rhyan a glass full of wine and Rhyan proceeded to sip on his wine in a profession manor. I raised my eyebrows "It looks like your use to doing that Rhyan" He just looked at me and giggled "Maybe I am maybe I'm not, who knows" He stuck his tongue out and continued his wine. Its 11:59:50 and we started the count down. (I think I will skip 10-6) We all counted down  "5....4.....3....2...1 Happy New Year" Then we proceed with usual things our family does on New Years. My dad had always made a pizza to start the new year. We ate the pizza and drunk wine, we shot fireworks with the neighbors and my dad shot his gun into the air (and no one was killed yay). Over all a great night. It was around 1:00 when all our festivities were over and everyone headed up to their room to do their post New Year thing's. (Rhyan chats with his friends on his computer like I do and Our parents usually go in their room and have a sexfest (good thing their room and ours are on different ends of the house) I went into my room , took a quick five minute shower, and hopped on my laptop. I typed in and logged in to my account. I went into the chat room my friend and me had made and we started to chat

Leon was logged in as Leonirikuz,
,Drakes as Suicidedragon, Taliana as himself,
Dee as D Ocelot and  I as Gurin
(This will proceed in chat format)

 >Gurin: Happy New Years you guys
>Suicidedragon: Same to you  Chris
>D Ocelot: So how was your New Years with your families you guys
>Leonirikuz: Same as usually we got toasted and shot fire works XD
>Suicidedragon: My mom had some expensive wine imported and Taliana and I played the Wii
>D Ocelot: So Drake I take it that you and Taliana had New Years Sex ;D
>Taliana: No.............Maybe.............Yes
>Leonirikuz: I could of told you that Dee
>D Ocelot: I know I just wanted to see Taliana's reaction
>Taliana: What's that suppose to mean
>Just Gurin: You guys leave Taliana alone you know he's shy about that sort of thing
>Suicidedragon: The sex was good XP
 >Gurin: Ugh.... Anyway off that subject we had some wine too be we had my dad's legendary homemade pizza to go with ours it was AWESOME
>Leonirikuz: Hey did you guys know that they say what you do on the first day of the new year you end up doing it all that year . guys wanna meet at Chris's house, eat his left over pizza, go to the mall ,and then spend the night in his giant house
>Suicidedragon: I second that emotion
>Taliana: That sounds like fun
>Just Gurin: HEY you guys haven't even asked me if you could stay here yet
>D Ocelot: Sorry Chris our friendship is a democracy and we voted we have 4 of 5 so we win XP
 >Gurin: Ugh you guys are crazy (In a good way) if we weren't such good friends where would you guys be then, you better be glad I wanted us to get together here tomorrow anyway XP
>Suicidedragon: You guys be nice to Chris
>Leonirikuz: Yeah Yeah I hear ya Drake
>Just Gurin: So everyone be over here at around 1:30 tomorrow okay
>Taliana: Cant wait
>Leonirikuz: Okie Dokie
>Suicidedragon: See you guys then
>D Ocelot: Alrighty Then now that that's set how about our second item of busine.........

