05 Jan 2012

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Posted 05 Jan 2012 06:21
Last edited 05 Jan 2012 06:24
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My time with Kounosuke

This is mostly a side fan art of my favorite character from Morenatsu. I really love kounosuke because he's cute and friends compared him to me. haha but I say I can by Kounosuke with an Attitude same as Juuichi. Characters: Aen by avatar?user=124197&character=0&clevel=0 CheezyPB Kounosuke by Morenatsu Project

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DireBlackWings 2 years ago 0
this is soooo cute, both are sooo cute.
CheezyPB 2 years ago 0
thanks, dude
DireBlackWings 2 years ago 0
is this a story, and where can i read it if it is?
CheezyPB 2 years ago 0
I'm doing a fanfic of it
DireBlackWings 2 years ago 0
hey what is the guy behind the raccondog, i can't make out what exactly he is, and i did my own fanfic too, i love this only if they had an english version.
CheezyPB 2 years ago 0
Dude, that's me. He's/I'm a Chimera
DireBlackWings 2 years ago 0
ohh, srry, didn't know, though you/he was an actuall animal or hybrid of bull+dog, still cute though
CheezyPB 2 years ago 0
Part wolf, part polar bear and part eastern dragon