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10 Jan 2012

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Posted 10 Jan 2012 00:43
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We come in to an ordinary day, the place an ordinary mall somewhere in American suburbia. Completely normal, packed full of furs from all aspects of life crowding the vendors and food courts. We focus in on one fur in particular, a small young fox happily flowing from stall to stall. He's a vibrant young fur, standing about 5'6 around average for a fox. Sporting an overall orange coat of fur with white underneath his muzzle and black marks under each eye. His perky black ears twitching this way and that as he prances from stand to stand. He's wearing a simple grey hoodie with blue jeans and tennis shoes, the only thing standing out is a rainbow bracelet on his wrist.

"Hey Tyrse come look at this!" He calls out behind him.

To anyone not paying attention you would have never noticed the other fox slowly following behind every where he went. This fox seemingly the polar opposite attitude wise to our other happy fur. Holding his head up at 5'8 he was still average height for his species. This fox was however a deeper shade of red, borderline crimson with white under his muzzle disappearing down into his chest. Black only on the tips of his ears, and if one looked hard enough a single tear-drop shaped patch of black fur under his left eye. Standing there dressed in a brown leather jacket, black pants and tennis shoes with a earphone cord trailing out of one ear into his pocket. Every time he passed by a vendor they would attempt to offer their products, but got cut short by the icy cold stare they received when he looked down his muzzle at them through a tiny pair of square rim glasses.

"Aren't these the cutest new phone covers. I should get me and you one, what do you think?" Turning his emerald green eyes onto the fox behind him, his tail practically wagging expectantly behind him.

Looking into the eyes of the fox in front of him you could visibly see Tyrse's expression soften. A tender tone in his voice he replied "Sure hun I'd like that, whatever you like."

Clapping his hands in joy the little fox turned around to the vendor to purchase his new phone covers. Meanwhile Tyrse's face immediately regained it's hardened expression, looking around at furs passing by causing them to avert their own gaze.

"Tyrse!" Snapped the little orange fox, wagging his finger in Tyrse's direction. "How many times have I told you to stop making that face, try to look like your having a good time. For me at least babe." He put on his best set of puppy eyes, flashing those green pools up at Tyrse.

"But I..." One look into those emerald pools told him he'd already lost before it even started. *sigh* A small smile creeps up his muzzle "Okay I'm sorry Logan, see happy face now." He puts a little more emphasis into the smile.

Seeing Tyrse's expression change Logan stands up and grins himself. "That's better babe, you know I only like to see you happy." Smiling he runs a hand along the side of Tyrse's muzzle, his tail coming around to bat him on the hip. "Now come one I'm not done shopping yet let's go check out everything else in here." Saying that he turns and takes off down the walk way, going from vendor to vendor tail swishing along behind him.

Chuckling under his breath Tyrse watches Logan trail off ahead of him. His expression falling back into place, if a little softer. He follows the fox ahead of him thinking to himself ~What did a guy like me do to get someone like you?~

A few hours later, Logan is heading towards the mall exit arms loaded with bags. Tyrse trailing along behind loaded with bags of his own, even though they all belong to Logan.

"Whew, that was great." Logan talking aloud, skipping along the little orange ball of energy seeming to talk to himself. "When we get ho.."

"Hey fag get the hell outa way!"

Logan turns to see who spoke only to find himself suddenly shoved to the floor by a big black paw. "Ow!" he exclaims, looking up too see a tall lean Doberman staring back down at him. The dog standing over him towering at around 6'9, jet black with brown under his muzzle. The massive dog clad in a tight white wife beater, with khaki cargo pants. Silver studs riddle his ears and a pair of spiked straps are wrapped around his wrists. Logan's happy expression quickly turn to one of terror.

"Oh God look guys I knocked a fag, quick get me to the hospital before I turn into one too!" He starts laughing turning to high five a few of his friends watching the whole ordeal.

Logan's lip quivers as he watches the imposing dog above him. He doesn't say anything just tries to gather his things and get off the floor.

"Hey!" the Doberman barks. "Did I say you could go anywhere fag, I'm going to teach you not to come around our mall." An evil smirk crosses his muzzle as he pulls his leg back to kick Logan. The little fox flinches preparing for the blow.........eyes closed instead he hears "What the fuck do you w..ugh!" Followed by a wet crunching sound then a hard thump, as something heavy falls down beside him. Logan opens his eyes and sees the Doberman from before laying next to him blood pooling from his muzzle. Startled Logan scramble away from the huge dog, but he doesn't respond. Logan realizes the bruiser is out cold.