Just then an extremely bright streak of lightning flashed and knocked all the power out (It was strange because there wasn't a cloud in the sky). I took my phone out of my pocket and used it to see my way to the window. I looked out the window. The whole neighborhood was blacked out. I couldn't even see the lights from the city. I guess the lightning knocked out the power for the whole City. I grabbed one of the big lanterns we kept in the house just for this occasion ,and went to Rhyan's room to check on him. When I peeked my head in he was laying on his bed texting. He had his lantern on his night stand beside him so I turned mine off. "Hey Rhyan are you okay in here" He put his phone down and looked at me "Yeah Chris I'm fine but there's something I've been meaning to ask you" I sat down next to him on his bed "Okay buddy shoot" He took a deep breath "Okay I have a secret that I have to tell someone and you were the only person I can trust to keep it a secret" I leaned in close "Chris do you know what a furry is?" I almost laughed when he asked me "Yeah I do Drake, Leon, Taliana, Diego and I are furries" I could see the relief in his eyes "Oh that's great, but you never told me that ,I could have been asking you guys questions this whole time" He looked at me again "Are you guys on a furry site?"  I told him we were on sofurry and what screen name's me and the guys were under. To my surprise he was already on sofurry under the name of DarkReflection and he had read all the stories I wrote too. I gave him the name of our chat room and told him to join us every once in a while. "Thanks Chris, for helping me get that off my chest. I will definitely be joining you guys in the chat room soon" I got up off the bed "Well I will see you in the morning its getting late (it was around 1:54) I gave him a kiss on his fore head and hugged him "Yeah your right I guess I'm going to bed too. See you in the AM my brother" he hugged  me back and I headed to my room to get some sleep. As I settled down in my bed and turned the lantern off I couldn't help but be amazed by the fact that my brother was a furry. I texted a few people on my phone and turned in for the night.

(Sleep sleep sleep sleep)

I woke up the next morning slightly groggy from my late night but more than ready for my friends to come over. But first I have to take a shower. I grabbed a towel and headed towards my bathroom (I have my own bathroom in my room). As I walk towards the bathroom I step on something and at the same time catch a sharp pain in my butt. I look down to see what I stepped on. It's just a fuzzy black sleeve with green horizontal rings around it. When I took my foot off of it and the pain I caught went away. I bend down to pick it up and noticed it was soft and warm. I tryed to throw the sleeve over my shoulder but I catch the pain again. I look back to see what's causing my trouble but a pair of black bat wings are in the way. Just then my brain starts to come out of its post nap haze and the 2 watt light bulb goes off up stairs in my brain "Holy Shit". I run to the bathroom to get a good look at myself in the full length mirror by the bathtub. I didn't know whether to be excited or horrified at the reflection. I saw a 5'9 black bat with long black hair it was pulled back into a ponytail and it went down past my hands or (my paws) . That 'sleeve' that I saw earlier turned out to be my  4ft long tail. Before I went to sleep I was strongly considered skinny , but now I was a little more muscle than I before. Where my mouth use to be is a mussel with pointy fangs on the inside. I see claws where my hands should be ,and instead of my ears being where they usually are they are on the top of my head standing straight up. The only thing that stayed the same was the color of my eyes (bright green that is). For some reason this form was familiar to me and then it hit me in the face I had turned into my fursona (Gurin).

Just then I head banging on my room door. "Chris I need to come in its an emergency!" I could tell it was Rhyan and I could also tell from the tone in his voice he was serious. I could hear him open the door and lock it behind him. "Chris where are you I need to see you". I couldn't just stay in the bathroom and Rhyan needing me, so I cleared my head stepped out of the bathroom. Both our mouths dropped open. Standing across the room from me was a (Sexy) 6ft Mountain Lion. He was extremely muscular and his fur was a luminescent silver. His eyes were still green (like mine). There was only one thing to say and we both said it at the same time "Holy Shit". My brother looked me up and down "Chris is that really you". I scanned over my brother "I could ask the same thing Rhyan"
Rhyan's look of panic turned into a smirk "You make a cute little bat boy Chris" I blushed a tad "Thanks you make a sexy Mountain Lion" Then I stopped and thought "Hey did you happen to get a look at mom and dad this morning" Rhyan nodded his head "Yeah I watched them walk pass my room before I ran over here , they were going down stairs to make break fast. They still look the same" I just couldn't figure it out what was happening "Well Rhyan what are we going to do now. We have to go down stairs eventually" Rhyan nodded again "I know we do. What are going to do?". Again I was perplexed "Well we might as well just take a shower, get dressed and go down stairs" Rhyan agreed since he was just in his boxers. "Well I guess I will see you in a minute Chris"  and with that the sexy mountain lion left my room and went into his.

