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07 Jan 2012

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Posted 07 Jan 2012 03:35
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Amber, from "Adventure's of Mark Steelheart"

so, I decided to draw this one myself with a paper and pencil. Note, always read "terms of use" before posting :( Yeah, it's kinda crappy, but compared to the couple I drew before, this is the best. Plus I didn't have any colored pencils on hand, and I was to lazy to go get them ;) A little story, Amber is a pure white Ninetails, except for the tip of her tails and her eyes. Her eyes are supposed to be a deep amber color, which is where she gets her name from. The tip of her tails, are the dark black I shaded in. The dark spots on the picture are supposed to be shading. One day, I'll get around to writing a background story on Amber and posting it. and just in case: I do not own Pokemon, have any affiliation, I just drew this for fun

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