"Anyone else want to say something or lay a hand on my boyfriend!" Hearing this Logan looks up to find Tyrse standing there between him and the Doberman's friends. His hackles are raised, tail stiff with the occasional twitch. Logan looks to his face gasping at the hatred he saw there. Tyrse's muzzle was pulled back in a snarl, flashing his teeth at those in front of him as a growl rose in his throat.

"Well! Any of you have anything else to say, maybe you want to try and lay a paw on him to!" His voice lowering to almost a whisper "But let me promise you this, if you want to give it a go you won't be walking away with just a broken jaw bone!" Leaving the slightly frightened furs behind him Tyrse turns to Logan. His face softening to an almost sad look as he steps over the unconscious Doberman and extends a hand to his boyfriend.

"Come on love, lets get out of here." Taking Logan's paw in his own he helps the shaking fox up. They start to walk away Tyrse's arms around Logan's shoulders, he casts one last look back at the group of furs huddled around the motionless body then shakes his head and leads Logan to the parking lot.

The car ride back to their apartment is completely silent. Logan huddled up in the passenger seat his head down and body shaking. Tyrse casts a sidelong glance at the little orange ball, that hateful glare returning as recent events played through his mind. He's startled from his thoughts by a soft touch on his paw, he looks to see Logan's paw on his own. Looking over he sees Logan still with his head down, Tyrse takes Logan's paw in his own squeezing it lightly as he pulls into the apartment complex.

Getting out of the car Tyrse walks around to the passenger side door and opens it. He reaches down and gathers Logan's shivering form into his arms, closing the door with his foot he takes Logan up the stairs to their floor. Bags long forgotten in the car Tyrse takes Logan into the apartment they share, reaching over to flip the light switch. The lights come on illuminating a small living room with adjoining kitchen, he heads down the small hallway passing the single bathroom to the only bedroom there. Tyrse looks down at the full sized bed in the center of the room before walking over to it and laying the fox in his arms down onto it.

Leaning down to one of Logan's ears he whispers "Just rest here now babe, I'm going to fix dinner ok?" He doesn't get a response, not really expecting one. He moves around to plant a small kiss on Logan's cheek, then stands back up and walks to the door.

"W..wwait." Tyrse stops and turns around in the doorway to see Logan looking at him from the bed. "Could *sniffle* make those Cajun pork chops I like...p..please." Tyrse turns his head away from the room over his shoulder he replies "Sure babe....anything you want." He walks away back towards the kitchen keeping his paws in front of him so Logan can't see he's clenching them to the point of drawing blood.

Logan sighs "Thanks" he whispers to the fox walking away. He shivers, feeling exhausted from the adrenaline rush earlier. Laying down he quickly falls asleep, a tear rolling down his muzzle and falling off his nose as he drifts off.

Meanwhile back in the kitchen Tyrse has started going in and out of cabinets gathering all the ingredients he would need for dinner. Turning on the stove to heat the pan he turns back around to start seasoning the pork chops. The Cajun spices burning his hands from the self inflicted claw marks from earlier. He doesn't wince, doesn't complain he just seasons each one in turn before turning around and placing them in the pan.

No one around to see him, the only sound the sizzling of the pan he sighs and his shoulders sag. "I'm a terrible boyfriend, I should have stopped that fucker before he ever laid a paw on Logan." Tears start to run down the side of his muzzle, some falling down onto the stove. "He doesn't deserve someone like me I can't protect him like I want to." He growls under his breath, raising a fist to punch the counter. He's startled when he feels something grip his arm and wrap around his waist.

"Stop it, please just stop it" comes the whisper from behind him.

"Logan! What are you doing up, you should be asleep babe." Tyrse fidgets to turn around in Logan's grip.

Logan just tightens his grip on Tyrse "I was but your not very good at staying quiet when talking to yourself." Tyrse's ears drop "So you heard all that did you?" He finally gets turned around to face Logan, his face full of nothing but guilt and sadness. "I meant every word of need someone who ca-"

"Shut up!" Logan throws his arms around Tyrse pulling him into a tight embrace, sobbing into his shoulder. "Don't you get it you idiot, I don't need anyone else. I need you!"