I strolled into the bathroom stripped and turned the water on to get in the shower. Now that I was naked I noticed my cock and balls were twice as big as they use to be. But I was way to nervous  about our parents seeing us like this too mess around. I took a quick shower and went to my closet to see if anything still fit. I was a huge pain to get my shirt over my wings but when I finally did get it on (I had to cut some holes in my favorite shirt) it fit just like nothing had ever changed. My shirt was white with green skulls all over, my pants were black with chains clipped across it. It was a good thing my pants were a little to big because my tail fit perfectly one of the holes in the space left in my loose fitting pants. I tried to put on my black converse ,but due to the large talons I now posses I could no where near fit them on. Apparently Rhyan had also taken a quick shower because he come in my room fully dressed and ready to go down stairs (He was bear foot too). He had on a black shirt with red clouds floating across it, his pants red with chain, and loose fitting like mine (We have the same taste in clothes except for color). He looked at me with his nervous green eyes "Well Chris are you ready to go down stairs" I looked at him for a while "I'm as ready as I'll ever be". We both took deep breaths, opened the door to my room, and headed down stairs. We could hear our dad yelling from the kitchen "We were wondering when you guys were gonna get down here. You have to get a jump on the first day of the year you know" We rounded the corner to our kitchen and my dad looked at us and kept cooking. We both stared at each other for a minute and then looked back at our dad. Rhyan looked more confused then me " Dad don't you notice anything different about us?" My dad looked at us again "Well the only thing I notice is that you're a tad bit taller than Chris. Now how about you two some sit down and have some breakfast". Both of our mouths dropped open. Our mom came from the fridge with fresh glasses of apple juice in here hands. She gave them to us and kissed us on the foreheads .I thought I was going insane or maybe it was just all a dream. How could they not see the giant bat and mountain lion sitting right in front of them? Rhyan leaned over "You think they are just messing with us or do you think they really can't see anything different" I thought about it for a minute "Well they don't have any reason to kid us about this so I guess they really can't see anything." Breakfast went on as usual after we found out they couldn't see our changes. We talked about our activates for the day. It turned out we were all had something planed for today. When we finished breakfast it was only about 10:48 so I still had some time to goof-off with my family.

Since we didn't have anything else to do Rhyan and I went out to the backyard to take our new bodies for a test spin. Our backyard is huge by any unit of measurement (about two acres) , It has several dozens of japans maples planted all around us, and since it was winter they were all coved in snow. I leaned over to Rhyan " So do you think I can fly with these things" I asked pointing at my wings. He thought about it for a minute "There's only one way to know" he pointed at the last leaf on top of the tree besides us "See if you can get that leaf off that tree." I started flapping my wings (It was easy considering I had no idea how I was doing it). I was soon off the ground and shakily flying towards my target. I grabbed the leaf and slowly stopped flapping. I still managed to land on my butt ,but who cares I flew. I smirked at him as I gave him the leaf "Here's your prize. Now its your turn Rhyan. Get from here to the fifth tree down there without touching the ground." He looked at me with a smirk and crouched down. When he sprung back up he landed on about the third branch of the first tree. Then he proceeded to jump from tree to tree ninja style. He made it to the fifth tree in a flash. He jumped down off the branch like it was nothing and stuck his tongue out at me. As soon as I could get enough snow in my paws I tossed it at his face. When it made contact it was on. We goofed around in the snow till about 1:00 and then we went into the house because it was getting a little chilly. We walked in through the sliding glass door into our huge living room. (Our living room is all white and very futuristic looking. It has a beautiful fire place with our plasma screen TV hanging over it. In the middle of the living room is the sofa and love seat which are also all white with silver details sewn into them. There is also a see-through glass table with silver legs.) We walked in while our mother was walking through the kitchen. Her mouth dropped open when we walked in "Did you boys go out there without any jackets or shoes on?. Are you insane ,are you trying to catch a pneumonia ?" We looked at each other and realized we didn't. I guess our fur kept us so warm and toasty that we didn't even notice it. Our mom ran into the kitchen and grabbed the two cups of the hot cocoa she was making and handed it to us. "You boys go in the living room and sit in front of the fireplace until you dry off. We did what she said mainly because we wanted our clothes to dry. We sat there, talked, and sipped on our cocoa.

