11 Jan 2012

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Posted 11 Jan 2012 00:33
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Thank you and welcome!

To all you super folk who have watched me recently, just wanted to say a big thanks for doing so, and for your support! I am writing this journal because it seriously takes too long to load everyone's user page to thank you all individually xD DON'T HATE ME! ; A ;  I really do appreciate you hittin' that watch button. I haven't been here long at all but I already feel so welcomed! So mucho thanks! n.n

I suppose with this being my first journal, and because my profile page is shockingly bleak, I should probably write stuff about myself so that you folk know that I have a soul and live a life and stuff. You know, that personal touch? I SAY THIS, and I really really suck at writing about myself.

I guess I could start with the obvious, saying that I live in England, that I do enjoy a good cup o' tea, and that I am in fact a male, no matter how much of a girl my fursona may look. And while i'm on the subject, I am not purposefully a femboy xD I just have grown up drawing a lot of anime/manga style girls and it's creeped it's way into my fursona because he has long hair and I suck at drawing the manliest of men ;_;

Uh, what else might you need to know... I dunno. I like talking to folks, so by all means ask me questions, or point out things here on this site because I am still discovering new features this site has to offer! xD 

Thanks again for all your support, kind comments, and I look forward to dazzling you in the future with more artwork you will hopefully enjoy as much as I do n.n

Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Wow, some work you've done. Let me say I'm glad you posted this journal, which led me to your gallery. I'm very impressed with your work, now that I know your up here I'm going to have to go through your stuff and vote on some things :P
Mushni 2 years ago 0
This is the first I have had a journal grab attention first! Outstanding! xD
Thank you very much! n.n I'm glad you like my stuff c: I hope you vote the good vote and not the bad! ; ;
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Heh sorry if I seemingly ran rampant through your gallery, I was like a kid in a candy store :D I love your style, and you did keep pace with my comments pretty well XD
Mushni 2 years ago 0
By all means! All my artwork is up here for a reason. Makes me happy you're getting such a kick out of it n.n And yes, I'm throwing replies to all of your comments before I go to bed xD
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Haha well don't let me keep you up, I'll be on here a while yet. Artists like you deserve to be shown appreciation, your sharing your works with us. I'm not saying anything you don't deserve for your effort.