Tyrse looks down at the little fox wrapped around him he places his paws around Logan's back. "Logan I can't even stop people from going after, what good am I to you when you just end up hurt?" Logan lifts his head up and looks into Tyrse's eyes, he doesn't say a word he just surges forward and catches Tyrse in a passionate kiss. Their lips meet and Logan's tongue presses forward seeking entrance into Tyrse's muzzle. They continue this heated exchange for a few more moments before Logan pulls away leaving Tyrse panting.

"Do you understand now, I don't need a bodyguard. I need someone to love me, love me unconditionally and fully. You do all that for me and more, don't ever question how much I need you." He puts his head down into Tyrse's chest and holds him close.

Tyrse still reeling from the kiss takes stock of what Logan just said. He starts to tear up and leans his muzzle down on top of Logan's head. "I'm sorry hun, I let my emotions get the better of me.....I'm not going anywhere, not as long as I can be with you." He sighs and relaxes taking deep breathes of Logan's scent to calm him down.

Logan grins into Tyrse's chest rubbing his head into the embrace. "Hehe glad to hear it, I love you so much." He takes a deep breath taking in Tyrse's musk, his tail slowly starting to pick up it's pace behind him.

Tyrse begins to murr into the embrace, his paws starting to massage up and down Logan's back. "How about I show you just how much I love you." A wicked grin crossing his muzzle.

Logan sniffs "Hey hon"

Tyrse lifts his head and says seductively "Yeah babe"

"The pork chops are on fire"

".......Wait, what? Oh shit!"

Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
So here we go my first official short story. Been a long time coming this one, not really what I'm good at. However I had alot of help, through several conversations with a good friend I ended up getting enough inspiration to push this through. I especially want to give thanks to poeticfox and express my gratitude for him letting me use his fursona Logan. Please rate and comment I would greatly appreciate it, as I'm entertaining the idea of making this a series. However that entirely depends of the responses i get from you up here so please comment.
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0 here we go poeticfox's page check out his stories as well , and thanks again for being in mine :D
PoeticFox 2 years ago 0
Well, I must say that I love the story Tyrse! You need to write more, you're quite talented. As for the story, I love love love it! Most adorable way that I've seen my character portrayed, though I felt a tad bitchy XD, but hey, I guess that's me!
trailstoride 2 years ago 0
For a short story this one packs a lot of punch! Both emotional and humorous too! You really drew me in to the contrasting feelings of the two foxes, and how much they love each other. The mall scenes developed good depth of character, and really gave emotional underpinnings for the cooking scene. It was so sweet when Logan says "Don't you get it you idiot, I don't need anyone else. I need you!" Awww!! And the last two lines of the story made me laugh! Oh Shit! LOL
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Thank you so much for the comment, I was really worried about this piece. It's my first attempt at anything other than poetry and i was worried i might not have made the characters as defined as i wanted. I got a kick ending the story too, figured it needed a little humor to balance things out.
LightRayne 2 years ago 0
Heheh, always funny when food starts to burn as a result of love. Amazing short story, really. I wish it were longer. But keep up the good work, I can't wait to see more from you!
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Heh truth be told i brought that in from real life, boy those chops went up in a blaze of glory! XD Although I am a much better cook now than I was then. As far as it being short, yeah I know I felt I could have done alot more with this. I really just wanted to get my feet wet with this one, but I'm thinking if it gets a warm enough reception I might try my hand at turning it into a short series. Heh there's a whole lot of things I could think up for this odd couple of foxes ;)
Captain Markus 2 years ago 0
Well, you've proved full well you are as excellent a writer as you are a poet. I beg of you, WRITE MOAR. NAO. Lovely story and an instant 5-star/fave.
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Heh I'm really considering writing MOAR, maybe not write NAO but in baby steps. Thanks for the compliment it means alot.
Wolfie Steel 2 years ago 0
One word my friend.....FANTASTIC....
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
That really means alot to me, especially coming from an author as prolific as you. Thank you :)
Wolfie Steel 2 years ago 0
Well, I give credit where credit is due, and in your case it is long overdue
dhusky1002 2 years ago 0
Lovely story sir ^^ Wonderful read, i'd be disappointed if you didn't write moar stories, keep it up :3
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Thank you, I'm definately thinking about turning this into a series....maybe. Still to many things bumping around in my head to be definite.
dhusky1002 2 years ago 0
Sounds good, I'll be watching, whatever you decide to do with this *sits down and waits patiently* :3
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Uh-huh you think your pretty funny now dontcha?........heh ok I guess alls fair for that inside joke ;P
dhusky1002 2 years ago 0
Haha, exactly XP
Jorda 2 years ago 0
:) it was fantasticccc
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Thank you so much<3
Gruffy 2 years ago 0
Well, well, looks like you've gotten a lot of feedback for this story, well done indeed! Your amount of comments is certainly something to make many other aspiring writers envious! :) *chuckle*

it was short and sweet, but there was content in it. A small, dramatic plot, of course, but it's not like every story needs a huge and elaborate plot to keep the reader happy. It's a story for giving the reader a feeling, I think, and it's getting there!