Me and Rhyan were in the middle of a conversation when we heard a knock on the door. I looked at the clock its was 1:30 on the dot (my friends are very punctual). We went to open the door and our mouths dropped open when a gang of furries walked in.
The first to come in my door was a giant red dragon wearing a white turtle neck and regular blue jeans. He had to be about 6ft tall, he was slightly muscular, his short hair was a deep dark black, his scales were a beautiful ruby red ,and in contrast his eyes were a deep blue. He had two horns on top of his head but they were broken. Holding hands with the dragon was a beautiful snow white fox. He was wearing a red turtle neck and a black pair of jeans. He was much smaller than the dragon standing at a high of around 5'8. He was completely white, he had a lithe body, and he had deep blue eyes to match his mates. The next to stroll in was a cute lion. He was wearing a baggy brown sweater with dark brown horizontal stripes and a pair of cargo pants. He was also round 5'8 and sporting a giant grin. His fur was a pale gold and he was very slender. His eyes were a yellow-brown color and his long hair (or mane) was an orange-brown color. He was also wearing a collar with what looked like a sun on it. Last to come into my house was an ocelot. He was wearing a plaid, blue long sleeve shirt and tattered blue jeans.  He was around 6'2 and he had brown eyes. His body was very well toned and might I add sexy. His fur a tan-yellow color with black spots and stripes. It was also very (very) short and glossy. He didn't have any head fur it was the same color and pattern on the rest of his body but he had the cutes ears sticking straight up.

The first of them to say anything was the lion "Hey here Chris you know you make a really cute bat" I know from his voice it was Leon and if my fur wasn't black I of would had a bright red color on my cheeks.  I giggled a little "You know someone already told me that today. Someone might of told you this already but you make a sexy lion". I couldn't believe that just came out of my mouth I was nervous about his reaction but he just blushed and grinned at me. He sat on the couch and I gave him a cup of coca to sip on. The second to speak was the Ocelot "Hey Chris is any of your dads pizza left I'm hungry". I knew who that was from the apatite, so I just pointed Dee towards the kitchen. He made a mad dash for the fridge , and right that moment Rhyan hopped up off the floor and ran after him "You better save some for me". The white fox and the red dragon laughed at the same time and then sat down on the plush carpet in front of our cozy fire place. I already knew who they were when they walked in my house because they are always like this. The red dragon was Drake and the white fox was Taliana. I handed each of them a cup of cocoa my mom had made and sat down beside Leon on the sofa. Dee and Rhyan came from the kitchen with plates full of pizza and sat down beside Leon and me. "Well I see you guys changed to" I said starting the conversation. Taliana looked at me and smiled "So you can see us as our fursona's too then". I gave him a wink "Yep I can and may I say you look very beautiful" since his fur was all white I could see an almost neon red on his cheeks and I couldn't help but giggle. Drake looked deeply into his eyes and kissed him "Hey Chris back off, this beauty is mine" I could see Taliana blushing even harder and everyone started to laugh. "Well are we still going to the mall?" Dee asked as he tried to finish his pizza. Leon leaned over and stole his last bite of pizza "Well when I saw my parents this morning they didn't notice anything so I guess it should be fine" Dee frowned at Leon and them made his 'deep thought' face "Hey Chris when we were on our way here I noticed that there were furs other than us ,and they knew we were furs too. On the opposite side of that there were non-furry people and they didn't notice a thing as we walked past. What do you think that is about"  I took all that into consideration "Well Dee I can honestly say I have no idea what the heck that's about but as far as I can see it it's less a problems for us". We all agreed on that and when me & Rhyan's clothes were done drying we headed out to the mall. Before we left I looked at the silver mountain lion that was now my brother "Are you sure you don't won't to come with us it will be fun" He replied quickly because he had turned the TV on and his show was on "Yeah, I'm sure, my friend should be here in a few minutes anyway."

