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What is Love? - Part 2: Chow?

#2 of What is Love?

Something different catches on to Daniel. Those wishes must have taken a turn somewhere, because all of those sleepless nights have finally caught up.
Looking to Chow, Daniel realizes exactly what happened.

What is Love? (part 2)

Slowly but surely Daniel sat up. It was bright outside for being six in the morning. It was almost too bright for his taste in the early hours of the day. Today was different for Daniel in more ways than this one. Some ways he would make sure were true. He knew today was new for him because somehow today was different. He just didn't know how it would be different for him. He had no idea of any of the other differences that were to come to him.

Daniel opened his eyes and instantly set them on a picture hanging in his room. It was a beautiful gray wolf. He called this wolf Chow. Daniel admired this wolf more than he did his life. Every night he would stay up praying, begging that he would somehow be like this wolf in some way. He wanted to taste that sweet taste of victory over simplicity and freedom. He wanted to know what it was like to have such grace in everything he did. He wanted to feel what it was like to have such power behind such amazing clean fur. Daniel simply wanted to be closer to who he believed he was and not this fake mask he wore everyday. But with everyday that passed, he felt that his wish was impossible, and he died a little more everyday on the inside.

As Daniel stared at the picture, he noticed that it seemed so vivid. He noticed every single detail of the fur when he was across the room. His room was fairly large, too. His father even said it was technically the largest room in the house except for the basement.

Daniel was confused, especially when he saw his glasses sitting right where he left them the night before. Something really wasn't right, he thought. What's wrong with me?

His confused state traveled to his hands, causing them to reach up with the intention to scratch his head. The next thing that happened would change his life forever.

Daniel was puzzled. He was speechless. Instantly, he realized exactly what happened.

"Chow?" he asked himself quietly to keep anybody from hearing him. "Is this who I truly am?" he inquired the inanimate picture.

Realizing he wouldn't get a reply, Daniel observed himself in astonishment. He felt stupid he didn't notice the long muzzle sticking straight out in front of him. He was looking at it while trying not to go cross-eyed. He hated how it felt when was actually trying to do something. He saw how the top of his muzzle was gray and he barely saw the white at the bottom. He could see how the white fell off of his face to fall down his chest and stomach area and in-between his furry legs. He assumed the gray on the top of his muzzle was the color of the rest of his head and his back. He noticed his legs were a rich and vibrant gray. From the calf of his legs down, the fur faded into the awesome white. They looked so cuddle-friendly. Next, he observed his arms. From the tips of his fingers and palms to his fuzzy armpits on the underside of his arm was the clean white yet again. Covering his shoulders down to the outside of his hands was that same gray that seemed so alive. Realizing he did have a tail and he was also killing it by sitting on it the way he was, he pulled the fluffy thing out from under him. The top of his newly formed tail was the gray that had him smiling. The underside was that pure white he always dreamed of. The next thing made him giggle. The only spot on his body that wasn't gray or white was the tip of his tail. It was pitch black.

Daniel didn't just like it, he loved it. He loved every detail of his new body. And he loved the idea of this body having a purpose not only to him, but to the world.

When Daniel realized there was more world beyond his bedroom door, he instantly panicked. How would he be accepted out there? What would his family do? There's no doubt about it, he thought. I will be killed.

Daniel started making escape plans to get out of his room and get away from his house without being noticed. The only problem was he had no place to go. Plus, today was Thursday, May 31st, the last day of school. He didn't even want to think of what would happen if and when he got there.

Just like every story Daniel remembered, the suspense kicked in. His adrenaline started pumping. He heard creeks outside his door in the hallway. Daniel jumped under the covers when there came a knocking on his door.
Well, this is part two. Yay! I wanted to post it and see what people thought and if I should continue. Apparently, I write less than I thought and probably should. If you have any ideas, PM me. If you have comments, please post them. I only want to make this better for the readers. With that said, it's tough making this an enjoyable story with only one person in it so far. Plus, he's the only furry. Yikes!

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SightUnseen 2 years ago 1
I like where this is going, imo this is a very decent start, now moar! :P Also, I can relate to the "zombie routine" lifestyle; the way you describe it killing you inside couldn't be more accurate. Heh, I wish something like this would happen to me.
chromowolf 2 years ago 0
Thanks! :) When brain tries to make words, something's missing and it never translates perfectly.
It's what I believe I live in and it's all I really know. So thinking I wanted this to be realistic to some degree, I have to do what I know about. And I don't know about a sweet life. I just thought it'd make it better sticking to the no purpose theme.
Trust me, we both do. :D