You also have a style, but that is also your problem. Besides smaller typo problems( such as writing its as it's!) that must've slipped past the radar, and which is of course a mechanical fault, not a reflection of poor talent. You did have a tendency of using stilted sentences, and almost every sentence contains the -ing form of the verb. It's slightly tricky to use that structure, especially in every sentence, because it makes the reader feel slightly breathless while reading. For most part you did use it in a grammaticalyl correct manner, but there were also sentences that bordered on ungrammatic. I know it's a huge temptation to write shortened sentences, because it lets you do much more action in a shorter amount of text, but it also may condense the story almost too much. *chuckle* That said, you might like to think whether you could vary it a llttle - by all means it is fine to use it occasionally, but to use it every time may be a problem.

All said, you don't have to worry about it too much. Your best bid will be to just keep writing, your style will solify itself and become more elaborate with practice. This was by no means a poorly written story.

Keep it up! :)


Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Heh let me come down from being a little light headed that Gruffy actually read my work :P That being said thank you very much, this was the sort of comment I was waiting for. It's nice to get compliments but I can't be expected to correct any mistakes if no one takes the time to point them out. I see what your saying though, re-reading the chapter after you point that out does make it more obvious. I'm going to have to keep that in mind as I'v decided to attempt random short continuations of this pairing. Like you say with practice I hope to improve, if only a little and I'f you swing by with occasional pointers like this I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment as such, it means a great deal to me.
Gruffy 2 years ago 0
There's nothing fundamentally wrong in your writing by any means :) The shortened sentence thing is something I've noticed that many do in their very first stories, so I'd say that it's a beginner thing. The key to it is to simply give the work the time it deserves, and you'll notice that your writing is becoming more and more elaborate.

I'll see what you come up with next :)

Glad to be of help, certainly :)
Tygepc 2 years ago 0
I agree with Gruffy about the sentence issue he mentioned. There really isn't anything major to add except to let your scenes come out develop more. I felt rushed between the mall, the conflict, the ride home, and the end. I really didn't feel that much development or grasp the reason for your character's depression at the end.

By all means, this is a good start. Don't get me wrong. Just relax and write more. ^_^
bhscorch1313 2 years ago 0
Gruffy's right. It just takes time to develop your 'pulse' as I call it. When you fall into rhythm between structure and meaning that makes you undoubtedly pleased with what you've written, you know you've found your style.

I would love to see more of your prose writing, you obviously have a lot of potential. I urge you to continue writing, in both prose and poetry. Over time, you will get better and better.

There was certainly a lot of meaning behind this piece, and I really enjoyed it. I really hope you will make it into a mini-series, or at least come out with another story. I think you owe your fans that much.

Anyways, keep up the good writing, for you have lots to learn and much to gain! :)
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Thank you, and a mini series of shorts is in the works. Two chapters are at least underway and four more are outlined, writers block is killing me right now. I'm actually considering putting one up to collaborate one it with my friends and see how things turn out.
bhscorch1313 2 years ago 0
That's a great idea! Just remember that with all the inspiration you receive is something you utilize to make the work your own.
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Very true, I see things from all sorts of friends and authors up here that inspire and teach me. Having that incorporated into one of my works may help develop my own style to the next level.
PoeticFox 2 years ago 0
I read this again, for the sake of memories, and I couldn't help but smile. I love you <3
Leon Wolfric 2 years ago 0
You two are adorable <3
Silverwolf117 2 years ago 0
When I stumbled upon this, I know it's a little late to comment but this is wonderful Tyrse!!! :D

Very well thought, very cute and sweet and I also find it reliable. Reminds me of what happened when I was with my boyfriend at the time at a coffee house.

Keep it up! I'm going to be writing some short stories soon, if you want, we can collaborate on ideas.
I so look forward to more.
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
I would be more than happy to work with you my friend, just let me know if you ever want me around :3
Silverwolf117 2 years ago 0
I will definitely keep that in mind ^_^ I'll send you a message when I have time to write and we can just brainstorm and write a nice story together :)