And with that we left for the mall. We decided to walk because it was so close to our house and to see the new furries that were around. As we left the house we passed Rhyan's friends on the way to my house.  There were three of them two were regular humans ,but one was an extremely pale green, shy-looking alligator. We had all met before so they stopped and waved at us and we waved back but we gave the alligator a wink. The alligator giggled and they continued to our house & we did the same towards the mall. When we finally made it inside we noticed it was very empty to be the first day off the year. I think Taliana could tell I was perplexed because he was staring at me "What's on your mind Chris" .I just giggled a little because I was so easy to read "I was wondering why the mall is so empty on the first day of the year when it is usually super full of people for the first day of the year sells" Dee looked like he was thinking about it but Drake beat him to it "My best guess is that there must be a lot of people freaking out about changing overnight and their too afraid to come out of their house's." I nodded in agreement "I guess that makes since but now we basically have the mall to our selves so lets go crazy" Taliana stopped us all before we all ran off in our separate directions "Okay you guys lets agree to meet in the food court at 3:00" We all agreed and split up. Of course Drake and Taliana went off to the clothes shop together and Dee made a beeline towards the music store.

I made my way towards the most gothic store I could see. The store was called Pitch Black and to my surprise when I walked in I saw Leon browsing through the collars on the giant hanging display on the back wall of the store. "Hey there Chris what are you doing in here?" Leon asked me with a little expression of surprise on his face. "Well I was thinking of buying a collar" I looked at Leon and blushed because I really wasn't the type to wear a collar. Leon's face lit up "I'll help you pick one out I'm an expert in that department". He grinned at me and we started to sift through the huge collection of collars the store carried. I had to have tired on at least twenty collars but none of then we found really stood out to me. We had been search for about fifteen minutes when all of a sudden Leon's face lit up with a smile and he pulled a collar out of the back of the hanging display. The collar had the classic checker board patter but instead of red it was green & black and hanging down off the collar was a green, medium sized skull-n-crossbones ,it was about three inches tall and three inches wide . It was perfect down to the T and I loved it. "Oh my god Leon I love it. It's freaking awesome" I said with stars in my eyes. Leon grinned at me again "I thought you would ,now lets go over there to the mirror and try it on." . Leon and I walked over to the closed off section of the store they had for trying on clothes and jewelry. Leon walked behind me and snapped it on. It was a perfect fit. Leon grinned and gave me a wink "It's a perfect fit and you look pretty damn sexy in it too". I started to blush again "Really!?  Thank you Leon. You really think I look sexy?". He looked at me and raised his eyebrow "Yeah you do as a matter a fact you look..................." His sentence trailed of as he started to stare into my eyes. He was lost in my eyes and I was lost in those exquisite brown eyes of his, that is until I noticed him start to lean closer and closer to me. I could feel my heart beating faster the closer he got and for what seemed like an eternity of waiting finally ended when his lips touched mine. I was on cloud eighteen the instant we started kissing. I could feel his tongue in my mouth ,and I sucked on it as we kissed. I could feel him wrap his arms around me. When he decided to take his tongue out of my mouth I decided to put my tongue in his. We kissed for what was at lest two minutes until we heard someone clearing their throat. My eyes flew open and I dramatically turned my head to see who it was. I was surprised to see a neon yellow dragon with a very cute smile on his face. I could tell he worked in the store because his shirt had the store's logo on it. His name tag said Milo and he was extremely buff. I tapped Leon on his shoulder before he walked off "Um........Leon here's your gum back" If my fur wasn't black you could of seen me blushing madly. Milo walked back to the checkout desk and Leon unsnapped  the collar and we walked up to the checkout desk. I was getting my wallet out to pay for the collar but Leon had already laid his money out on the desk. Milo looked at us and smiled warmly "That collar looks really cute on your boyfriend and you guys make a great couple" and again I was blushing madly. All I could do was stutter "H-he's not my.......w-what I meant to say is.........well you see......" But I was cut off by Leon. He looked at me and smiled "That collar does look cute on him and I think we make a lovely couple too, thank you for noticing Milo."  After Milo gave Leon his change he handed Leon the collar and he snapped it onto my neck. I was at a complete loss of words and all I could do was smile like an idiot.

