10 Jan 2012

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Posted 10 Jan 2012 15:35
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snow lynx

hehe something i made because i wanted to experment with a realistic style and a fantasy looking snowy scene, hehe enjoy ^^

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Icy 2 years ago 0
I Love it! Very well done. 5/5
fenraar 2 years ago 0
Beautiful :)
Zelnyair 2 years ago 0
This looks sumptious and great. I'm afraid I'm finding it hard to find express in words what I think makes it great, but just know that I admire this picture.
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Surreal to say the least, breath-taking at the most. Very well done 5/5
Surasshu 2 years ago 0
My god, this is epic
Revresbo 2 years ago 0
Nice pic. Just so you know, you're tags are all showing in one big tag. You need to separate them with commas, not just spaces.
shynjy 2 years ago 0
lol opps, thanks x3
HatoThePuppy 2 years ago 0
Simply perfect; your detail here is absolutely stunning, 5/5!
invisibleBear 2 years ago 0
Wow, so beautiful