We grabbed each other hand and walked out of the store, both of us blushing. We spent the rest of the day hopping from store to store together. We went into the alternate music store and bought a few CD's, I dragged Leon into a game store so I could buy some games that were on sale, and we went into the book store so he could buy some manga. We also went to back into Pitch black to buy a few of the gothic designed shirt I saw that we were to 'busy' to notice the last time. We were going to go into a few more stores until I noticed I was starving. I took my blackberry out to check the time. Oops "Leon its 3:10 were late."  We were on the opposite side off the mall and had to speed walk to the other side of the mall . When we finally made it I could already see the slightly angry look on our friends face, that is until I saw their mouths drop open. Leon and I looked at each other and grinned. We sat down at the table beside Drake &Taliana and looked at all the surprised faces. Leon started to giggle "So what are you guys staring at?" he asked already knowing the answer. Dee just looked at us and smiled "You damn well know what were staring at". I stared at Dee for a while it my 'clueless' face "Are you guys staring at my new collar because I love it too."  Drake almost pushed me out of my chair "What happened with you guys?"  I tried pushing him back but he was way bigger than me so I failed. We filled the gang in on all the details and I was surprised by their response. All I could see was Taliana's giant smile "Well its about time. Do you know how long I had been waiting for this. Now pay up you guys you each owe me ten bucks" I could see both Drake and Dee frowning "Damn " both of them yelled . Leon looked at Drake and Dee for a few seconds "Guy's what the hell is this about." All three of them started to smile "Well " Drake started "Me and Dee bet snow white over there that you two would start dating by the end of next month and he bet us that you guys would start before this month was over and apparently he won" All I could do was laugh "Well I'm glad I could help Taliana win a bet ,and for helping you win the bet you should buy me lunch." I grabbed Taliana's arm and dragged him towards the spot in the food court that sold pizzones. While we were in line Taliana kept staring at me and I was starting to bother me "Taliana are you okay" He blushed a tad because I had caught him "Well I was just staring at your collar I have to say that I simply love it" I nodded my head in agreement "I know isn't it awesome why don't you and Drake go by Pitch Black before we leave and pick some out." He smiled "That sounds like a good idea ,but I do a question for you" I raised my eyebrow "Shoot buddy" His usual shy smile changed into a sly one "Was the kiss good" I could just feel my cheeks turning red "Well in just a few words it was one of the best things I have ever experienced in my life. I feel like I could live off his kisses instead of food." I could see Taliana giggling "Wow if that was a few words I would hate to hear the long version but that's awesome I'm glad you two really like each other." I nodded and the man working at the pizzone place handed us our plates, we sat down, and waited for everyone to come back. After a few second we saw Drake, Leon ,and Dee walking from the Chinese place. They sat down and we all talked for a while.

After we got finished we threw our trash away and headed for the exit. I nudged Taliana before we passed  Pitch Black. He tapped Drake on the shoulder and they quickly ran in and out. Taliana had purchased  a solid black with a red D on it and Drake bought a blue collar with a white T on it. I though it fit them perfectly. After that we left and headed back to my house. When we made it back to my house we had to creep to the living room because my mom would freak out if she saw us all walk in out of the cold without any shoes on. We sat down our bags and we all sat down on the plush carpet in front of the fire and sipped on some cocoa I had make earlier. All of a sudden my brother and what I thought would be all of his friends came down the stairs. To my surprise it was just Rhyan and the shy-looking , pale-green alligator and on top of that they were holding hands (or claws or maybe paws?). All I could do was giggle " Hey there Rhyan I see you have a new  'friend' " I could already see the alligator turning red. "Well Chris you already know Holland" we all waved at Holland and they sat down on the love seat. Rhyan looked at me and giggled because I sitting between Leon's legs (I had my wings spread out so they wouldn't be in his face) "I see you didn't have an uneventful day either and I like the new collar" I just blushed a tad and nodded.  Leon look at me and gave me a quick smooch "So what do you guys wanna do now its only four o'clock it wont get cold too cold for another hour" All we heard was someone yell "LET'S HAVE A SNOWBALL FIGHT" before we got pelted  with snow balls by Dee. Apparently he had snuck off while we were talking and made a few snowballs. I jumped up and tackled him into the snow outside. Dee threw me off and started to pelt me with snowball again. Just then Leon jumped on his back and wrestled him to the ground. I took my chance and hit Dee square in the muzzle with a snowball. Before we knew it Drake, Taliana ,Rhyan ,and Holland had snowballs of their own. They began to pelt Leon, Dee and I mercilessly until we surrendered. But we had hidden snowballs behind our back and when they least suspected it we bombarded them. It went on like this until about 5:30 and by then were all freezing and soaking wet.

We all went into the house and sat in front of the fire to dry off again. Rhyan and I went into the kitchen to make some more cocoa. For some reason Rhyan looked at me like the light bulb in his head just went off "Oh yeah Chris, Mom & Dad told me to tell you that they are going to be staying in a hotel for about three days so we can't 'interrupt' them. Mom said she left us plenty of money for whatever we needed or wanted." I just laughed "That sounds like something they would do. I guess that means we get to have some fun then doesn't it." Both Rhyan and I smirked "Oh yeah Chris Holland is going to be staying with us for those three days" I raised my eyebrow "I guess that much and I suppose he will be sleeping in your room too." I could see Rhyan blushing through his silver fur as he nodded his head. We each grabbed a carrying tray, put the cocoa on them, and headed for the living room. We handed the cocoa out and I cleared my throat "Well guys it looks like our parent are going to be gone for a few days so you wanna stay here for a while" I heard a unanimous yes from everyone and the deal was struck. I sat back down in Leon's lap and stared at the fire for a while. We turned on the TV for while and noticed that some of the actors on the reruns' of the shows we usually watched we furries too. Just then we heard Dee stomach growl "Ugh Chris I have eaten in a while so how about we order some pizza." I couldn't agree more so I started to take my phone out but Dee stopped me "Chris if you don't mind I will be doing the ordering" I could see a crafty look in his eyes but I couldn't figure it out so I let it go. Dee stood up to get a pad & pencil and sat on the couch so he could hear better "Alright everyone tell me what you want for toppings." We all yelled out our orders. Leon and I both wanted bacon on ours (Mmmm.....bacon). Drake & Taliana got cheese and pepperoni on theirs ,and Holland & Rhyan got sausage and pineapple. Dee wrote down what we wanted and headed up the stairs. I stopped him and gave him my 'I know your up to something' look "Dee why didn't you get anything to eat and why are you going up stairs to order. He just gave me a devilish grin "You'll see" and with that he ascended the stairs. After a few minutes he came back down and sat on the couch.

We sat and talked for about thirty-five minutes and then we heard the doorbell ring. Dee sprung up and ran to the door. When he opened it I saw a wolf standing in the door way. He had our pizza's but he wasn't wearing a uniform or a name tag. The wolf was about 5'6 ,completely red, and very muscular. He was wearing a tight, black shirt with autumn leaves all over it, and his blue jeans were looses and baggy. His eyes were a beautiful amber, and he had to wearing one the sexiest smiles I had ever seen. Dee just swished his tail, smiled ,and leaned against the door frame "You know the pizza is suppose to be delivered in thirty minutes are less don't you? I guess that means we don't have to pay"  The wolf just smiled, grabbed Dee and gave him a big kiss "That's is all the payment I'm chargin'." Everybody's mouth dropped open like something from an old cartoon. The wolf casually strolled in and put the pizza's on the glass table in the middle of our living room. Dee looked at us and blushed "Well you guys I thought this was a good a time as any for you to meet my boyfriend. His name is Jese with one s"  I was the first to get up of the floor. I gave Jese a wave and he stuck out his paw out for a hand(paw)shake. Little did he know that I don't do hand shake's. So he ended up getting a big warm hug. I could hear him laughing the entire time "Well 'Jese with one s' it's nice to meet you. I hope you will be spending the next few days with us because if you aren't Dee was going to be the odd man out." I let go and he smiled at me " You must be Chris and I was hoping you would ask me that. Dee told me you would so I brought some clothes in my car. Hold on a sec and I'll go get them." Before he could touch the doorknob Dee offered to go get them and raced outside.

Right After Dee exited all of us packed around Jese and gave him the third degree. Leon was first "So Jese how did you meet our Dee?" Jese giggled and sat down on the couch "Well we met in the music store in the mall. We both put our hands on the last CD of our favorite band and ended up arguing over it. started out as arguing and then some how it turned into us making out. I guess Dee has that affect on me. Anyway after we got finished it turned out we had a lot of stuff in common and after we went out a few time's we ended up dating". We all laughed and then it was Taliana's turn "Who long have you guys been going out?" Jose thought about it for a second and then answered "We have been going out for a little over a year now." Up next was Drake "So how many times have you guys fucked. Taliana blushed and pushed Drake off the love seat "Drake why did you have to go and ask him that maybe he doesn't want us to know their personal business" But Jese answered anyway "Well the last time I counted it was 4 or maybe it was 5.................6.?."  He smirked at tad and then it was Rhyan's turn "Okay so who's the dom and who's the sub." I couldn't believe my ears when I heard my 16 year old brother asked Jese that question ,but he is around that age now so I guess I wasn't too shocked. I could see the inside of Jese's ears flush red. "Well we actually switch out. It mostly depends on what we feel like." After he answered all our questions Leon, Drake, Taliana, Rhyan and I all huddled on the opposite side of the living room and discussed Jese. When we looked back I could see Jese he and Holland whispering to each other about something. When we emerged from our huddle we all gave Jese a big group hug and welcomed him into the gang. About that same time Dee walked back into the house with Jese's bag "Gees Jese why did you park so far down the side walk" When Dee saw us hugged together he raised an eyebrow "Did I miss something." We all giggled and simultaneously said "Not one thing". Then we all proper introduced our selves to Jese and ate pizza. I could already tell that the next few days were going to be fun and it wasn't even 8:30 yet.

To be continued..............................

Well this is the first part of the second series. I hope you enjoyed it
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Fox thief 2 years ago 0
awesome great start to the new year
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Glad you like it and A happy new year to you my good fur
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Please edit the top...Taliana is no longer my mate.... :(
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Interesting. Some errors but overall a nice start. How do people perceive them doing things like flying if they are not furry? Just maybe something to develop. Keep up the good work
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Yeah Im not that great with to come errors hehe. But for my character being a bat i would imagine it like moving a second set of arms or something of that sort and thanks for the comment
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hi i'm not in your group but i think it was a pretty good story

(most canadians speak french as there second language, i speak skyrimmish FUS RO DA!)
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Thank you I'm glad you like it
fortunecity 2 years ago 0
this is so cooooooooooool i wish it would happen in real life

whats really funny is that the dragon that stops your kiss sounds suprisingly like my fursona fortune exept his scales are more gold then neon.hmmmmmm...
Gurin 2 years ago 0
Thanks for reading it ^_^ I'm glad you like it and could be almost in it XD